April 28, 2017: Link Exchange & Discussion

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I also share an old photo from the header you see above and supersize it for you. This home still stands! You can view interior photos here.

132 Comments on April 28, 2017: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Arkham says: 70 comments

    That is a well preserved and marvelous house!

    I love seeing the then-and-now, especially when it looks like everything has survived.

  2. CharlesB says: 481 comments

    Circa 1890 Shingle Style house in the resort town of Lakewood, NY–A fusion of the proto-modernism of Charles F. McKim’s William G. Low House at Bristol, RI and the tradition of the Keebler Elves’ cottage (the interior woodwork has apparently all been painted):


    • Teri R says: 283 comments

      I love how the arches are used throughout the exterior. Wonder what the inside was like before reno!

    • PWilliam says: 8 comments

      Listing says 1930, which is obviously wrong. I would think, though, that this is circa 1900 rather than 1890. It would have been a very progressive design for 1890.

      • Eric Unhinged says: 1011 comments

        The Shingle style was virtually washed up by 1900. There aren’t a lot of surviving original finishes in this house; the vast amount of gray and white paint on the exterior and the vast amount of white and taupe on the remodeled interior give a distorted sense of age. The brick fireplace (painted white) with the inset stained glass window screams 1880’s as does the exterior terra cotta ornament in the chimney (buried beneath more white paint). Interior trim (buried beneath white paint) features corner blocks which would have been passé in a house of this stature in 1900. This house was most likely built in the 1880’s or early 1890’s.

        • CharlesB says: 481 comments

          I was initially going to say ‘circa 1885’ for this place, based not only on what Eric observed but also the entry hall with the angled fireplace and quasi-Chinese Chippendale stair rail, the novelty shingle siding, and the 24-over-1-light sash. Vincent Scully called the Low House (1886-7) “at once a climax and a kind of conclusion” for the Shingle Style, as its “prototypal form … was almost immediately to be abandoned for the more conventionally conceived columns and pediments” (what we know so well from the George F. Barber designs of the ’90s). Lakewood, NY, was not some rural crossroad in the boonies of Upstate NY–it was a sophisticated summer resort community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake frequented by the bigwigs of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Somebody good designed this house in a bold avant-garde style, the later attempts at Nantucketization notwithstanding.

    • JimHJimH says: 5118 comments
      OHD Supporter

      CharlesB, that house was built in conjunction with the Kent and Waldmere resort hotels in Lakewood, which opened in 1897. There’s a photo of the house in a brochure from that year:

      • CharlesB says: 481 comments

        Wow, fantastic find! I had hoped that just such a photo of this house might exist. The ‘Kent’ portion of this complex dated back to 1875; it burned in 1887 and was rebuilt (in the Shingle Style, of course!) in 1888:


        • JimHJimH says: 5118 comments
          OHD Supporter

          CharlesB, the pre-existing hotels and some of the cottages came into common ownership in 1897, and the house looks like it has a few years on it in the photo. Lakewood seems like a fascinating place where moneyed folks like the Packards and Sorgs from Ohio were building cottages from the 1870’s on.
          It would require more drilling down into the records to come up with more a concrete date than “late 1880’s” as you and Eric suggest. Cool house!

  3. tess says: 303 comments

    Historic Queen Anne to rehab in Wilkesboro, NC for $49.9 I didn’t see this one listed before.

    Operating B&B Elizabethtown, nc

    • Teri R says: 283 comments

      Thanks for sharing the Wilkesboro, NC home listing! First time ever that i viewed an original water cistern located in the basement!

  4. hollyq says: 77 comments

    The Howey mansion in Florida is a bit of local legend, built by the 1920s citrus tycoon William Howey.

  5. NonaK says: 248 comments

    A lot of the older homes in Austin have been “modernized or updated”. But I happened upon this one:
    Built 1940 5 beds 5 baths 5,580 sqft

  6. Lucas A. Neuffer says: 1 comments

    The William and Matilda Aydelotte Home built in 1880, featuring an original electric box from the time period. Also features a large brick carriage house that brings in more than the mortgage would be.


