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12907 Chardon Windsor Rd, Chardon, OH 44024

Map: Street











What do you do when the Civil War is over? Build a house, of course. Built right after the Civil War, this remarkable home literally exudes history! The possibilities are endless. One of the very few homes in the area that incorporates a widow's watch! Don't just study history, live in it! Sold as-is. Buyer to assume septic.
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50 Comments on 1868 Second Empire – Chardon, OH – $283,500

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9369 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Someone emailed me this weekend asking about the shutters in photo 12. I accidentally deleted (as in deleted and then cleared all my trash because I haven’t done it since 2015) your email so don’t know who asked. Thought I’d make this one of my first posts. I don’t know if that style of shutter has a particular name, perhaps someone else will know. 🙂

    • Merri Ferrell says: 20 comments

      I looked at them and thought “Indian.” If this were a different house I’d say they would be found in a “Turkish smoking room” that was not uncommon. But they don’t go with the rest of the house that has been partially remodeled.

      • JimHJimH says: 3808 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Yes, certainly Asian and probably fairly recent. I knew a shop that imported that kind of woodwork in the 1980’s. Maybe for a Smoking Room as you say, the kind with black lights and a bong.

        • Karen says: 528 comments

          Funny story completely unrelated to old homes…when a friend of mine moved out of his parents house back in the early 80’s, he left his bong, meaning to pick up that and some other little things later. He forgot about it, and by the time he remembered it, his mother had turned it into a terrarium. She thought that’s what it was for! He couldn’t tell her what it was, for years. She did have a good laugh, though, when he did tell her!

        • RosewaterRosewater says: 4068 comments
          OHD Supporter

          1875 Italianate cottage
          Noblesville, IN

          LOL! 😉 Aaaaahh the 90’s. Barns are great spots for zen rooms; and I’ll take that one mmmmmmmmmm yes please!

    • Mrs. M says: 1 comments

      I saw the house when it went on the market months back. It was so lovely with all of the furnishings in it. I believe it’s in preforeclosure. This is really a good price for a home like this on so many acres in this area. Chardon is a nice place to live .I have lived in this area for years. I always drive slowly past it to admire its unique architecture.

    • ErnieErnie says: 181 comments

      It was me! I just saw those & thought they were so different. I really like the look of them & was curious as to whether that style was unique to that style of house or not. Thanks.

    • Alexandra Penrose says: 1 comments

      The Shutters are actually “Prison Mirrors” with the glass mirror taken off, and backing removed. They are made in Indonesia. We have lots of them here in Australia. I actually have two “Prison Mirrors” here in my home in Australia, which are used as wall mirrors. We have had them here in Australia since the 90’s. Not overly expensive to buy here, but might be more expense to purchase in America.

    • John says: 20 comments


  2. JRC says: 79 comments

    Is it just me that thinks the stove is in an awkward position?

    • SouthwestlovesmommaSouthwestlovesmomma says: 112 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1958 Ranch
      Bartlett, IL

      I never understand putting the stove in the island. I just think of burns, greese splashing and smoke with no place to go but up on the ceiling.

      • ErnieErnie says: 181 comments

        Yeah if you are going to have the stove/stove top in the island you definitely need a hood & the position of the appliance needs to be so that splashed &/or splatters have counter top to land on. Otherwise, the mess isn’t any worse than if the appliance was in the traditional spot. You just don’t have the wall behind it to scrub grease & such off of.

        • gordonr says: 69 comments

          no hood needed if you have a jenn-air unit. it has a built-in vent system next to the burners; i have one in my 1960s home.

          • Barbara VBarbara V says: 183 comments

            Finally! I insisted to a friend who is remodeling her kitchen that she could get a range with a built-in vent system, and since then I’ve been unable to find one. Can anyone help? Is the jenn-air still made? Thanks to anyone with input regarding this!

            • John says: 20 comments

              Hi Barbara,
              We had a Jenn-Aire with a grill attachment years ago however, I heard that there can be an inherent problem with the grill attachment where as the downward draft fan that it uses to suck the smoke out can actually get a coating of grease over time and can catch fire in the vent if the grill gets too hot OR the meat cooking has fat that catches a flame while cooking…just FYI. They may not make them with the grill any longer.

              • Barbara VBarbara V says: 183 comments

                Interesting, John. Thank you!

              • ErnieErnie says: 181 comments

                My mom had that very issue with hers. Luckily she had a fire extinguisher handy & the damage was only smoke & to the range, but after that she didn’t want it anymore anyway.

    • Karen says: 528 comments

      I like that the sink is so close to the stove, though.

    • LisaLisa says: 19 comments

      Stove in one direction, sink in another. I don’t understand how a person can work efficiently with that layout. Hmmm!

    • Nancy Bedwell says: 11 comments

      Yes, the sink also seems backwards, to the stove..

  3. Bev says: 23 comments

    I’m always disappointed when there are no barn interior photos in so many of these homes. What a nice house! The kitchen island is awkward, as JRC mentioned.

  4. LindyL says: 11 comments

    The price has come down a lot. For the acreage, it’s a great price for the area. I’m curious what work it needs. I drive by it multiple times a week. I don’t like to waste realtor time looking at a house that is too small or I would have already gone to see it. Barn pics would be nice. This isn’t too far out of town, and Chardon is a great community.

