c. 1778 – Washington, GA

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104 Barksdale Dr, Washington, GA 30673

Map: Street

  • $159,300
  • 2 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 1485 Sq Ft
  • 1 Ac.
MILLS-BRYSON HOME C.1778 The oldest Surviving structure in Wilkes county & One of the oldest in the entire state of Georgia.Lumber & Framing material are all Hand made.The corner post are all hewed V shaped timbers (Hog Trough Beams).The decking flooring,studs, weather board,& Interior paneling are all hand sawed or hewed & hand dressed.Home to notable NANCY MILLS SIMONS MERCER (Founding member of Mercer University)beautiful Acre lot surrounded by old cedars,confederate roses & early plantings
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32 Comments on c. 1778 – Washington, GA

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  1. MW says: 902 comments

    Very cute and charming. But I wonder what is the story with the concrete block lower level. Was the house moved and relocated, or was that just added in later under it? With the chimney appearing to be possibly original, and so close to it, it is hard to tell. There is no mention of it being relocated or in any foundation work in the description.

    A very nice looking house and property though for what would seem like a very reasonable asking price.

    • Sandy B says: 799 comments

      Looks to me like it might be a dressed stone foundation. Chimney is lovely. This cottage is just what I would be looking for….IF I were truly looking. I might turn the powder room off the kitchen into a pantry…. never want a toilet flushing that close to food prep. Sweet house!!

    • Michael Mackin says: 2671 comments

      A house in this time period would have had a stone foundation, probably very local stone as well. It looks like concrete block to me which was painted, probably to blend it in with the rest of the house. I’m guessing that like a lot of houses this age, it’s original stone foundation had issues and this was the most cost effective way to repair it.

      • Wade Clark says: 26 comments

        Concrete blocks are 8 inches by 16 inches, these appear to be more like 8 inches by 24 inches. I did masonry for many years and never saw a 24 inch concrete block.

  2. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Yes, mega problem this week with spam. If you are logged in, you won’t see it. It’ll only be around until the end of the week, hopefully they will have moved on by then.

  3. David D. Backer says: 484 comments

    Uh oh is that vinyl siding?

  4. Connie in Hartwood says: 11 comments

    Honey, can we move to Georgia?

  5. Kathy Chesser says: 1 comments

    Charming, cozy, and sweet.
    Goldilocks could have a very nice nap here. ?

  6. Jen says: 73 comments

    A lovely, comfortable looking home. I like how it sits back among all those trees and then the curb appeal as you drive up the little path. My only dislike is what looks like a bathroom off the kitchen. Cozy privacy. <3

  7. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 1064 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Cute cute cute. I do wish realtors would begin the first pic with the foyer looking into the house from the front door. I love this little guy!

  8. Don from Manassas says: 43 comments

    There have definitely been some structural changes to the house. Would be interested to know more of the history of the house. Was it moved or was the foundation just rebuilt?

  9. Colleen J says: 1061 comments

    This is the perfect property for an artist or author … simply wonderful.

  10. abevy says: 310 comments

    Lovely. Some very nice pieces of old furniture. Setting is great. I like this one, too, wish it was much further north.

  11. Mark Phillips says: 12 comments

    Grew up in this town. Wonderful early house that was relocated to this site. Additions were made to the back which is where the cement block is. Very careful restoration by the areas foremost historian who was instrumental in saving/developing many of the areas historic resources.

    • Sandy B says: 799 comments

      Thanks, Mark for clearing up the puzzle…..makes sense. Relocating buildings and reuse instead of wasteful destruction was a common occurrence early on. We have this lovely cottage as a result.

    • Stephanie Brielmaier says: 87 comments

      Mark, thanks so much for the story on this house. It is so charming!

    • Kfidei says: 326 comments

      I wish I wish I wish I could jump today… I would snap up this gem in an instant. The interior photos make the house seem much larger than the exterior suggests…its an amazing bargain. I am enchanted by the tiny windows on the sides of the house. The windows too seem much larger from the inside looking out than from the outside. It’s a magical sort of place, and just absolutely perfect for me. I wish it could just wait for another year or 18 months.

      A question for Mark who grew up in the town… have you been back lately? What’s it like?