    • Anne M. says: 859 comments

      the only thing disappointing about this listing is that you can’t read what is engraved above the 1st fireplace mantel. I agree, it is a great house!

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      Looks like a comfortable house to live in. The old door is great. Looks somehow too “new” for me, though — the floors too light & bright, which could be the photography or filter used.

    • Victoria says: 134 comments

      That 1929 on E. Glenoaks makes my heart ache it’s so lovely. Thanks for sharing, Doug. Did anyone notice the David Hockney print above the writing/computer desk? Wonder if it’s an original – from the look of the rest of the place, I’d wager yes.

    • BethanyBethany says: 3495 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1983 White elephant
      Escondido, CA

      I adore the second house! I wouldn’t change much, just make needed repairs. I love it when they include an old picture, too.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Wabasso Way is a great house; but the real gem is it’s likely conveying, 1948 model 900-G, O’keefe and Merritt range! Nice! They are everywhere out there, and nearly impossible to find East of the Rockies. The original gas fired gravity air furnace is pretty rad too.

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      I love the 1st house. Every inch, inside & out.

    • Eric Unhinged says: 1011 comments

      The house in Eureka Springs is proof that just because you are in an historic district with an architectural review board there is no guarantee that old houses won’t be super-sized and turned into caricatures of themselves! It’s sad that these large and numerous casement windows with fake diamond muntins were viewed as an appropriate alteration for this highly visible location in a town that claims to safeguard its architectural character.

    • BethanyBethany says: 3495 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1983 White elephant
      Escondido, CA

      The Pasadena house is like a palace. Totally gorgeous; the estimated mortgage is only 39K/month–no problem! 🙂

    • krstout says: 66 comments

      The Pasadena mansion is amazing. Imagine what it would cost to furnish it! And the taxes are $11K a month. Wow.

    • jeklstudio says: 1113 comments

      Love the Pasadena house Lindsay. Can’t believe so much of the original is intact. Stunning 1920s style and graceful design. I think that kitchen floor is fantastic.

    • Paulthedreamer says: 36 comments

      The Pasadena house/Craven’s Estate was the site of many films. It was used extensively in Glee. It’s gorgeous.

  7. SueSue says: 1130 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Summer in Maine means that everyone seems to put their house on the market to see if any out of staters with buy. Soooo many for sale.

    Pink Queen Anne for sale. Much nicer inside than out. Nice view of the water.


    A 1940’s waterfront cottage and studio guest cabin on Glen Cove in Boothbay Shores. Both come furnished and are adorable.


    Very nice woodwork in this 1910 Victorian with an incredible closed in porch.


    I don’t know what to call this but the date on it is 1900. It’s on Isleboro near Dark Harbor. Great price and really eclectic artists cottage.


  8. Anne M. says: 859 comments

    These first two listings are ‘two-fers’
    1790 home with carriage house (the floors in both are terrific)
    1935 house with a charming “cabin”
    Pretty 1880, “updated” kitchen & baths but still a lot of original charm
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    • JpdillonJpdillon says: 42 comments
      1965 Levitt House
      Stony Brook, NY

      Yeah, All things considered, the house isnt that bad aside from that vinyl (yuck!)

      Kitchen is really just cabinet updates, the trim and flooring are still all there!
      and the pantry is really only painted, with enough elbow grease, someone could turn it back if they really wanted to.
      Nice houses!

  9. BugLadyBugLady says: 69 comments

    Update: Didn’t get the Colonial Revival I posted last week. I’m calling off my home search. Emotionally invested myself in two different homes over the last few months only to lose out on both. Now out of time and have to renew my lease. Oh well. 🙁

    Now, onto other homes.

    Spanish Revival in Columbus, OH.

    French Eclectic (Tudor Revival???). Cleveland, OH. I’ve been trying to figure out what this is. Eclectic or Revival? Another?

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      So sorry to hear about your house-finding trials. There IS a house out there, waiting for you — it’s a matter of timing. Seems disappointing now but you’ll find each other eventually, never fear!

      The Spanish house is SO attractive. In good shape, and all consistent throughout, including the kitchen. Kitchens get updated, which is ok as long as they aren’t too jarringly modern, but so often that one room has no style relationship to the rest of an old house. This one is well done. The yard is also lovely. The whole thing is a surprise for Columbus.

