c. 1860 – Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, Canada – $105,010

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302 Middle St, Mulgrave, Nova Scotia

Map: Street


$139,000 CAD
$105,010 USD







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Income potential! Lovely historic home overlooking Straight of Canso dates back to 1860 and has been lovingly maintained by only four owners since construction; home has been successfully run as a popular Airbnb for several years. New owner could potentially add 15-20k to their household income carrying on this tradition. Perfect artist's retreat! Cute country kitchen at the back of the house and then elegant formal dining room, old fashioned parlour, study and half bath complete the main floor. Four large bedrooms upstairs with full bath featuring original cast iron pedestal tub. Huge veranda overlooking the water and spectacular gothic window in upstairs front hall allow for breathtaking views of the sunrise. Many original architectural features of the home are intact and furnishings that seem to belong to the rooms will be negotiable. Home has had energy efficient upgrades, including a new roof in 2017. Original stone foundation with concrete floor; wood/oil heat in hot water baseboard heaters. Mature trees and beautiful landscaping! Town water and sewer. Extra lot included with the sale. This is an unusual property which has been very much loved over the years and must be viewed to be appreciated.
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Giselle Sceles, Sceles Realty Limited
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11 Comments on c. 1860 – Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, Canada – $105,010

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  1. AvatarTess says: 305 comments

    My OHD summer home. Except for the $ needed.

  2. AvatarKfidei says: 346 comments

    Dear Canada, if I promise to stay quietly in this adorable house and look at the spectacular view and promise never to use your healthcare, could you make an exception and let me in please?? How I wish it was possible to move there, but Canada, like all the Commonwealth countries, has made it very clear that older Americans are not wanted (but we’re welcome to come if we can bring buckets and buckets of money). At least in Canada it’s still possible to purchase property. New Zealand has recently enacted laws that preclude foreigners from purchasing homes, because they’re pricing New Zealanders out of their own country. I would buy this place in a second if I could… that view is PERFECT

    • Julie C.Julie C. says: 154 comments

      I am American and have lived in New Zealand for 23 years with my Kiwi born husband. You can buy a house here if you are a permanent resident of at least a year. Housing here is very expensive mainly because of our isolation and economies of scale but yes foreign buyers are driving up the prices in certain areas to such an extent that many people, especially younger people, don’t stand a chance. Foreign, non residents can buy an apartment under the new legislation. I have dual citizenship and would love to move to Canada and thought that as another citizen of the Commonwealth we could do so but that would only apply if we had a skill set they are in need of. That is the way it is. We welcome visitors to New Zealand and don’t just want your money – we want you to have a great time too.

  3. Julie C.Julie C. says: 154 comments

    Prior to Trailer Park Boys, I thought Nova Scotia was full of trailer parks and Rickys and Julians (just joking). I knew it was a beautiful place but this website has shown how many gorgeous homes they have and how reasonably priced they are.

  4. AvatarEmma Henry says: 74 comments
    OHD Supporter

    El Paso, TX

    I love this house so much.

  5. AvatarLaura Thornton says: 76 comments

    What a price for that view. I didn’t know we couldn’t move to Canada.

    • AvatarKfidei says: 346 comments

      You CAN move to Canada, but not easily. It would help to be younger than 50 or 55; they don’t want retirees sucking up their healthcare budget. You have to be willing to bring a BUNCH of money.
      A few years ago when I researched it, the only way I could gain entry was if I were an athlete, artist or farmer; could prove I had made my living ONLY thru that endeavor for the past 3 years (I think), and brought $800000 CAD to put into their economy (my guess is a bond of some sort). Also, there is a test, the higher you score, the better your chances… I can’t remember the questions, except that one was whether or not I was fluent in French. If I claimed to be an entrepreneur, I would need to prove I had earned my living that way for a period of years, promise to create at least 10 Canadian jobs, and be willing to put… more than a million but I can’t remember the exact figure, into the economy.

      All these are moot if you have a skill Canada wants: physicians, I would think, physicists, etc. Or if you’re famous. I am guessing they wouldn’t turn away any Nobel laureates or similar dignitaries.
      There are other ways… marry a Canadian, get a student visa, and I think you’re welcome to live there as a visitor for six months at a time, but you have to pay taxes there and here, so it’s still not cheap.
      All this may have changed, don’t rely on this account, as it was several years ago, and my memory is not what it once was 🙂

  6. AvatarJacqueline Catlett says: 1 comments

    Any furniture included?

  7. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 787 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Nova Scotia has so many cool homes! Do a street view of Lunnenburg some time! 🙂


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