Keep OHD going!

OHD has always relied on ads to help with running costs but they have become so unreliable that I’ve been asking myself if OHD is nearing it’s run. I’ve tried different income avenues that avoided charging owners/agents, doing so would reduce the interesting homes that I am able to freely share. This is why I’m reaching out to readers.

If OHD is “worth it” to you, I hope you’ll think about supporting it. A one time amount or monthly amount is available with no commitment, you can stop at any time with no hard feelings. Don’t think of any donation as being “too small”, every donation has helped and is appreciated.

OHD Perks

There are a few Supporter perks but you must be a registered user on OHD and be signed in to your account. If you are not signed in the perks will not work. Note: Receiving the newsletter is not the same as being registered. I also will never sell or share your email or other information.

Supporter Shout Out: Every 1st Friday of the month your name can be included in the “Supporter Thank You” shout out. $1=1 month of being included in this list. This is optional, you can remain anonymous. (This does not require a registered account.)

Comments tagged & highlighted: Your comment will have a special highlight and “OHD Supporter” tag. $1=1 month of being tagged.

Admin notes: Admin notes in posts contain links to even more popular real estate sites (like Zillow, Trulia, Movoto, etc.)

For $5+/monthly (or one time $60+) Supporters: Browse OHD ad-free. You must have an OHD account and be signed in.

After Donating Instructions (Important!)

After you become an OHD Supporter, follow the instruction page that comes after your PayPal donation. The after page contains important instructions so that your OHD account will be switched to Supporter status and for your name to be included in the monthly Supporter “thank you” shout out.

PayPal, Automatic Monthly

PayPal account not required. Choose from $3, $5, $8 or $10 a month. Debits will happen on the day you sign-up for monthly support and will be every month on that date. You’ll have your comments tagged & highlighted with this option when logged in. $5+ folks will see no ads when logged in as well.
Drop down for monthly options.

PayPal, One Time Only Custom Amount

PayPal account not required. Because of PayPal fees, $3 minimum amount. This option are for those that want to give a one-time amount at any amount of your choice. For every $1 given is how long you’ll have your comments tagged/highlighted. $60+ will have ads hidden when logged in to OHD for 12 months or longer.

PayPal $12 for 1 year

PayPal account not required. $12/year registered supporters will have their comment highlighted and tagged when logged in.

Use this Support button if you want to give a one time $12 donation for the year
(not automatically renewed.)

PayPal $60 for 1 year

$60 for 12 months. You do not need a PayPal account. $60/year registered supporters gets to browse OHD ad-free for 12 months and comments highlighted and tagged when logged in.

Use this Support button if you want to give a one time $60 donation for the year
(not automatically renewed.)


Patreon account required. With this option, registered and logged into OHD, comments highlighted and tagged. Over $5/monthly, no ads if registered and logged into OHD. Patreon will charge you on the 1st of every month regardless of when you sign up to support OHD. Please read the thank you and instructions after signing up so I know you have a registered OHD account and will be included in the monthly thank you posts.

By Mail

You can send donations by mail. Please contact me for mailing information.