1845 – Dexter, NY

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16538 County Route 59, Dexter, NY 13634

  • $41,500
  • Foreclosure
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3410 Sq Ft
  • 5.11 Ac.
This is a Fannie Mae HomePath property! Charming Victorian style home in the quiet town of Dexter, NY. Home offers an open floor plan, original woodwork, and tons of natural light! Open kitchen, great for cooking with tons of storage! Great for entertaining guests. Located close to your needed amenities!
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Hannah Mummert, Hunt Real Estate ERA,
(315) 788-4013

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30 Comments on 1845 – Dexter, NY

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  1. Jacqueline baker says: 14 comments

    Wow I love this house so much! I would trade my land and cabin for a house like that one!

  2. Alice says: 60 comments

    I love the way it is so vertical in a horizontal landscape! Interior is nice too.

  3. says: 1 comments

    I have driven by this house sooooo many times and wondered what was going on in there. Now I know, and totally worth the price.

  4. John Shiflet says: 5436 comments

    This appears to be a rather formal Italianate style farmhouse that could have originated from a published plan source. I don’t see anything that could be reliably dated to 1845 although a previous version may have stood here in the past. Most of the details seen here point to around 1880 give or take a few years. Over five acres of land in a rural context are part of the package. Given its a Fannie Mae Homepath property, the suggested price seems very reasonable. Most Fannie Mae foreclosures are sold “as is” so a careful pre-purchase inspection would be recommended.

  5. Angie says: 2 comments

    I would buy this in a heart beat but New York taxes are way to high.

    • Byrd says: 1 comments

      Prop tax is a little over 2G for this one which isn’t bad. For retired military not that far from Ft Drum, NY. Would love it.

      • Darla says: 88 comments

        how are taxes in NY assessed?
        I pay about 2400 a year for a house that is $320k.

        • Kay says: 13 comments

          It depends on the county. And when looking up property taxes for a county, you have to be wary, because school taxes are assessed separately and often not included, and they can be very high–more than the property tax. In a central New York community, I’ve seen taxes as high as $10,000 on a property listed for less than $200K. Our modest house, on which we’ve done a lot of work that didn’t require a building permit–and some that did–is assessed at under $120K, and our taxes, school and property, are around $3600, and rising. We could have afforded to move to a larger house, but now that we’re retired I’m glad we didn’t, because of the property taxes.

  6. Ross says: 2417 comments

    My heart stopped at the very first image.

    Oh, what a beauty this could be again.


  7. Robin says: 2 comments

    wow!~!~! What a bargain!~! I live in Northern California and that house would be 7 figures!~!

    • darla says: 2 comments

      Rosalie — please keep us updated! I am interested to know what taxes on this are.

      I never before considered NY, but I am seeing ridiculous houses popping up, but need to know I can handle the taxes et al with a fixed income.

  8. Barbara N Kahl says: 53 comments

    Is that a pressed tin ceiling in the kitchen? The plaster needs some work, but this has great potential.

  9. Scott Cunningham says: 393 comments

    If you are retiring out of the military in the Ft Drum area (not too many people with that as a life goal) this place is a steal. It looks like a solid house, had some land, and is in a pretty area for outdoorsy types. Yeah, NY taxes are stupidly high, but with an assessed value of $40k, they stay affordable.

  10. Jim ast says: 2 comments

    They stay affordable until you rehab. Then you are paying 3 to 4 in taxes!!

  11. Joe says: 757 comments

    I wonder if the barn and outbuildings to the south are a part of the property.

    • Rosalie says: 3 comments

      The outbuildings are part of the property

      • Joe says: 757 comments

        That makes it an even sweeter deal. Have you heard back on your offer? I sure hope that you get it. If you do, take lots of before pictures of everything for me and the rest of the OHD house addicts. I know most of us would love to see it all instead of the little shown by the realtor. The discoveries and rehab on this house would make a good subject for a blog.

  12. says: 6 comments

    I love the kitchen and ceiling! What do the cement steps on the side of the house lead to?

    • John Shiflet says: 5436 comments

      There appears to be a “ghost” outline of a small portico that was probably very similar to the remaining back porch portico. I would expect the original millwork (posts and ornamental corbels) matched that which remains on the house. I’m not sure what is now on the other side of the wall but I would expect the framing in the wall would indicate a doorway, since closed in.

  13. Rosalie Horton says: 3 comments

    I have an offer on this property. Hopefully I get an update soon

  14. Dr. Peterson says: 95 comments

    Gotta love the outside stairs to nowhere. Would like to know about the door removal and other remodels performed over the years.

  15. Lucinda Howatd says: 248 comments

    Good for you, pls keep us posted.

  16. More says: 53 comments

    Good for you, Rosalie. I hope you get it.

  17. Chris Smith says: 5 comments

    Does it look like the entire exterior siding has been clad in the asbestos shingle siding in the 1950’s? Is amazing when people buy these old houses with the asbestos and remove it down here. The siding underneath the shingles has cooked and the old paint has fallen off of the house underneath and makes it a lot easier to paint the original siding which is in perfect shape. If the shingle siding is removed by a new owner, you will be able to see all original ghosting and where windows and doors have been removed or modified. You may even still have original doors or windows covered over in place. That happens a lot in Galveston.

  18. Blake Wilson says: 23 comments

    For some reason I am obsessed with the first floor exterior steps that lead to nothing. As mentioned by others I am agreeing that this house seems more 1870-1885. Unless another house sat here or was largely expanded and reconfigured to this current Italianate beauty. Either way I’m in love.

  19. Joe says: 757 comments

    Every comment that is posted makes me look harder at this house. I have come to some conclusions, which are simply speculation. There are not enough photos to really be able to get an idea of what it really looked like. For example, the pictures show only three sides of the house. There are also not enough inside shots to get a clear idea of the layout. Here is what I have concluded, aside from the fact that I wish that I lived five minutes away so I could go see what it is really like.
    -It appears to be an Italianate that has had several complete makeovers. The Victorian makeover changed the stair, the interior window trim, and the roof line, losing a tower. The fifties makeover replaced the windows with some sort of wood windows that were stock size windows. On the first floor they were too short to fit the space so they filled in the original opening with a fixed panel above and they also added the asbestos siding at that time.
    -It amazes me that the exterior window and porch detailing have survived, unless the date listed is correct and the Italianate detailing was yet another update circa 1880.

  20. abevy says: 307 comments

    I completely missed the tin ceiling in the kitchen. Would love to renovate that kitchen back to older times. I wondered about the steps to nowhere, but now I see the faint outline of a door (perhaps). Nice old home.


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