1901 – Montezuma, GA

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211 W Railroad St, Montezuma, GA 31063

  • $29,900
  • Foreclosure
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4400 Sq Ft
  • 0.9 Ac.
Bank foreclosure! Large traditional style home, includes hardwood floors, large front porch, sunroom, high ceilings throughout, and lovely grand staircase! Fixer upper, sold as-is, perfect for investor or first time homebuyer.
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Allison Harris, Harris Real Estate Services,
(678) 355-0001

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46 Comments on 1901 – Montezuma, GA

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  1. evers310evers310 says: 109 comments

    Only one pic??? Disappointing:(

  2. SunnySunny says: 18 comments

    Noooooo … I was so excited to see inside …

  3. Sd says: 57 comments

    search for it on zillow by address. there are 25 pics from when it was foreclosed.

  4. Sd says: 57 comments

    Kelly, OHD admin
    12/19/2017 AT 7:21 PM
    I’m only seeing one pic, can you link?


    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Cool! I’m unable to use them in the post but I’ll add it to the links up top. Thanks!

    • Will C. says: 3 comments

      Zillow appears to have it listed twice, once as Sd has linked it, but more recently with the originally posting at the top (with the single photo). It’s listed for $34,900 on both, but I don’t know which of the two photos of the front of the place reflects what it looks like currently. A bit confusing, right?

  5. Randy C says: 448 comments

    Beautiful home. Gorgeous leaded glass window in the stairway. Wish the woodwork wasn’t painted, but still the pics from zillow look very nice. If it hasn’t deteriorated too badly, what a buy!!!! I suppose you would need to not be bothered by trains if the tracks across the street are still active.

    • Christian says: 51 comments

      I agree that it’s going to take a lot of paint stripper to fix that problem. I don’t understand why people paint over every last piece of woodwork, Also, it would take a lot of money to move the house to a thriving area with good schools and amenities nearby.

      • GloriaH says: 2 comments

        Many homes of that era had painted woodwork to start with. I don’t know about this one, but using a cheaper grade of wood meant to be painted was also well within the norm.

  6. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 1069 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    This is super! Fixer?? What a price, is it the area you suppose?

    • rlschellrlschell says: 10 comments

      Montezuma is the back end of beyond. As of the last census, the population didn’t quite hit 15,000, and it’s half an hour from almost everywhere…. anywhere being Unadilla on I-75. I’d guess employment opportunities are thin on the ground. There’s a Mennonite community there, which is pretty neat, but I’m not sure how that contributes to the overall community. Basically, the overall population gives the impression that it’s a dying community.

  7. Jane says: 17 comments

    This is a little town about 40 miles SW of Macon, GA. I’ve lived in Middle Georgia all of my life. Hot summers and mild winters. This house appears to be in good condition and this is an outstanding price. It’s not that far from Warner Robins Air Force Base and easy distance to I-75. If you want to retire in GA, this might be the house for you.

  8. tess says: 303 comments

    It’s between a church, a railroad track and a budget motel so I can see the attractive price. For a young couple with little money, who are willing to put in the TLC, it’s a good, decent, affordable home. Right down from the Fire Dept. will lower home owners’ insurance rates too.

  9. Bill says: 5 comments

    My first thought at this price is that it was set to attract salvagers

  10. ddbacker says: 509 comments

    Population and isolation notwithstanding, you have to admit that “Montezuma” is a pretty cool town name.

  11. darla says: 102 comments

    without current interior pics, my hope is that no angry dispossessed owner took out his frustrations at the home being repo’d, and did intentional damage. It is not uncommon — just hope it didn’t happen here!!!!!!

    • Jessica says: 1 comments

      We went and looked at this home today. It needs some MAJOR work. Nothing a disgruntled owner did, just years of neglect and water damage. Beautiful home but will cost a lot to bring it back from the neglect.

  12. John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

    Even before I saw the additional photos I thought this property looked like a lot of value for the asking price. After counting at least seven (not 100% sure) fireplace mantels, pocket doors, leaded glass, and other fine details, unless some of these have been removed, this looks like even more of a bargain. Of course, all prospective buyers should do due diligence and inspect the property personally. Sometimes the location may not work or there’s some other external issue; then there are times when more work is needed to remedy a structural or systems issue-best to satisfy and obtain answers to all questions before making an offer. I noticed nearly all of the woodwork is painted white. Might be best for now to leave it as is or, if further investigation reveals the millwork is made of hardwoods, buy a large quantity of stripper and plan for some messy work ahead. This late Queen Anne example also features Colonial and Classical Revival details which agree with its stated construction date. (although at least one of the mantels did look older in style) For those willing to live there, this Montezuma property could be a rewarding project perhaps without having to spend too much money beyond the asking price.

