A comment policy exists on OHD to avoid an unpleasant environment with each other, the agents and owners. These were recurrent enough or caused confusion in the past that they warranted rules.

OHD reserves the right to delete, edit or not approve comments for any reason. If your comment does not add value to the conversation in a positive manner, it may not appear publicly.

Comments are moderated so be patient for your comment to appear publicly. By commenting you agree that the comment is of your own opinion and do not hold OHD, OHD owner or other commenters responsible for any consequences that may result in said comment. You further agree to all comment rules and a pattern of breaking the rules will result in being banned from commenting.

1. No politics. No offensive, inappropriate or threatening language, even if joking (ex: calling someone a criminal or physical harm.)

2. Disparaging, snarky and rude comments about the owners home and decor will not be allowed. Rants or rudeness about or to the agent or owner is not allowed.

3. Crime stat links or crime comments about the town will not be approved unless it’s about the immediate neighborhood. If commenting about the neighborhood crime, do not be vague (ex: “Bad neighborhood.” is vague.) You must be able to provide online verification about the neighborhood in the form of news articles or crime maps. I know not all neighborhoods are top notch but too often people make a comment and don’t actually know the area or are not clear enough to determine opinion vs. fact.

4. Comments about cosmetic fixes are allowed but don’t be rude about it (“…that tacky wallpaper…” is rude, “I’d change the wallpaper…” is not rude.)

5. “…electrical/foundation/roof, etc” may be discussed, IF it’s been noted by the agent or owner as a problem or incredibly clear listing photos show obvious problems. But you must be clear on what you are addressing and why. “Probably needs electrical…” is vague, be clear on why you think it needs electrical (unless the agent has stated in the description.) Comments that are vague may not be approved. Also, if you are interested in a home, DO NOT rely on comments about the condition.

6. Cost estimates on repairs, restoration or the price/value of the home is not allowed. This rule is here because people will throw out numbers without knowing anything about the area or the problems with the house (or even if they know the area or have visited the home, I do not have the ability to verify them or their estimations.) Most of these kinds of comments are based on real estate photos or descriptions that may not show a clear picture of what is needed; nor do not know how the agent or owner has come about pricing their home. It may not always be as bad, as good, as cheap or as expensive as someones opinion in a comment states it is. If you break this rule, OHD will edit your pricing out or delete your comment altogether. (Note, even if not giving a set value on a home, there is a difference in “This seems overpriced…” vs “This IS overpriced…” the latter will not be approved.)

7. No ALL CAPS, use punctuation.

8. “Is this house haunted?” or “orbs” comments will automatically be deleted. This rule is here because owners don’t appreciate their home labeled as haunted. The exception is if the current owner has mentioned it in articles or leaves a comment about it.

9. No GoFundMeLinks, no soliciting for business.

10. Emails will not be shared but must be valid.

Comment policy last updated: 10/19/17

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