c. 1910 – Patutahi, New Zealand

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144 Seddon St, Patutahi, New Zealand

Map: Street

  • $309,000 NZD
    $211,289 USD
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 1367 Sq Ft
  • 1.17 Ac.
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This early 1900's well loved homestead is sure to excite those with a yearning for a bygone era and a taste for country living.

Beautiful ornate features, large living area and sun catching verandah will impress.

The 4747m2 section provides a multitude of options as you can potentially subdivide, build or relocate another dwelling or plant your self sufficient garden along with chooks and sheep.

If this sounds appealing to you, give us a call for more info.
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06 869 0088
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14 Comments on c. 1910 – Patutahi, New Zealand

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  1. History Buff says: 34 comments

    We were in New Zealand, both islands, last year and found the people to be friendly and so willing to help out. This property would be a great place to live, re-locate to, with all the beautiful woodwork!

  2. Kfidei says: 384 comments

    I have been trying to figure out a way to move to NZ for the past decade… as far as I can tell, they aren’t very interested in people retiring there…afraid we’ll ravage their health care system, and who can blame them (expat retirees have not been a blessing in many places they’ve landed). Still and all, I bet I could get there if I had buckets and buckets of money to bring with me…LOVELY home.

    • Catt says: 46 comments

      I have a friend who visited and never came back. He loved NZ! It can be very tricky to navigate the move there so now that is what he does for a living: help other expats move in. Let me know if anyone decides to pick up this beaut! I’ll put you in touch.

  3. Bruce says: 2 comments

    I thought Citizens of the United States couldn’t buy property in New Zealand. Is that true?

    • Kay says: 1 comments

      No, it’s not true. The government does not approve immigrants over the age of 50 unless they have special skills needed by the country or buckets of money, so as not to be a drain on their health system. My sister was hired for an important job there, and she and her husband were deemed valuable enough that the government also approved my mother, who was in her 80s at the time. They were made NZ citizens after five years, and my mother is now in a nursing home in Wellington. My sister and her husband bought a beautiful house overlooking Wellington Harbor, which they sold when she took another job back in the States. (This was before they became citizens.)

      Living abroad is very complicated for U.S. citizens. The IRS makes you file tax returns, even if you have no U.S. income. Banking rules, imposed by the U.S. government on foreign banks, can make that necessary aspect of living abroad very difficult as well. As charming as this house is, and as lovely as the country is, and as friendly the people, it is not worth trying to move there unless you have so much money that you can pay other people to deal with the headaches.

      • Kfidei says: 384 comments

        exactly. I have been trying for more than a decade to emigrate… the only places that welcome American retirees with open arms are, generally speaking, not places I wish to go. One of my very best friends, an Eritrean who has traveled the world many times over said “I don’t think Americans can live any place else after spending their life in the States…you Americans are too spoiled by constantly having anything you need, and never having to wait for anything” I asked her to clarify and she said “how many hours a day do you have electricity?” She made an excellent point.

      • Julie C. says: 403 comments

        Tell me about it. I have lived here 23 years and only found out three years ago that I am still supposed to file taxes even though I have absolutely nothing but family over there.

        Immigrating here was easy for me because I am married to a New Zealander. There was only 5 pages of paperwork for me to fill out and I had to get my fingerprints taken.

        If you are in a skill category (such as construction for example) that we are in desperate need of you can get in pretty easily or you are offered a job. We also are generous to asylum seekers and refugees. You can also invest between $NZ500K-1 million and get in. There are people who buy property here but they must meet the requirements of the OIO (Overseas Investment Office).

        Getting a green card for my husband back in the late 80’s was far more difficult.

    • Julie C. says: 403 comments

      Yes, you can but you must meet the requirements of the Overseas Investment Office. Prices are very expensive here in many places (this listing is quite cheap) and foreign buyers with plenty of money and favourable exchange rate have made the prices even higher so the government is trying to level the playing field and make it more possible for first time Kiwi buyers to get on the property ladder.

  4. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1167 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Limestone house
    Langeais, Loire Valley,

    Nice house, I love the woodwork

  5. Jmat3922Jmat3922 says: 66 comments
    OHD Supporter

    What’s up with the corner ‘fireplace’? Seems a little odd.

  6. TXJewelTXJewel says: 368 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1920 Thurber Brick 4 Square
    Strawn, TX

    This house is so cool! I had no idea that all that yummy wood was waiting inside. Best of all, it’s next door to a pub…and they have Texas Hold-em Tournaments!!!

  7. Julie C. says: 403 comments

    I posted a comment about this house yesterday but it never showed up. I mentioned that this house has most likely been relocated (I am practically sure of it) so it would pay to have a builder look over it because there are things that can go wrong in the process of transporting it to it’s new location. Buying a piece of land and then having an older house that has been removed from it’s original site is a way many people get on the property ladder here because prices are so expensive. Just up the road from me is a former convent that was relocated from the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby. It has had 4 owners since it was moved there years ago and a lot of problems that needed to be fixed. Looks pretty good now.


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