      • Mark Phillips says: 12 comments

        Yes, house is perfect shape. Always beautifully maintained by the family that originally saved/restored- house is oldest in Wilkes Co. with WILKES CO. being earliest in Piedmont GA. The county seat, WASHINGTON, is one of the most beautiful and historic towns in GA. History goes back to important REVOLUTIONARY battle, KETTLE CREEK and continues through CIVIL WAR with last Cabinet meeting of the CONFEDERACY! Many, many beautiful , well- maintained, antebellum houses of different styles, including many iconic white columned GREEK REVIVALs. Three wonderful museums, excellent school system and many civic clubs/organizations. Believe me, I’m not biased even though I grew up here, this is an amazing town and some of the nicest people on Earth!

  12. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Updated photos, thought I’d move to the front page for another look.

  13. Jen says: 73 comments

    I would love this for my Get Away Cottage; I’d be getting away 365 days. Only bad thing is bath off kitchen but Sandy has the answer. A pantry and bath elsewhere. It is a perfect place with tree’s a little porch and don’t even mind the neighbors since there are so many trees. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  14. Lauren Wall says: 20 comments

    I love this house, seems so welcoming and warm

  15. RebnFlames says: 33 comments

    Holy cow but would you look at the width of those wall boards as you come in the front door! 2 ft maybe? LOVELY home

  16. Porch Freak says: 52 comments

    Absolutely love this gem of a house. Did I miss a photo showing a dining room or eating area? Do you think the bedroom off the living room with the stairs in the corner was always a bedroom or was this the dining room? There’s an adjoining bathroom, but that wouldn’t have been original to the house. My dad told me years ago that some of the old cabins were built with the stairs in the parents’ bedroom to keep track of the kids at night. When I asked him where these cabin kids went when they couldn’t see two feet in front of their faces in the dark, he shot me a look of mirth and disbelief when he said, “do you think sneaking out at night didn’t happen until the 20th century?”

  17. miatalvrmiatalvr says: 4 comments
    1888 Victorian
    Pikesville, MD

    This house is immaculate! I’m not liking the bathroom off the kitchen either, but that is one of the nicest small and well laid out kitchens I’ve seen in awhile. Kelly, I love the variety of homes you post.

  18. Angela says: 23 comments

    This home is enchanting! I kept waiting for the photo with Goldilocks and the three bears.
    I love the fireplace, the wooden ceiling beams and the wide plank floors! And I’d love to step through the tiny doorway under the steps … sigh.

  19. David Rainey says: 6 comments

    1.5 Baths, Half bath is off the kitchen, main bath is off the bedroom.As far as the stairs, there are markings on the backside of the wall that’s directly to your right as you come through the front door.The stairs were moved from the main room,possibly just the bottom portion to the curve of the stairs was flipped. Also there is an large laundry/mud room behind the white door off the rear porch pictured above.

  20. Kfidei says: 326 comments

    I keep coming back to this house. The way I am feeling today, I could jump immediately. Unfortunately I believe that another “adjustment” to the real estate market is imminent. Houses in my area are suddenly moving, and prices are moving with them. (We do have a housing shortage, but mostly affecting renters) Within a few blocks of my house 5 homes have been put up for sale in a couple of months. Previously, we might have waited years for that many houses to go on offer. I am going to exercise my “hide and watch” strategy for now 🙂

  21. Tbake says: 44 comments

    I apologize for the late comments, I haven’t been on the site for several months (crazy life events including house issues!) but I just feel driven to comment about a few of the entries, this one particularly! I love this. I have no problem with the modern kitchen and bathroom when so much else is original and wonderful. I do have a question if anyone sees it: is this roof style typical of this build date or was it also used much later? When I lived in Raleigh about 20 years ago, I used to take my dog to Umstead State Park a couple times a week and we drove to it via a back way that passed a house that looked nearly identical to this in form and roof style. I always hoped to see a for sale sign in the yard, it didn’t look as though anyone lived there and I desperately wanted to be the one! I figured it was maybe a hundred years old or so but never thought it might be much older.

  22. Stacy says: 475 comments

    Absolutely love & what a beautiful location!! The history, a home or the land’s story is my favorite part & I wish I could see & hear it all from here!!

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