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The rules are here because they are recurrent enough or the owners/agents have frequently objected to the discussions about the home where they believe it causes confusion or opinions stated as fact when it’s not. OHD reserves the right to delete, edit or not approve comments for any reason. No soliciting for business.

1. No politics. Respect each others opinions. No vulgarity or cursing. No threatening comments or calling agents/owners criminals (even when joking.)

2. In order to maintain a positive environment in the comment section: negative, disparaging, snarky and rude comments about the owners home and decor will not be allowed.

3. Crime stat links or crime comments about the town will not be approved unless it’s about the immediate neighborhood. I know not all neighborhoods are top notch but people have commented about them before and it turned out they were talking about the wrong neighborhood or what they knew of it 10+ years ago.

4. Comments about cosmetic fixes are allowed but don’t be rude about it (“…that tacky wallpaper…” is rude, “I’d change the wallpaper…” is not rude.) “Probably needs electrical/foundation/mold removal/roof, etc” or “Maybe it’s cheap because foundation/mold/water damage, ghosts, etc” is not allowed. The exception is if it’s been noted by the agent or owner or obvious in the listing photos.

5. Cost estimates on repairs or restoration is not allowed. “Overpriced” comments may not be approved.

6. No ALL CAPS, use punctuation.

7. “Is this house haunted?” or “orbs” comments will automatically be deleted. This rule is here because some owners don’t appreciate their home labeled as haunted. The exception is if the current owner has mentioned it in articles or comments themselves about it.

Comment policy last updated: 9/7/17

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Disclaimer updated 7/13/17