    • Tess says: 274 comments

      Says septic system not guaranteed. Could just need replacing or could be expensive. Depends on health dept. rules.plenty of acreage to run new lines.

      • LindyL says: 11 comments

        Septic systems are problematic in this area. I would definitely recommend looking at the installation date of the current system and have it inspected by a reputable business. The house has been vacant for a few months which affects the inspection process with the health dept. and the buying process. That’s why it’s mentioned.

        • ErnieErnie says: 181 comments

          Any chance there is a public sewer line that could be hooked up to?

          • LindyL says: 11 comments

            I don’t know. It’s just far enough out that I’m not sure that’s possible. It’s worth asking someone, maybe at the health dept.???

      • Karen says: 528 comments

        My house was built in 1959, and when the Dept of whatever (?) inspected it, the inspector said according to county records, it was the original septic system. He said that nowadays, I could count on $15,000 to replace it. He advised me that, although the system was working very well, I should save up the money, and just keep it in my bank account, for the day when I have to have it worked on. It has plugged up on me twice (once, backing up 🤮), but the two different plumbing companies who fixed those problems both told me my system is good for years yet. I sure hope so!

    • CZenos says: 50 comments

      Hi Lindy,

      What is the fracking/waste water injection situation now in Geauga County?


      • Karen says: 528 comments

        Good question to ask nowadays, wherever you move!

      • LindyL says: 11 comments

        I honestly don’t know. There were some anti-fracking signs up when we first moved here, but I haven’t seen anything in at least 4 years.

  5. RossRoss says: 2311 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    The house received a significant update several decades after it was built, erasing a lot of the original interior, including the newel post.

    I see but one original mantel.

    The exterior (fabulous!) looks largely original, so it would be a great adventure to recreate the lost interior so it better complements the exterior.

  6. RossRoss says: 2311 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    The house really is all by itself:


    • ErnieErnie says: 181 comments

      But it looks like there are houses & what appears to be a mobile home park are beginning to encroach on it from the East? (looking at the house from the road). The only thing that will keep it all by itself is the 16.79 acres so hopefully the buyers will not sell property off leaving the grand old home standing tall above new builds.

  7. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 722 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    House is gorgeous on the exterior, the inside shots are so dark it’s hard to tell. I’d also love to see inside of barn.

  8. Karen says: 17 comments

    Weird kitchen but I want it anyway. Cool shutters regardless of the origin.

  9. Bethany Otto says: 2374 comments

    Well written blurb by the realtor. I love the exterior, it’s my absolute favorite–second empire bricktorian!

  10. CoraCora says: 1803 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    The exterior of this house is so intriguing! It’s fantastic. I wonder if they get curious travelers on the road who stop and stare (I would!)

  11. John says: 70 comments

    “I haven’t gotten around to getting c-c-c-cutlery yet…”(Norman Bates, Psycho 2.
    Fantastic exterior design and massing

  12. Karen says: 528 comments

    A bit of elbow grease will put this house right. I would certainly brighten things up inside with some redecoration, but I like the size of the rooms. I wish they’d shown more photos, of the inside of the house as well of the barn.
    Outside, I’d make the landscaping more friendly and inviting. These pictures make the place look abandoned, even threatening. I know it’s mostly the time of year the pictures were taken, but getting rid of that tree, maybe putting in a holly or boxwood hedge, and some pretty perennials would make this house look warmer.
    I used to drive past the exit from 80/90 to Chardon every time I drove from Indiana to NY, when I lived in Ft Wayne. I always wondered about this city. I guess I should’ve made the time to go drive around it.

    • Barbara VBarbara V says: 183 comments

      I bet that tree is beautiful when it is leafed out – and surely helps the house, tall as it is, blend nicely into the landscape. As long as it’s not too close to the foundation, it deserves to stay, IMO. In fact, a few more would relieve the starkness that is so reminiscent of “Psycho”. That said, I’m a huge fan of boxwood and perennials, which would work wonderfully to ground the house – and tree…

  13. David Sweet says: 81 comments

    I just love a second empire, no matter what it needs. The massing of this house is just great.

  14. Anne M. says: 507 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Hopkinton, MA

    Love this exterior! why would a house in Ohio have a widow’s walk?

  15. Doug Rice says: 20 comments

    a beautiful Victorian house. but just sitting all alone there by itself like he mentioned looks veeeeery creepy to me. Psycho-time for sure.

  16. Lin says: 52 comments

    I Love it !! I would keep the land for the ani,als to live and I would make the Barn my “She Shed !!” LOL

  17. Melody Koontz says: 50 comments

    Those curved windows in the bedroom! Adams Family for sure.

  18. CeylaClaire says: 73 comments

    Oh my! That kitchen is a mess with the sink in one direction and the stove in another; and there’s no vent or back splash to collect the grease. Way too modern for an “antique” house. The curved windows in the one bedroom make me feel like I’m going to be squeezed by a monster. Love the acreage and would want to see if there’s more available to keep new construction at bay. Would also like to know where one does laundry.

  19. KIF says: 9 comments

    Wow, gorgeous, WANT!

  20. brigidbrigid says: 209 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1930 Eclectic Lake Cabin
    Smalltown, OK

    What a beautiful house. The shutters may be from Asia, prison, or a ‘smoking’ shop, but I like them. Also, Edward Hopper is one of my favorite artists and this house reminds me of the one out of his “House by the Railroad” picture. I’d buy it just for that!

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