    • Anne M. says: 859 comments

      Oh, I am sorry to hear that!

  10. RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    903 S. Center is a MAGNIFICENT, Romanesquish, shingled, Queen Anne in Terre Haute. It’s on the market again; and once again the listing features precious few pix. The interior gratefully, again, remains mostly unspoiled through the tenancy of another owner. All of the antique lighting fixtures remain; and there are some pretty spectacular examples.

    I have more pix of it from a previous listing, but can’t find them. “Old Houses” has a few of them:

  11. BugLadyBugLady says: 69 comments

    Just found another up in Cleveland, OH. Just listed. I have a serious love of cool staircases apparently. And OMG a fraking library!!!


    • Cathy F. says: 2217 comments

      What a house; all sorts of features to love, inside and out! Can’t even begin to afford it, but will take it if a gift. ?

  12. SonofSyosset says: 96 comments

    This sweet property is less than a mile to Cold Storage Beach in East Dennis (Cape Cod) and is nestled in Quivet Neck, which is home to dozens of sea captains’ houses built between the late 1700s and mid-to-late1800s.

  13. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thank you JimH for sharing these photos of the (possibly) original owners! Albert & Bertha Butscher. FindAGrave.com

  14. CharlesB says: 481 comments

    Eighteenth-century house with nineteenth century modifications (could that rear appendage possibly date back to the 1600s?) in the Norwichtown Historic District in Norwich, CT. Close to the road, but that is an essential part of its charm. Priced at $44,500:


    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      The 1st house has a lot of possibility — hope somebody who sees that comes along.

      You’re the expert finder of palaces! The Lancaster MA house is really beautiful & about the most gigantic family house I’ve ever seen in the U.S. It looks to be a restaurant or inn, with a restaurant kitchen & multiple tables in the dining room, but is listed as a single-family place. I couldn’t find any history on it, which I’d love to see. Jim H., you’re the pro at that; can you come up with anything?

      • says: 4 comments

        For the Lancaster home, or Hawthorne Hill, information I have run across is very sparse. From what I have heard the landscapers and architect have some fame. It was originally built to be the summer home for the Bayard Thayer family. The architect of the mansion is Guy Lowell. Lowell’s brother-in-law Robson Sargent was the landscaper. Later on landscape architects Arthur Little and Herbert Browne made alterations to the gardens. Ogden Codman was responsible for the interior design.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      New Haven is a find. Too bad for few and poor pix.

  15. Tim O says: 8 comments

    Here is a stone Georgian in Virginia. It has been for sale before, but there are some new photos.

    • Cathy F. says: 2217 comments

      Oh, so very lovely! One room to the next to the next… pretty! I would even keep many of the wallpapers and the paint colors.

    • Eric says: 395 comments

      Absolutely beautiful, thanks for showing!

    • Zoomey says: 531 comments

      Love, love, love this house. It’s a time capsule. It looks like it’s been a summer house for one family for decades, and that family has not changed one thing! A trip back into the past. If only they’d sell it furnished! I couldn’t afford it in any case, but I love looking at the photos!!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Lovely vintage look with very nice, light, slightly faded authenticity. Would be a shame to see it “updated”. Stuffy and formal for my taste, but truly gorgeous no less. Thanks’!

    • Cathy F. says: 2217 comments

      That saturated spearmint green on the exterior put me off, and didn’t prepare me for the interior & the grounds – both of which are quite a different story than what I was expecting! Plus the house is much bigger than first glance.

  16. Eric Unhinged says: 1011 comments

    Kelly, I’m very proud of you for not posting for the past 5 days… I knew you could do it! And don’t even THINK about posting any more houses until you are genuinely ready to!

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I nearly posted another one Tuesday but decided not to! Spent the week reading, gaming, house stuff and even cutting down and moving trees (okay, they were baby trees.) After a week off I realized I need to take way more breaks and work less. I appreciate everyone understanding. Next week is going to be a busy week catching up on searches but I plan on posting as many as I am able. 🙂

  17. Ed Ferris says: 301 comments

    Yes, it’s pretty rough, and somebody did steal one mantelpiece, but the tile they left is good and the price is not too bad. Still, you have to live in Toledo — it’s for sale by the local Land Bank.
    I note that 11 Bronson Place is two blocks from Ferris Avenue. That must be an elite neighborhood.

