1893 – Abbeville, SC – $77,000

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105 Vienna St, Abbeville, SC 29620

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Located in the 'heart' of the beloved Abbeville Historic Area, this large 19th Century home is within walking distance to uptown Abbeville and all it has to offer. Anyone with a passion and a vision for older homes could turn this large 5 bedroom, 2 bath home into multiple possibilities of uses. Kitchen and baths have been updated over the years. This property is owned by the U S Department of HUD, case 461-449221, insurability code: Insurable With Repair Escrow. Subject to appraisal. Seller makes no representations or warranties as to property condition. HUD properties are sold AS-IS, pre-1978 to include LBP notices/Equal Housing Opportunity. Seller may contribute up to 3% of buyers closing costs upon buyer's request in offer.
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Donna Brounkowski, Associated Brokers      (864) 223-3818
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9 Comments on 1893 – Abbeville, SC – $77,000

  1. Could that upper stairwell possibly have been enclosed at some point? I cant imagine a door mid-stairway. Hmmm, if those walls could talk…

    • The stairway door may have been added to keep young children upstairs allowing parents to sleep in peace. I know I would have used it!

  2. I can’t think of the “official” name for ornamental woodwork like that seen in the third picture — but it is most unusual with the peaked top. Immediately I thought how that room would be so well suited to a chinoiserie wallpaper, with that door detail suggesting a pagoda.

    And I love the huge window in the bathroom.

    • A postscript to my comment above — speaking of the bathroom with the window reaching to the floor. Looks like you could walk out onto a porch? Are these called French windows?

      • French window is another term for french door. The type in the bathroom photo you’re referring to is most commonly called a jib window. You see them a lot in old plantation homes.

  3. Kelly, the downstairs front portions to back look older to me too. Wonder if it had a remodle, second story and the more Victorian details added later.

  4. Love the church next door! It is such in close proximity that this must have been the clergy’s house at one point. Lots to like and lots to do but still livable while restoring.


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