c. 1900 – Arnac-la-Poste, France

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Arnac-la-Poste, France

  • €269,000
    $315,888 USD
  • 8 Bed
  • 3013 Sq Ft
  • 11.07 Ac.
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Built in the early 1900's this impressive house set back in its own grounds offers the opportunity to create a historic masterpiece. With most of its original features intact, including some fantastic fireplaces, plaster coving and oak staircase, this property could provide an exceptional business opportunity and comes with over 4 hectares of land, which is suitable for horses. Set on the edge of a lively village and only 3 kilometres from the motorway this property is ideally located and its potential is only limited by the imagination.
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39 Comments on c. 1900 – Arnac-la-Poste, France

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  1. Dmills says: 28 comments


  2. Paulthedreamer says: 35 comments

    That looks like fun! Great car.

  3. Jennifer HTJennifer HT says: 747 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Anthem, AZ

    OMG LOVE!!! Does the buyer get to keep the car? WANT! Looks way bigger than 2300 sq ft.

  4. Jennifer HTJennifer HT says: 747 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Anthem, AZ

    I actually just followed the link and is says 280 sq meters which is just over 3000 sq ft. That seems more like it.

  5. Hez says: 3 comments

    That square footage doesn’t seem right for 8 bedrooms? ?

  6. Randy C says: 426 comments

    This is so not my favorite style, but I love it anyway. With some $$ and hard work, this has limitless possibilities. And then there’s the car….but I can’t go there. I have one right now that’s gobbling up every spare cent I can find.

  7. FrankFrank says: 22 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Now this place could make me move! Well maybe not. 269000 euros translates to more than 414,689. Still…..

  8. Deborah W Mann says: 147 comments

    Totally in love with this place. I would move in a heart beat.

  9. Joe says: 748 comments

    For some reason, this house makes me think of Disney’s Cinderella’s family home. I haven’t checked to see if the animated film has her in a house like this, but it evokes that feeling in me. Weird!

  10. Sadie says: 46 comments

    Check this one out… down the street and around the corner from 1900 – Arnac-la-Poste, France: Defence Castle 23240, Creuse [23], Limousin France. A bit more pricey at 742,000 Euros but move in ready. Circa 1174. Almost 4 acres. Photos pretty. Shows more land around home. Large but not sure how large.

    • Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments

      oh woooow!! (for info, Creuse is the least populated “département” in France with its main city Guéret counting only 13,000 inhab.)

  11. Carolyn E. says: 65 comments

    Love this beautiful house– AND that wonderful old car!!! Would love to take on both projects — just short of wherewithal!!!

  12. Curiouser George says: 140 comments

    Google Maps shows this is located at 54 Rue des Fleurs, in Arnac-la-Poste. The street view is blocked by foliage for the most part, but the upper levels of the home can be seen when approaching from the town. What would have been an impressive gate and wall in the past borders the road side of the home.

    Based on the photos, the exterior looks to be in pretty good shape, but I’m curious why the entrance doesn’t appear so grand as the rest of the home…it’s rather tiny and nondescript in a way. I’ve noticed this anomaly in another French period home that was featured a few weeks ago, so maybe it’s a normal thing.

    The interior has suffered from water damage, presumably from a leaky roof. As much as I really like slate tiles, I wouldn’t want the task of paying for a roof repair on this maison.

    Another aspect that I wonder about is apparent lack of central heating vents in any of the rooms. Could it be that this place has been empty so long that firewood was the heating fuel of choice when last used? If so, then it’s been a while since anyone was home!

    I would imagine that final purchase cost of this fixer upper would be in the $350K range once taxes and fees are factored in. Maybe add another $(admin edit, no values for repairs, please) for repairs and updating, and the total cost might be $(admin edit). And what would you have at the end of that? Well, I suggest the answer is a stunningly beautiful part of French history that might be the envy and delight of the entire region! Maybe even open a B&B…or rent the acreage to graze horses, or cows, or sheep, or goats (or not). Plenty of possibilities! I’d even be happy to finally learn to speak french!

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Limestone house
      Langeais, Loire Valley,

      Hi Curioser George!

