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1937 in Rensselaer, IN


For Sale

Added to OHD on 1/25/23   -   Last OHD Update: 1/25/23

522 S Fleming Blvd, Rensselaer, IN 47978

Map: Aerial

  • 3 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 2553 Sq Ft
  • 6,447 Ac.
Add your personality to this 4 Bedroom Home! Over 2500 SF, Great Room with Fireplace, Large Living Room and an office with plenty of room to work from home! A woodworking shop with electric that was heated at one time. Will need some TLC but could be a great space! Inspections are welcome but will be sold as is. Let's Go Look!
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Mary Critser, Cornerstone Real Estate Agency :: (219) 866-4528

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5 days ago

I spy a NuTone kitchen center set into that countertop.

Reply to  Grant | 1565 comments
5 days ago

Oh yeah, I see that. And either a downdraft range (despite the hood) or more likely an old range that vented the ovens out a flue (town gas was nasty plus it keeps the kitchen cooler in summer).

Reply to  Grant | 1565 comments
5 days ago

Thank you for mentioning this! I did not know what it was, and while looking online, I found this fun and informative video showing one in action!


The Maxwell Moment: The Appliance Connection – The Nutone Food Center – YouTube

Reply to  SpringRobin | 32 comments
5 days ago

We had a Brady Bunch style split level during part of my childhood. NuTone made several fun built-in household “convenience” appliances like the kitchen center, whole house intercoms with built in radio/hifi stereos and a few others. They were probably best known for the bathroom light/heater/vent ceiling units. Today there’s another company carrying on with the food center but the other home automation has fallen to the side for new mod-cons. The food centers were also popular in AirStream campers.

Laurie W.
Reply to  SpringRobin | 32 comments
4 days ago

That is a complete gas! Why don’t we still have things like that? We think we’re so advanced & as we drag appliances around the counter & kitchen when we could have ’em all together in a herd, so to speak. I just cackled at the high-spirited ice crusher, and its vodka-swilling mama.

Oh, I gather from Grant below that we DO have these wonderful things, just I guess not in my neck of the woods. Gotta start searching!

This house strikes me as somewhat confusing, as if it can’t decide whether to be a rustic overgrown cabin or a MCM. Something would have to be done to lighten it up if I were gonna bunk there.

Reply to  Laurie W. | 1812 comments
4 days ago

I think the sort of rustic, rough hewn rumpus room was originally the garage. For me this place would be big enough with that and I would convert it back. Definitely a vignette of a specific design era.

5 days ago

Surprised to see all the woodwork. Charming.

5 days ago

I did not expect that interior and it’s enthralling rusticness. It reminded me of a place a bit further north called South Haven that my mother always commented upon when we passed – the saltboxes…

5 days ago

They had me at the front door. Honey, I’m home!

4 days ago

Do we know the size of the property ???

6,447 Ac. seems like a typo for the price

4 days ago

I can’t stop looking at this house: all the different styles. It hit me during the night that it has some Swiss Miss elements. I never hear that term anymore, but it’s definitely here. And the different 60’s tile…the interior is so unlike the exterior.

Any idea what the rooms are in #23 & #24? Are they the workshop/garage or whatever in the last 2 photos? I see a window a/c unit and a wood stove, so someone must have used them at some point.

Reply to  Sashacat | 7 comments
4 days ago

Looking at the aerial there appears to be a workshop type building set off the side and rear of the house slightly I assumed that is where those images were taken.

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