c. 1880 Queen Anne – Salem, WI (The Amityville Horror)

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Salem, WI 53168

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  • $900,000
  • 7 Beds
  • 2 Bath
  • 3552 Sq Ft
  • 2.53 Ac.
Older Victorian home on Silver Lake. Property being sold ''as is.'' Overall there is 467 lineal feet of frontage along Silver Lake. Seller is willing to divide, subject to Village and County approval. Call for a copy of the proposed CSM and flyer. Lot 1 is under contract, Lot 2 is available with an asking price of $300,000, Lot 3 with the home has an asking price of $600,000.
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Andrew Pitts, Pitts Brothers & Associates      (262) 654-4900
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59 Comments on c. 1880 Queen Anne – Salem, WI (The Amityville Horror)

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  1. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 449 comments

    Great house. Without seeing the photos, I’d suspect realtor hyperbole in “king of lake homes,” but here it seems fitting. I love the huge glazed porch wrapping around an otherwise upright vertical house. Rooms and windows and proportions are generous and some fine details are measured out well against a big lake house spare simplicity. It does have the look of long continuity in ownership, which if not always a compliment is here. Seeing a house that’s neither a wreck nor slicked up to within an inch of its life is fairly rare; this one, while little changed architecturally, has “happened” over time in an organic not cultured “old-fashioned” style.

    The facade modifications for the remake are odd. Everybody knows: gambrel roof = scary.

  2. AvatarPaul S says: 42 comments

    Woodwork is beautiful but my favorite part is the landing stained glass window. What a masterpiece.

  3. AvatarAudrey says: 10 comments

    Gosh, LOVE this one! Look at the beautiful detailing on the woodwork! Setting looks beautiful, except it’s in WI haha

  4. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Listing photos in this post are from a previous agent taken in 2012. Back on the market with new agent, you can check out his listing photos on any of the listing sites linked. Just moving to the front page. Two build dates found for this one, 1880’s and 1910.

  5. Tommy QuinnTommy Quinn says: 464 comments

    I have the same yellow chrome dinette chairs. I don’t have the same house… -L-

    Wonder why the Amityville comment? Seems like a wonderful place.

  6. AvatarMustachman69 says: 12 comments

    Every square inch of this land and house are beyond lickable. Yummy. Just can’t afford the price,however worth every penny

  7. AvatarSharon says: 98 comments

    Is there a better view of the stained-glass window somewhere?

  8. AvatarBennie Ann Runyan Haeberle says: 2 comments

    I honestly saw this first as $100,000 and was ready to cash in my life insurance for it! It is so beautiful…

  9. Avatardkzody says: 279 comments

    The chrome dinette set in the attic is neat. Wonder if it’s still there.

  10. MikeMike says: 181 comments

    I’m really digging that billiards room! Given the limited amount of updates in the house, I’d bet that the wall and ceiling papers are original. What a great place for a family pool tournament on a rainy day!

  11. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1882 comments

    Wow, that glassed-in huge porch is amazing!

  12. AvatarPaul Price says: 202 comments

    Lovely home even down to the furnishing and the antiques in the attic. What is not to like except for the price juxtaposed against my bank account?

  13. AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

    You guys can’t have this one. It’s mine!

  14. AvatarPookha says: 144 comments

    I sure wish my pocketbook was deep enough.

  15. AvatarMary says: 24 comments

    Love that gazebo and that glassed in surround porch. Also those beautiful stairs and large kitchen. I happen to love the outside and gabled roof. Then again , I am huge fan of scary movies.

  16. Avatareboies says: 2 comments

    Just saw this on Google Earth…. You drive over a covered Bridge from the road to gain access… Love this house… any idea if Salem is a “happening town”?

  17. AvatarKevinb says: 133 comments

    cool house and setting. i love much of it except that cheap home depot kitchen. all those windows around the porch would be a pain to clean and I would think it would really heat the house up in the summer.

  18. Nhgal03Nhgal03 says: 113 comments

    What an amazing place! Gotta love that woodwork and glass.

  19. AvatarColleen J says: 1260 comments

    Simply gorgeous on waterfront too. Love all the staircases, pantry (sigh) … what a beauty

  20. AvatarAllan says: 67 comments

    I thought you were taking a week off?

  21. AvatarBrendan says: 73 comments

    Great house, great location and great furniture. I wonder if the barn complex across the road was once part of the property.

