1893 Home & Crystal Cave – Springfield, MO – $1,299,900

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7126 N Crystal Cave Ln, Springfield, MO 65803

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  • $1,299,900
  • 3 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2097 Sq Ft
  • 71.21 Ac.
Opened Commercially in 1893, Crystal Cave has been recognized as one of the most beautiful caves that is still in its original and natural state that thousands of visitors have enjoyed. This marvel of Mother Nature's handiwork is absolutely stunning. The cave home and gift shop are located on a gorgeous parcel of land with a mix of primarily open lush pasture land and timber land which lays perfectly. The 1.5 story with 2097 sq. ft. home that has been completely updated and is move in ready. This property can be your own personnel cave retreat or of course be reopened for commercial tours-possible uses could be Wedding Events, Destination Location, B & B, Cave tours, and/or Event Center. So many possibilities, just bring your dreams and unleash them on Crystal Cave.
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23 Comments on 1893 Home & Crystal Cave – Springfield, MO – $1,299,900

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posting because the cave on (in?) this property is pretty freaking amazing. Not the the first cave I’ve ever added to the site but definitely the most open and nicest.

  2. AvatarRobinjn says: 220 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1978 Split level
    Columbia, MO

    There are old signs and barn roof paintings still around about touring Crystal Cave. I cannot overstate how gorgeous this area of the country is. It is spectacular. Karst topography produces rolling hills, primal forests, and of course the cave. There are sinkholes, prairies, and glades. Anyone who appreciates our natural world would love it here.

    I’m not sure the cave is really viable as a tourist attraction any more, the insurance costs are apparently what shuttered it. The house is not spectacular though I bet the old gift shop is pretty neat.

    I hope someone buys it and preserves it for the true national treasure it is.


    • AvatarGardenStater says: 62 comments

      My first thought on seeing this was about the cost of liability insurance. What happens if a visitor gets hit by a stalagtite!?!? It’s really cool, though. If someone can afford the insurance and the cost to hire staff and run the place, it would make a really neat place to live and work!

      • AvatarMona C says: 6 comments

        I’ve been in the cave as a tourist on our honeymoon back in ‘75. It was a really neat tour. It seemed to be struggling then. It’s quite a ways from the attractions at Branson, so is overlooked.

        • AvatarRebecca Campbell says: 53 comments

          I’ve been there also in the 60’s. I have pictures somewhere in storage. I really enjoyed going through the cave, of course I was a like 8 yrs old at the time.

    • Kimberly62Kimberly62 says: 457 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1980 board & batten modern

      Thankyou Robin. You have added some great color to this listing.

  3. AvatarMillie says: 9 comments

    I, for one, am buying a lottery ticket today! 🙂

  4. AvatarJB says: 111 comments

    There were times when insurance wasn’t such a tremendous factor in people living life and enjoying adventures albeit even if there was a bit ‘o danger involved; I wonder what happened over the years? I toured Meramac Caverns and the Mark Twain Cave outside of Hannibal, MO, during the 70’s without any problems and I would imagine this well-lit, well designed pathway with handrails here and there would provide a safe tour even now. Let kids and adults climb trees and chance falling and breaking an arm, use old school playground equipment, and maybe ride a bicycle without a helmet while giving your friend a “pump ride” as they sit on the handle bars while you peddle. Good Lord, how did we all survive w/o high insurance premiums? I hope the next owners can find a way to talk sense into the insurance company who “protects” this cave, but I doubt it. Open the cave!

    The house is beautiful and I do appreciate the nice stone fireplace and large kitchen area.

  5. Kimberly62Kimberly62 says: 457 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1980 board & batten modern

    In my earlier days living with a hiking, climbing, caving guy I ventured into a cave in the Adirondacks. The glory of that cathedral like space was truely amazing. The possibility that the very narrow entrance could close up was enough to make me cease underground discovery. I also do not like to climb, nor do I like green eggs and ham. I still like the guy. What a wonderful world we live on. Smile

  6. AvatarRobinjn says: 220 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1978 Split level
    Columbia, MO

    It should also be noted that there’s a balance to be made with these caves. They are incredibly delicate. Too many people can harm many of the features of the cave. Even lots of people breathing in the enclosed space can be harmful. It’s ecologically sensitive. If I won the lottery, I’d buy this place and use it to help scientists and researchers better understand the amazing geologic processes that create it and transform it over time.

    • AvatarStacy says: 209 comments

      I kinda feel like a dummy, at first reading I thought the “home” was inside the cave!! I have seen that on Natinal Geographic before,in Nevada maybe? Amazing home built into the rock mountain! Not as impressed with the home as I am the cave & other adventures close by but it’s history, & what a cool place to have!! Would definitely consume any “free” time my boys & I have!

  7. AvatarAPhid says: 21 comments

    Yeah, yeah, house, whatever. LOOK at those SODA STRAWS! I am in love! I hope there are bats.

  8. AvatarSharon says: 20 comments

    This property is a preper’s dream come true. Wow, and I like the house.

  9. Avatarr myers says: 28 comments

    If I had this kind of money I would buy it & use the cave to store home brew! Great piece of land.

  10. AvatarJoe says: 633 comments

    I think the cave might be earlier than 1893.

  11. TGrantTGrant says: 553 comments
    OHD Supporter

    New Orleans, LA

    Been to Crystal Cave many times in my youth. Absolutely beautiful area of the nation. Lots to see and do within a easy few hours drive.

  12. AvatarDianeEG says: 486 comments
    OHD Supporter


    Been here also – years ago. Old caves like this are a wonderful treasure in our nation. No idea what the answer is to the insurance issue; perhaps letting the cave stand silent without visitors is the answer; simply being a caretaker to prevent damage/vandalism. I’m certainly glad I had the opportunity to visit places like this before liability issues became more important than the thrill of entering another world. It’s beautiful, creepy, silent, dark, historic and a wonderful educational opportunity for all children.

    • AvatarCeylaClaire says: 179 comments

      I thought the same thing–just being a caretaker for it would suit me just fine. Too many irresponsible, careless and uncaring people around these days. Looking at the cave I kept thinking about those kinds of people in there and how I would hold my breath in suspense until everyone was out safely! It ruins it for people who are genuinely interested and respectful. I’d love the see the whole area–good idea for a vacation.

  13. AvatarNance says: 60 comments

    You’ve GOT to read Lincoln and Child’s gripping horror-mystery Still Life With Crows. This place had to be the inspiration for the setting. Old house, gift shop, cave and all.


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