  18. Carolyn says: 299 comments

    My sister just sent me this link to try to entice me to move to Fort Wayne. It might have worked if I had the money!!

  19. Carolyn48 says: 35 comments

    1910 Victorian San Juan Island Washington
    The kitchen is all I could ever want, but the rest of the house has hardly any remnants left of a grand lady.


    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Such a strange and interesting house in so many ways. Thank you for sharing. It seems the organ has a roll player capacity which would be really great if you could find the (probably proprietary) player rolls. The odd, smallish windows on the front façade are just the start of the weird, seemingly naïve, architectural details. Fascinating.

  20. Teri R says: 283 comments

    Here are a few from a pretty little town, Evergreen, Alabama – these three sweet one-story homes appear to be in good condition – sweet exterior and yards! Very reasonably priced, too! Victorians with antebellum charm! The windows! Tasteful updates and many original features…

    117 Bruner Ave, Evergreen, AL – 1901 – $185,000
    127 Bruner Ave, Evergreen, AL – 1925 – $169,000

    My favorite of the three is
    300 N. Main St. , Evergreen, AL 36401 – 1919 $169,900 (plus a little cottage, too – art studio?)

  21. Teri R says: 283 comments

    1908 Craftsman, vintage bathrooms! Listing says in the Altadena country club neighborhood. Wood beams, built-ins, and what a yard!
    931 New York Dr, Altadena, CA 91001

  22. Canada says: 2 comments

    Hey Kelly,
    I know your normally post houses from the USA, but I think you (and everyone else) will love this one from Stratford, ON, Canada:

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Gorgeous house. Fabulous front hall and stair! Interior is somewhat unfortunate; but just great if you love all the woodwork painted.

  23. Matt Ziehnert says: 104 comments

    Fabulous Gothic Victorian outside of Hudson, NY “Cottage at Oak Grove” Look at the treehouse!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Well now – THAT is a real winner! Fantastic, brilliantly preserved, Stick Victorian in top form; with superb original interior; some really OUTSTANDING gasoliers; wonderful Aesthetic period mantle, (and other mantles); brilliantly sensitive kitchen update; and on and on and on; + the tree house(!) outbuildings and grounds; all = A+++! Great find. Good eye. Thank you!

  24. Bluezette says: 3 comments


    This one seems to be a good value for the price. Not a lot of remuddling AND in good condition overall.

  25. julles says: 533 comments

    Kelly, I saw this house and it looked right up your alley and I thought you might like it. https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/pmf,pf_pt/house,mobile_type/2114241723_zpid

  26. Scott Cunningham says: 394 comments


    Not an “Old” house, but posting it anyways because it incorporates many of the features most of us love about old houses. More than anything else it serves to illustrate how expensive it would be to re-create many of the old houses we drool over nowadays, but them complain when the asking price is in the mid 6-Figures

  27. Andy says: 12 comments

    A interesting house in Douglas AZ. If we didn’t own a house just down the road in NM we would be all over this


  28. says: 5 comments


    This one is a gorgeous house that has some incredible wood interiors. I could absolutely live here. For a while it was listed for a lot less, 229k. Went up, I imagine only part was actually for sale, says co op.


    I seriously almost bought this house. It is really incredible and in need of serious work, but the bones are all there! What a gorgeous house! Sorry the first listing pic is so sad, but the interior pics are absolutely worth it. price is amazing and has ten mountain side acres. Looks like a dream worth fixing up. Could totally see myself in the tower room writing a novel while gazing out at the sunset. Oh my, what a lovely house. Did they say marble mantelpieces?!?! Oh yes please!!!

  29. says: 5 comments


    Want to own your own little historic town? Here is one for 80k in rural wisconsin! Such a lovely little main street, three buildings all to yourself?! The price is right for this little investment dream. I loved the old wood seen in some of the pictures. Needs work for sure, but still quite lovely if you dreamed of shop owning.