  22. Avatarhopeful one says: 18 comments

    The big house is, beautiful and so much to love about it. But, the little “shot gun” house is too sweet I wish I could see it. There is a set of three old shotgun houses in Waxahachie, Texas and when I’am there I drive by,always hoping one will be for sale. My aunt and uncle lived in one when I was a child and I loved it. It would be perfect for about to be retired,me

  23. LisaLouLisaLou says: 115 comments

    Beautiful. I am speechless. What a home this would be for a large family.

  24. Avatarmontana channing says: 252 comments

    I guess I need to upgrade my definition of “as is” cause if this is an example, as is is pretty darn nice. that porch is the best I have ever seen. and you could live in the little house in the winter and not have to pay what must be a huge heating cost.

  25. AvatarTina Reuwsaat says: 53 comments

    What a lovely place, but not in the least in the category of a typical “summer” lake home. After spending my childhood in Minnesota surrounded by lakes and snow, I wonder at the fortitude of attempting to live in this beauty yer-round. The lake would freeze solid enough to drive on in the winter (picture the Norwegian ice-house fishing culture ALA Grumpy Old Men). The September snow , and all subsequent, would remain on the ground until late March, in between temperatures of minus 15 degrees or so, plus the mega-minus wind chill coming off the lake. Schools may close during the spring thaw “Mud days” when even the teacher can’t get to school on a tractor. I am assuming first call to action would be upgrading insulation and heating, then laying in a goodly supply of firewood, oil lamps, canned food , sweaters and books. Ah, but the summers! Lolling in a boat all day, drinking Hamms in the can, swatting the state bird and cutting the humidity with an oar.

  26. Michael MackinMichael Mackin says: 1309 comments

    What a beautiful house!

    Kelly, I’m a huge fan of your site but I know what it’s like to get overwhelmed. Please take the time off you need!

  27. AvatarKimmy K says: 7 comments

    Love this home! Property taxes not so much!!! ;(

  28. AvatarZoomey says: 501 comments

    This is the summer house of my dreams! It’s almost a time capsule. I can smell the summer house feel just from the photos! It probably needs a lot of updates, but if I had the money to hire a full-time staff, update it and live in it for a few months a year —- I’m dreaming again! Some lucky family will own this beautiful house!

  29. AvatarZoomey says: 501 comments

    Can anyone identify that sort of wire that’s hanging over the pool table? It looks to me like an aerial abacus, but perhaps it’s decorative?
    I can’t get over this house — it looks like it’s been untouched for 100 years! Perhaps those Victorian furnishings were new when they were put there? If it were in my family, I’d never let it go! But it must cost a lot to maintain, and the heirs probably need to split up their inheritance, I’m guessing. It looks like it was enjoyed by a large family for a long time.

  30. AvatarWanda in NC says: 62 comments

    There are roll-down shades on those windows.

  31. AvatarSamB says: 1 comments

    I got to visit this home today, as they had an estate sale. We only had access to the large enclosed porch and lawn, nothing inside.
    I can confirm that the long ‘cabin’ building is a bowling alley, manual set. The photos in the listing are generous, at least for the porch – lots of peeling paint, tilted floors, etc (which I loved :). I have some exterior photos, not sure how to post? New to forum, stumbled on site when searching for info on the house.
    The ‘covered bridge’ someone mentioned is pedestrian only.
    And yes, the property across the street was once part of the estate. The owners were on site and I peppered them with questions 🙂

  32. ErnieErnie says: 217 comments

    Holy cow! Love that huge enclosed porch!
    Not sure why they would think they could get away with using a different house for the remake of Amityville Horror, even just exterior shot, considering by now everyone knows what the real house looks like, but that’s Hollywood I guess.

    • AvatarDJ Mikey says: 1 comments

      They probably used a different house to avoid the expense of having to build a replica as the real Ocean Avenue house and the Tom’s River house used for the original movies have been remodelled.

      Also even during the production of the original movies the Tom’s River house never had a Grambel roof, this had to be fabricated. Incidentally I don’t know if the Grambel Roof on this house was real or fabricated, but I always thought it looked very incongruous with the rest of the house. It looks fabulous now though.

      Funnily enough with the recent movie Amityville: The Awakening they did just build a replica of the Tom’s River house as it appeared in the movies, complete with Grambel Roof. Although they did have to make modifications to avoid copyright infringement, the Sun Porch is on the opposite side of the house.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10360 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        The gambrel roof was fake on this one. Actually, it may have been faked on the 2nd movie too, I don’t recall from the pic I saw when they were putting on a fake facade.

  33. AvatarCherie says: 2 comments

    I think the windows have been removed from the porch, or at least some of them. They were (or maybe still are) for sale on Craigslist awhile back.

  34. AvatarCherie says: 2 comments

    This is a fun article about an estate sale that was held at the house, there are a few photos as well.


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