A comment policy is necessary to avoid an unpleasant environment and curb misinformation. These were recurrent enough that they warranted rules.

OHD reserves the right to edit or not allow comments for any reason without notification. Comments that do not add value to the conversation in a positive manner may not appear publicly. Keep to the topics of the home itself, history of the area or historic preservation.

Comments do not appear public right away, please allow time for a moderator to approve your comment. By commenting you agree that the comment is of your own opinion and do not hold OHD or other commenters responsible for any consequences that may result in said comment. You further agree to all comment rules and a pattern of breaking the rules may result in being blocked from commenting.

absolutely not allowed Politics (as in current politics, people or topics.) Offensive or threatening language. Rude and disparaging comments about the home, decor or updates.

Rants about the agents description or photography skills (we are here about the home itself not to critique an agents selling skills.)

Setting a value on repair and restoration costs. Pricing the home itself including “over priced” comments.

“This house is haunted…”, “…orbs”. Owners don’t appreciate their home labeled as haunted. The exception is if the current owners leave a comment or legitimate news articles about it.

ALL CAP COMMENTS and missing punctuation. GoFundMe links. Soliciting for business. Fake emails. This is an English language based site so comments must be in English.

Respect each other. Not everyone is going to agree but keep it civil. No name calling, no belittling.

Not all neighborhoods are top notch but if referring to crime it must be about the immediate neighborhood. Either supported by a link to a neighborhood crime map or if you are clear that you are an active resident of the area.

If you declare a home is in a flood zone, go to FEMA.gov, search the address then post the link. Otherwise your comment will not be approved without proof the home is in a flood zone.

“…electrical/foundation/roof/mold, etc” may be discussed, IF it’s been noted by the agent or owner as a problem or shown in incredibly clear photos. If you’ve seen the home in person you must provide photos showing the damages you want to mention.

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