  13. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    BTW, I believe the archived Zillow pics are from 2013 when the home was on the market before the foreclosure, priced at $75k. So things may have changed since those photos were taken.

  14. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I don’t know what rail line it’s for but some trains won’t run through at night. They also may not be allowed to use their horn at night.


  15. Anita says: 19 comments

    This would have been for me…until my curiosity found this:
    This was shot from literally across the street. The sign at 00:09 is the Budget Inn which is two properties down from this house. The price is soooo attractive…But NOPE

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That is a lovely sound to my ears. Makes me miss being so far away from a rail line. We looked at a house on the site once, across the street from the tracks. It was one of the positives about the place! But too far from my husbands job.

  16. Chris DiMattei says: 274 comments

    I am pretty sure that this home is a George Barber example, even though it does not match a published design. That staircase could not be more Barberesque, if it was built by Barber himself. From what I can see from the older listing photos, she looks like a Barber house. I also looked around in Montezuma and there are other possible Barber house examples as well. I will see what I can dig up on this one, in the hopes of some form of confirmation. What a bargain. I hope someone sympathetic to preservation saves this gem.

  17. Jacqueline baker says: 14 comments

    I was very Interested in the house and contacted the agent and received new pictures just taken yesterday and it broke my heart! He guessed it would take 80.000 just to fix the outside! Wire has been stripped he said and leaks and rot everywhere! I could hardly believe it was even the same house! I asked about back taxes but he did not know about that! I asked if the city would tear it down he said no! I hope a very rich person can save it! It was built by the hills from hills department stores. There is a large minonite community there also!

  18. Andrew Harrison says: 1 comments

    I want to thank Kelly for posting this house. Jacqueline Baker is correct about the house needing lots of work, new roof, chimneys are falling apart,living room ceiling has fallen down due to leaking roof. House has been vandelized inside. Yet,,me being me,I put in an offer yesterday. Hopefully I can be in it by middle of January. :-]

  19. SD says: 57 comments

    Good luck Andrew. We will scratch this one off our list of homes we were going to check out over the Christmas break.

    Many readers would still be interested in current pics if you have any.

  20. Jacqueline baker says: 14 comments

    I to wish you the very best! Andrew Im so glad to hear it will be saved and restored! Heres to many wonderful memmorys for you!

  21. Curiouser George says: 142 comments

    I’m somewhat familiar with this property as I inquired about it with a local realtor back when it was listed in 2013. At that time he noted the significant damage done by the leaking roof already mentioned by Andrew. If I remember correctly, the owner was a young man who may have inherited this home as well as a building in town, but who lived in Florida. Although trains do run past this property, I don’t consider it a deal breaker. The motel is a concern, but mostly because I worry that it may be more of a flop house than motel. Of more concern to me at the time was an adjacent home that looked dilapidated and uncared for, but lived in. That said, most of the nicer homes are/were on this side of town.

    Montezuma was named by soldiers returning from the Mexican-American War, and originally was much smaller than Oglethorpe which is across the river. Gradually it grew larger and more important, but has suffered in recent years with the loss of a large canning facility which the major employer. There is some significant history nearby, including the Civil War cemetery at Andersonville, and the town of Plains (located near Americus).

    • Jacqueline Baker says: 14 comments

      Wow George thanks for a little bit more history on the area! I would love a home like that!I have almost 15 areas with Two cabins… one old and one new! I am even thinking of selling to down size. I hope to find an old house that won’t cost so much to fix up! maybe two to four acres! I think the house in Montezuma would be a Beautiful Bed and Breakfast!

  22. Ray Unseitig says: 199 comments

    a train fan would love it. Hop on when she slows down and off you go.

  23. Wade Clark says: 27 comments

    We went and looked at it a few days ago, took lots of outside pictures, couldn’t get a response from the realtor until 2 days later. She said it IS under contract. If you like when I get home I’ll add the photos. Pretty sad, sure the $80,000 outside renovation amount mentioned above is pretty accurate. Lots of odd additions on the back of the house. Abandoned houses next door and across the street working their way into the ground. Still an incredible house! I would have considered making an offer. A fireman at the firehouse two doors down told us the last owners wife had died of cancer, that they were starting to restore the house but life just fell apart for them, sad story. The town does look like it’s dying, lots of empty commercial buildings everywhere. But lots of beautiful homes that are closer to being mansions too! I suspect it would be a nice place to live!

    • Chris DiMattei says: 274 comments

      Wade, would you be willing to share your recent exterior photos with me, so I can use them to visually see if I can confirm the origins of this home. I suspect it might be a house designed by George F. Barber and your recent photos could help me make that determination. If you are ok with it, please email them to me at crdimattei@gmail.com. Thanks.

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