c. 1884 Queen Anne – Walden, NY

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109 East Ave, Walden, NY 12586

  • $114,900
  • Foreclosure
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2808 Sq Ft
  • 1.2 Ac.
5 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Old Style Victorian home in V/Walden! Some original woodwork, beautiful stained glass windows, plenty of room inside and out. Owner occupant MUST complete two attached forms when presenting offers. This property is eligible under the Freddie Mac First Look Initiative through 10/16/17. During this time, house is only available to owner occupants, public entities and their partners. Sold as-is. Buyer to pay NYS Transfer Tax. Offers with financing must be accompanied by pre-qual letter; cash offers with proof of funds. **Please see agent remarks for access, showing instructions and offer presentation remarks.**
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Brian Smith, River Realty Services,
(845) 564-2800

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19 Comments on c. 1884 Queen Anne – Walden, NY

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  1. Ryan says: 459 comments

    Back in the 90s I bought all the balusters and handrails that had been removed from a Victorian house in Walden. Theyre still sitting in my shed because I never found a use for them. I have no recollection of what street the house was on or even exactly what the house looked like, but when I saw this porch, I wondered “Was it you?” It could have been.

  2. Connie Murray says: 113 comments

    What a shame that someone removed the mantels from the fireplaces! But at least the old gal hasn’t been slathered with that awful white paint so its got lots of potential. Hope someone finds loves her enough to restore her to her former glory.

  3. Hani says: 8 comments

    The price is right until you look at the property taxes. Holy moly there goes the restoration budget. I dream of owning one of these NY beauties, but alas, my wallet disagrees.

  4. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 1068 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Not a bad house at all, little fixing up. Not sure about those little soldiers in the front yard. lol

  5. abevy says: 307 comments

    Hani–wish you had said what taxes were. Nice looking old house when you first look at exterior. Bright wall colors. Nice windows.

  6. Colleen J says: 1058 comments

    You know it’s really sad when taxes ruin it for a house that could be brought back to it’s glory days, this property has so much potential. When will states (and in my country, provinces) realize that they are quite possibly the culprint to old house destruction.

  7. Frank says: 5 comments

    Wow! $11,000 taxes. Would be a great house except for that.

  8. Cheryl says: 16 comments

    Hani, what are the taxes? I live in a small town in Texas in a small 1895 cottage. My sq ft is around 1500 and my lot is 1/3 of an acre. With a homestead exemption and partially fixed taxes, as I am over 65, my taxes run around $1650 per yr. I’d just like to be able to see the difference. Thanks.

  9. JimHJimH says: 5244 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This house was built about 1884 for Hiram B. Wooster (1851-1925), a merchant and manufacturer of overalls, and later president of the Walden Savings Bank. Wooster and his business partner George W. Stoddard together bought lots here in 1883 from Charles D. Wooley, who had developed this neighborhood on the outskirts of the village. Wooster and Stoddard built very similar mirror image homes next to an older Italianate house next door. On a panoramic view of the village done in 1887, the three fine homes sit high above the village (upper far left), with a lane running down the hill to the large brick factory of Wooster & Stoddard.

    130 years after the map was created, the Wooster house and factory still stand, as does the older Italianate house with its cupola. The Stoddard house was recently demolished and survives only in photographs, although its carriage house is still there, sitting behind a bland ranch house.
    New homes about the size of this one are being sold in the area for over $400K, so buying this and fixing it up might be a good financial move, in addition to saving a piece of local history. (Note that a sale at that price or lower, and owner occupancy will reduce the taxes to less than half.)

  10. Amanda Crowell says: 7 comments

    I just went by and took photos yesterday (Is there anywhere I can send them to share them here?). There is rotting wood underneath a partial aluminum siding on the back and underneath another layer of clapboards on the rest. The photos show all the wood on the windowsills outside and where they removed two porches is rotted away– and probably munched on. The chimneys would have to be rebuilt at the tops– they are crumbling– and the basement has windows missing and an open door. The top windows are permanently open, so weather and bats are certain. They are in the process of shoring up the front porch and trimming the trees down the lane. There’s a lovely stone wall in the back leading to a hole that was probably a carriage house. The interior– viewed from outside– looks lovely, but the exterior is almost a complete tear off. That’s a real well, recently boarded up, and there’s a sewer cover or oddly flat coal chute cover in the side yard that’s a walking hazard, as my husband almost fell through it. It’s a great piece of property, with woods in the back and a sunny front lawn. Quiet neighborhood, walking distance to most of Walden. Walden has an interesting history with the Schrade Knife Factory, very blue-collar, and it’s still an interesting mix of folks that nearby, more expensive towns in Orange County, NY, don’t have. It’s got a solid rec program for kids, a lovely Victorian library, and a statue of William McKinley in the center of town. It’s also got problems with big houses chopped up as very cheap rentals with all the ensuing issues, though not immediately near this house. (I live fifteen minutes away and drive through Walden almost every day for work.) It was exciting to see it show up here!

  11. WOW! I used to live here. It did have a beautiful 2 story carriage house with a basement level back by the stone wall.My mother restored this house completely in the 80’s. Slate roof a bunch of wells on the property, I cant believe I was lucky enough to have spent a number of years of my child hood here. The front porch wrapped around the whole house! If you look you can see that the first step is quite large on the front porch. That was so when they pulled a horse and carriage out of the carriage house you could step right out into the carriage. We found Mr Woosters bank books in the attic rafters (and the attic has really high ceilings!). It told of them giving out land by having a chain that was stretched so many lengths to measure the land given. I always thought it was haunted!

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