c. 1850 Gothic Revival – Eatonton, GA

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  • $349,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3576 Sq Ft
  • 11.5 Ac.
Step back in time with this home Located in Eatonton's National Register Historic District. One of Eatonton's oldest homes. A rare example in GA of Gothic Revival architecture on 11.5 landscaped acres. New wiring, plumbing, structural repairs, porches, roofs. Beautiful plaster medallions, graining,mantels, heartpine, 13' ceilings, 14 rooms
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From the Digital Library of Georgia: "Originally a Greek Revival house, it was remodeled as Victorian Gothic in 1885 and moved about 500 feet in 1909. The driveway is actually the deadend of Madison Avenue, the end of which is bordered by elm trees which terminate at a massive gate. The driveway encircles a large round lawn and the dooryard is enclosed by a low ballustrade rather than a fence. The part of the house dating from 1885 has fine plasterwork with heavy moldings and center medallions in the ceiling."
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18 Comments on c. 1850 Gothic Revival – Eatonton, GA

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  1. AvatarBob h says: 112 comments

    Great house but the price is pretty ambitious for Georgia these days given the inept state govt’s neglect of the economy. This house should be priced at about half the asking if they want to actually sell it.

    • Avatarstephen z. says: 30 comments

      I agree about the price being high — however, I am not sure it is that much higher than it should be. The town is a little much off the beaten track, but the crime rate is below the national average (one murder in many years!). Healthcare might be a little if-y here. But not only is the house amazingly wonderful, it looks to need only a continuation of repairs already started, and it is a gardener’s dream with the dooryard balustrade, circular lawn, and the 11.5 acres of possibility. I wonder what it looked like in its heyday. I SO covet this house!

  2. FergusFergus says: 266 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    I know nothing about how much it’s actually worth, but for this house it wouldn’t bother me to pay double it’s asking price, because it certainly looks like it would be worth it with a little bit of love, although as house like this could easily inspire a lot of love. I think I’d much prefer to live in this one rather than the other recently posted 1871 Gothic Revival in Mt. Tabor, NJ. Even though single-storey living really doesn’t inspire me much, as I love a good staircase, I would certainly be willing to live without multiple storeys and a staircase for a place as unique and wonderfully charming as this is.

  3. CuriouserGeorgeCuriouserGeorge says: 162 comments

    I’m anxious to read what you more knoweledgeable folks have to say about this place. One can’t deny the character and color it presents, but the asking price is a bit daunting considering the amount of money that would have to be spent bring it back to life.

    Is that canvas wall covering in the room with the ornate fire place? I’ve heard about it, but never actually seen photos. Fascinating if it is.

  4. AvatarTrish @TheOldPostRoad says: 32 comments

    I know the owners and the house. Beautiful. Secluded, yet smack in the middle of historic Eatonton (home of Alice Walker and Uncle Remus writer Joel Chandler Harris). Just step outside the front door a few feet and you are on one of the main streets in Eatonton. Schools are not good, I will admit. However, if you can homeschool or don’t have school-aged kids – this is an awesome property.

  5. Avatartapiola says: 37 comments

    Totally weird & lovable. My favorite picture is the one taken from the front door. Beautiful land. My family is from this part of Georgia & I wish that this had been my grandma’s house.

  6. AvatarElaine says: 101 comments

    Madison Avenue was known as ”The Avenue” back in the day, and the courters used to walk down it. My grandparents walked down it back then. The house my grandmother grew up in in the late 1800s and early 1900s is still there, and seems to be in beautiful shape. Her grandmother’s house is there (I think on Jefferson or Madison), and her Aunt Gusta’s house is there; all look in great shape! I LOVE Panola Hall! I wonder if ”Sylvia” still roams the stairs there! Google it if you don’t know it! My grandmother’s father owned a dry goods store in Eatonton back then; they were well off (all THAT money has dried up though)! My grandfather was pastor in the Presbyterian church when they met. (Yes, the one across the street from Panola Hall!) They are all buried in beautiful Pine Grove Cemetery.

    • AvatarSusie pearce says: 1 comments

      Elaine I saw your 2014 post on the old house dreams site about one in Eatonton. You mentioned your grandparents lived in Eatonton in the early 1900s. Mine did too! We still own their house at 400 N Jefferson a block from the old elementary school. I’m working on a family history project and would love to talk w you. My grandparents’ name was R C Whitman, they had a store, later a pharmacy and later both became lawyers in about 1930 to 1940. If you want to connect email me your info at spmarketing@wans.net. I would love to talk about “old” Eatonton. Susie

  7. AvatarMary Dungan says: 12 comments

    I love this house and if I had the money would love to own and restore it.

    It looks like the price is down to $189,000 now. sigh.

  8. AvatarLarry Folk says: 2 comments

    The Wilkins/Cooper/Jenkins house, 1817~1885 is in it’s third year of renovation/restoration by my wife & I. The setting is fantastic, a garden within a park, within a wood. The grounds were designed by Prother J Beckmans, owner of Fruitland’s Nursery, now the Augusta Ntl., Golf Course. The club house was the Berkman’s home. In 1909 the house was moved 300′ north, using mules & logs, it took 30 days. The earliest part of the house, The Wilkins Plantation House, was two large rooms with sleeping quarters above. The walls and ceilings, shiplap, with faux mahogany grained paneled wainscoting in the main room 20′ sq. Although enveloped in later additions, the main room has it’s original paneled French doors on either side of a carpenter mantle,(a restoration, replacement of a smaller slate mantle installed for coal burning) the replacement fits the original dimensions & is of the same period as the room.more to follow & pics if I can figure out how.😃

  9. AvatarLarry Folk says: 2 comments

    I will send some more as we finish up.

  10. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Added some pics sent in by the owner. The new ones are captioned (old ones are not.)

  11. AvatarMary Dungan says: 12 comments

    Thank you for posting the pictures and comments with them. This is one of my favourite houses ever on OldHouseDreams.

  12. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks to the owner, a few more photos added including a 1909 photo.


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