1820 – Diktariškiai Manor – Lithuania

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Radviliškio r. sav., Diktariškių (Lithuania)

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  • 17125 Sq Ft
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For sale exclusive building - Diktariškiai Manor. 1820. construction Šemeta mansion located Diktariškių village, 4 km from the town Šiaulėnų. House there were 22 rooms and halls, which was built in 15 heating tile stoves and fireplaces, some still in good condition, it was later equipped with a local boiler central heating system. The manor was installed during the Soviet school, which is considered the documents so far, loft equipped gym. 1591.48 sq. m area on the ground floor mansion has 28 rooms, with a total area of ​​587.79 sq. m, the second floor of the total area of ​​594.92 sq. m attic total area of ​​340.91 sq. m., some of the walls could be restored by the previous projects, and create a larger room, which was in the beginning. Manor facade is decorated with 6 massive columns, entrance to the estate goes through a long avenue of trees, which this year was cleared. Plot area of ​​1.4712 ha, and has a large park, 170 sq. m. brick warehouse and two wooden warehouses. One of the most beautiful estates in Radviliškis district falls into the cultural heritage, it is possible to renovate, taking advantage of EU funding, priority object. The estate can be adapted to cultural events, tourist use or installation of homes for the elderly. Very nice and quiet environment, but necessary investments to be able to resurrect the estate for a second life.
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Saulius Sendžikas, Ober Haus
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16 Comments on 1820 – Diktariškiai Manor – Lithuania

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    • Nancy Hanle says: 31 comments

      I contacted Sendzikas and was told that to easily purchase this, I would have to be a member of a Schengen country which is basically an European country.

      • Dr. PetersonDr. Peterson says: 95 comments
        Shenzhen & SoCal,

        Don’t believe what you were told. All you have to do is “pay” for the opportunity to own the property. I lived and worked in Ukraine for several years. I was a principal Architect on the personal residence of the former President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma. They are essentially the same peoples……and wonderful.

        These buildings from the Soviet-era were built to last forever……like USSR.

        This is a handsome building worth saving. But you can be guaranteed there is no one with the funds willing to spend the money to purchase or repair the building.

    • TXJewelTXJewel says: 354 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1920 Thurber Brick 4 Square
      Strawn, TX

      Great photos! I changed the web page to an english translation and it was a very interesting read. It seems that folks all over the world are sad that their country’s historic properties are being neglected!

  1. RossRoss says: 2411 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    You don’t see this every day!


  2. Jennette Kulik says: 7 comments

    I will have nightmares tonight!

  3. debra says: 16 comments

    fascinating! so loving your addition of international homes, bravo!

  4. CharlesB says: 479 comments

    We think of the Greek Revival as our ‘national style’ in the antebellum period, yet here is a manor house in far-away Lithuania that would be right at home in Natchez, Mississippi if you could just drape some Spanish moss over some of those tree limbs. Amazing, too, how much it resembles the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. It’s too bad that the original land holdings have been whittled away to practically nothing, but at least the linden allee out to the main road survives intact and is included. I wonder if there would be a market in the Lithuanian countryside for a hotel/wedding venue/conference center along the lines of Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana?

    • JoAnn K Graham says: 119 comments

      Lithuania is very close to Greece. In the strictest sense this is not Greek Revival — this is Greek. Not a copy of our southern mansions but the original thing.

  5. Elaine says: 88 comments

    This is Madewood on Steroids! Those are some SERIOUS Doric columns on THAT baby! That should be in Natchez or on the Mississippi! Nottaway and BelleGrove would have been shamed by that one!

  6. MimiMimi says: 188 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Rochester, MN

    Fabulous property & agreed appears similar to homes of this era in America. Probably originally an aristocratic family mansion. Lovely idea re: wedding venue; conference center– museum?

    Wasn’t Lithuania, Ukraine part of czarist Russia?

  7. Gregory_KGregory_K says: 457 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Chatsworth, CA

    The tragedy here is the suite of traditional Neo-Communist style interiors of about 1955. Someone took pleasure in pushing that destruction forward. It does give a buyer the option of creating their own fantastic interiors.

  8. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Limestone house
    Langeais, Loire Valley,

    What a beautiful building! I was a bit disappointed by the bland interior, but from what I understand it used to be a school, so Q.E.D., that makes sense…

  9. Zann says: 521 comments


    That is one imposing structure. The possibilities are limitless.

  10. StevenFStevenF says: 791 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    Interesting that the rounded dormer windows were added sometime after 1939. Nicely done.


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