c. 1900 – Warm Springs, GA

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5271 Spring St, Warm Springs, GA

  • $99,900
  • 6 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4704 Sq Ft
  • 3.84 Ac.
LOCATED IN THE HEART OF WARM SPRINGS - Grand Home on 3.84 acres offers 4700 square feet. Wide hall entry with spacious rooms and multiple fireplaces. 6+ bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen on both levels, wood floors, high ceilings, grand doorways. Wrap around front porch, city utilities. Within walking distance of all the quaint shops. Currently zoned residential but would make a great B & B location or restaurant. A zoning variance would be needed. THIS HOME NEEDS AN OWNER TO BRING IT BACK TO LIFE!!!
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Monica Evans, Evans Realty,
(706) 846-2000

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32 Comments on c. 1900 – Warm Springs, GA

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11892 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Poor thing. The street view, the way it sits on the hill with the landscaping, it’s giving off that old home place vibe you get when visiting homes like this, y’all know that feeling I’m sure.

  2. MichaelMichael says: 2395 comments
    1979 That 70's show
    Otis Orchards, WA

    I love the way it sits on the street, across the street from a fish hatchery, no less! The lot is one of the things that I find most attractive. The partition with the bars has me scratching my head, however.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11892 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Yeah, I’d like to know the story behind that. Maybe from a bank or post office or something? Or original and had a purpose?

      • LadyDuveenWillKnow says: 2 comments

        I think it is securing a bar/liquor storage area.

      • Jeanne Smith says: 71 comments

        It’s a bar where beer and spirits are served. They were made this way to kept the liquor from being stolen. It is the reason we now refer to place s that serve adult beverages as “bars”.

    • etzkornetzkorn says: 27 comments
      1981 split level w/rock
      Lenoir, NC

      But hey did you see that mass of wisteria growing up the trees? It will scent the air nicely if the hatchery smells fishy!

      • Jason B says: 201 comments

        The hatchery is going to smell if the breeze is blowing the wrong direction. There’s one close to my home I ride by frequently on my motorcycle joy-rides.

  3. BethanyBethany says: 3480 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    I can’t wrap my brain around the room with the grille-like wall and gate. It almost looks like stables or a jail or a wine cellar. Any insights?

  4. BRIAN DUGAN says: 6 comments

    I believe, in the olden days, homes that let rooms for the night kept their spirits locked in an area off the parlor and they frequently had bars to keep out “sleep walkers.”

  5. Christine Cassner says: 10 comments

    Maybe it was a tavern at one time, and that is where the “good stuff” was kept for safe keeping when the bar was closed? 😉

  6. Ernie says: 326 comments

    The barred room is interesting but I find it odd that no explanation was given & no interior shot of the room were included.
    Do you suppose the second kitchen shown was in one of the guest homes?

  7. Brandy says: 61 comments

    Picture 10 is from inside the “jail cell”. Still have no explanation for it though…

    • Ernie says: 326 comments

      It definitely is, good eye Brandy! So it’s more than just a room, it leads to another section of the house………The mystery grows. Haha!

  8. Marc says: 244 comments

    It reminds me of an 1860s hotel in the living ghost town of Silver City, Idaho, that has bars around the telegraph office.

  9. Stephen Pike says: 11 comments

    The “bars” separate the office space from the living space. You can see the photographs of the office with the fireplace on the right can be seen in the photos before from the kitchen (white cabinets) then to the paneled dining area and then into the office area. The idea may have had to do with tax deduction for a portion of the home used for business (the wall with bars looks added). Though I do like all the “romantic” ideas put forward.

    • Judy A Dexter says: 14 comments

      It reminds me of a horse barn. Ha Ha! Wish they had included some information on what it was intended for originally . Would make a wonderful B&B. Hope someone with time and experience comes along to bring her back to her former glory!

  10. Hope Douglas says: 48 comments


  11. Jacqueline M Baker says: 14 comments

    Does anyone know why the blades on the ceiling fans are so odd looking?

  12. KfideiKfidei says: 337 comments

    I noticed the fan blades right away too. This is what happens down here if the home is closed up and left without air conditioning for a while. The humidity down here in the south (I am in the subtropics) is like a living thing, it has to be actively kept at bay or it will have its way with you and your things. Love this house though, and would love to be the one to bring her back to life.

  13. Elliott says: 33 comments

    Interesting small town w/ history of FDR stayed and died there getting treatments from the springs. Only 500 residents, which surprises me. Looks friendly!

  14. Pamela Haber says: 26 comments

    Love this place! I think the bars came from an old bank and it was just “one man’s folly” for his home office (library). My home has many “upgrades” brought in by the owner/president of our old town bank during renovations or repairs to the bank. His wife must have shaken her head and smiled a lot! Nothing went to waste with that guy! The landscape to this old place is wonderful and the house could be brought back to it’s original beauty with some expert, old house advice on gently securing a/c and new heating.

  15. Clund says: 135 comments

    I love the curb appeal of this house including the wonderful lot it sits on. The porch is the sort of thing I dream about in an old house. The inside needs some love, but it has potential. I actually think the wall with the bars is cool. There is a building in St Paul MN that has been turned into lofts. It was the offices for the Great Northern Railroad. They kept the payroll clerks “cage” in the lobby where it originally was located. This reminds me of that, though not as ornate.

  16. Glenn Hahn says: 57 comments

    Love the way it sits on the lot, and with a little work could be real liveable in short order and then improved / restored as seen fit going forward. Lot is certainly big enough for gardening etc… very nice home for a reasonable price

  17. Jason B says: 201 comments

    In my opinion, a porch can make, or break a house. Without it, this would still be a house with some cool features, but I can picture myself here, 95 degrees and 90% humidity, in a wicker rocker, hound dog lazily lying next to me in the shade. Listening to the birds chirp and watching time go by.

  18. DianeEG says: 559 comments

    Until someone verifies the construction date and history of the wood barred wall, I have a theory: In the 1960-70s, it was a popular remodel into bar/rec rooms. It was a take off on the English pub theme. An era when we hosted cocktail parties – men wore suit/ties – women cocktail dresses. Could be/maybe?

    • Angela M. Kadingo says: 7 comments

      I am from that area.. and I think you are completely right on your assumption.. especially considering the pendant light and the fireplace bricks and such.. so many houses I saw had a 1770’s themed den because of the Bicentenial coming up… I remember it well.. heheehee

  19. Angela M. Kadingo says: 7 comments

    My only concern.. and I would love to buy this home and do some work on it.. is that fish hatchery across the street.. I cannot stand fishy smells.. it makes me extremely nauseated!!!.. Or I would be calling the realtor!!!

  20. Pamela says: 1 comments

    Kelly – Just want to say thank you for posting this house on your site. I have been a house lurker for a while now and this one pulled on my heart strings. My fiancee and I went down to Warm Springs this past week and it looks like we will be the next owners! The town and setting is idea for us for eventual semi-retirement – but it will be a tremendous undertaking to do justice to place. The pics are a fair representation of the structure (which seems sound) but there is a lot of things not shown and anywhere you look there is work to be done and it is inhabitable at this time (baths/kitchen need rip/replace).

    As an FYI, the “bar” room was considered a family room. The back of the house (including that area) was added in the late 20’s but “updated” likely in the 60-70’s based on the brick wood-burner, tacky paneling and linoleum/knotty pine in the kitchen and the bars may have been done then. Definitely look like from bank/post-office. We will re-purpose it somewhere, but when you are in the house it is obvious it is out of place. We would like to honor a more traditional/authentic design in our renovations. Long way to go, so time will tell.


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