      In this other listing I found (https://www.pragout-immo.fr/arnac-la-poste+87+maison+vente+r13672200.html) they say that there used to be a heating system pulsing hot air to the first floor rooms. They do not say which fuel was used, wood, coal, oil, whatever, so this would have to be done again from A to Z I guess. I think i can spot one of the vents near the wall on the right-hand side of the massive wood mantel fireplace.

      Regarding the roof, in France options are (mostly) either slate or tiles (flat or semi-circular). We do not use asphalt shingles like in the USA. But you’re right, this is a craftsman work and it has a significant cost. We had our house re-roofed last year (see on my profile pic). It has 2 roofs because the house has one side higher than the other. 3 of the 4 slopes are of slates and the last one is red flat clay tile. The roofer took our old clay tiles down, cleaned them and hanged them back. The slates are new. Believe it or not but the clay tile job cost more than the slates (for a given equal surface). Slates are hanged with S hooks, not nailed. All in all approx 9-10k€.

      For this house in Arnac-la-Poste, the listing above mentions that the slates were checked and replaced if needed and the roof is sound and not leaky. Which is a good thing!

      Just for fun, the name of the town is funny because in French it sounds like “arnaque”, which means “scam”. So that sounds like “scam-the-postoffice” 😀

      • Curiouser George says: 140 comments

        Miss-Apple37 – Thanks very much for the your information regarding both the current condition of the slate roof, and the former heating systems in this home. I lived in Scotland for a couple of years, and it’s normal there for slate roofs to be in older properties, but the slates typically would have been nailed in rather than hung with S-hooks.
        I like the word play with the town’s name, too. I was thinking that if this was my home, I would put a buzzer at the front door so that if you visited you could ring Arnac (i.e., “or knock”).
        The derelict automobile is intriguing and resembles a mid-30’s American Cadillac LaSalle. There weren’t too many large sedans of that era had a split windshield.

        • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments
          OHD Supporter

          1875 Limestone house
          Langeais, Loire Valley,

          Yup, it was common here too to nail slates. I don’t know when hooks became widely used.

          Funny play on word too! 🙂 But it would work only for English speaking guests, because in French we pronounce the first A like a A, not like a dimished version of it like in English if you stress the last syllable.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6727 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Hey George! 🙂

  13. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Limestone house
    Langeais, Loire Valley,

    There’s a nice picture of the staircase in this listing: https://www.fnaim.fr/annonce-immobiliere/42472160/17-acheter-maison-arnac-la-poste-87160.htm and we can see on a pic here that is stands in a gated piece of land: https://www.pragout-immo.fr/arnac-la-poste+87+maison+vente+r13672200.html

    This house is unusual and not of the vernacular style of this area. It is very elaborate too. It appears that there’s a lot of plaster work and i think a lot of trompe-l’oeil painting (i suspect some of the wainscoting is just paint: the green one near the stone fireplace)

  14. P Caldwell says: 1 comments

    Fabulous opportunity, you just have to have the courage to jump in and do it!

  15. says: 4 comments

    Hello from France !
    It’s good to see a beautiful french house here ! Just cleaning the dust 🙂

    Thanks to Kelly for this wonderfull website. I have learn a lot about old american houses, and it’s not the end.

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 1155 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Limestone house
      Langeais, Loire Valley,

      Hi fellow Frenchman 😉 I’ve learnt a lot here too!

      • says: 4 comments

        Hi ! Thanks for the welcoming !
        I was looking for informations about a special american house, and i found it on this website ! It was not easy to find the name of the Psycho house style… But, ironicaly, it’s the French Second Empire house…

        Now, i have some names of architects of 19 century: Gilbert Croff, JD Stevens… It was not so easy to find them 🙂

  16. MimiMimi says: 188 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Rochester, MN

    Beautiful & quaint house! Love the high ceilings!

  17. Greg Gibson says: 3 comments

    This property would require a lot of Java Bleue to fix it up.

  18. KarenZKarenZ says: 1150 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Incredible home!

  19. Catt says: 46 comments

    Yowzah. I love it.
    Adore the description: “on the edge of a lively village”—sets the perfect tone!

  20. First found this website after researching this Chateau. Like lots of you we fell in love with it. Then decided to buy it! Admin hope this is allowed …we are posting about our journey with the Chateau on instagram. If you’d like to follow our journey too you can follow us @chateaudelacroixdelage


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