Readers have asked about supporting OHD monetarily. I use to avoid it because the ads have always been “good enough” but they are not reliable. I could charge agents/owners but I don’t want to be another place that nickles and dimes them to death. One of the things about OHD that makes it unique is the fact I do not charge owners or agents so you will see homes here that are not shown on other old house sites.

I started Patreon page a few months ago and is the preferred method (you can become a monthly supporter at just $1/month!) At the time PayPal was not an option but now it is although for donators that can give $3 or more (one time or monthly.)

$5+ month supporters get to browse OHD ad-free (you need an OHD account and be signed in to avoid seeing ads.) If you give a one time amount, for every $5 given equals the number of months ad-free (so $20 gives you 4 months, ad-free.) This applies per OHD account of the giver. If you are already a registered user, I’ll update your account to be “ad free”; if you register after you’ve given, please contact me so I can update your account (

One Time or Support Monthly
One time givers, you do not need a PayPal account. If you want to give monthly, a PayPal account is required just be sure to check the checkbox to give automatically each month.

Monthly Support via Patreon
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