    I actually wanted to take a look at this while house hunting. Looked so reasonable for the price! Love the hand painted details on the walls, the old barn out back, everything looked like it was worth fixing. Cannot imagine why this has sat on the market so long.

    I did look at this house while house hunting. It is RIGHT on a major road. Needs SERIOUS foundation work, there was a GIANT hole in the foundation that you could drive an ATV into and under and around beneath the house. Major work needed. Loved the house itself, which looked solid on top of the foundation and the interior was a delight if it had the right work done. There are old pics of the original house in the listing, loved seeing those! History falling down. :

    Ok, this is not grand or super amazing, but this is the house we are currently buying:

    Old 1900’s farmhouse, little three season porch added on in 1937. Small, cute and on a delightful little creek. Love the built ins and cubbys! Closing in a week or so-

  30. Teri R says: 283 comments

    Hi Kelly,

    I really hope you enjoyed your week last week of “no posting”! I really love your website and community here! You are an inspiring and kind presence 🙂

    This afternoon I came across this new listing. The roof is swayed and peaked “story book” style! Shingles wrapped around the edges, too. Very interesting and charming home. Needs work, but what a pretty “storybook”!

    849 N 81st St, East Saint Louis, IL 62203

  31. Cora says: 2059 comments

    I’ve been in Mexico on vacation for a week. Back to work and the real world today…It’s good to be back to my old house obsession! Kelly, I hope you had a relaxing week off too!

    43105 Evans Pond Rd in Churchill Downs, Leesburg, VA 20176
    $649,900 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    76 Belvedere Farm Ln, Charles Town, WV 25414
    $450,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

  32. Cora says: 2059 comments

    A bit pricey, but she’s purdy:

    240 Virginia Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630
    $475,000 | 5 Bed • 4 Bath

    Interesting 1790 log home, 50 stunning acres:

    240 Virginia Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630
    $475,000 | 5 Bed • 4 Bath

    123 Chester St, Front Royal, VA 22630
    $173,800 | 2 Bed • 2 Bath

  33. Cora says: 2059 comments

    I love the name of the town. It’s like my life in one word:

    123 Chester St, Front Royal, VA 22630
    $173,800 | 2 Bed • 2 Bath

  34. Chad says: 2 comments

    Very common type of Philadelphia house but uncommonly intact interior – https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/pa/philadelphia/5106-walton-ave/pid_17271704/

  35. Lindy says: 10 comments

    I drive by this one every week and just saw the for sale sign out front. My kids call it the spooky house. It is really fun!

  36. John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

    We are back in Fort Worth following a week of traveling and exploring select towns in Indiana and Ohio. My (un)trusty old Sony Mavica camera gave up the ghost on day 2 but a backup Cannon point and shoot model stood in. We toured only a few homes, 624 Scioto in Urbana, Ohio, the 1886 Horatio Land house in Richmond, IN, 903 S. Center in Terre Haute, as well as a stunningly beautiful Queen Anne in Brazil, IN. 903 South Center in Terre Haute is one of the finest Victorian era homes I’ve yet been privileged to view but after just a few days on the market it already had an accepted offer.
    The American Midwest or Heartland continues to be one of the best areas in the country for finding affordable 19th century homes-I saw everything from early 19th century Federals to early 20th century Beaux Arts mansions for sale on our travels.

    While we still await an offer on our Fort Worth (Victorian, c. 1889) property, but we now have these added recent memories and experiences to reflect on.
    We departed from a relative’s home this past Sunday in Dyersburg, TN, to the sound of Tornado sirens loudly blasting out. Although we are accustomed to Tornadoes being from north Texas, it was nonetheless a little scary for a while. A tornado had been spotted about 30 miles south of the town headed northward towards it. Apparently, there was little damage from the storm but we did drive through some torrential rains that slowed our travel to a crawl. Flooding and evidence of wind damage was sporadic all the way back from western Tennessee to east Texas.
    I’ll soon be putting together some fresh photo albums to share. Unlike those who insist on sharing family vacation photos of loved ones, mine are solely of old houses so that may be of some interest to folks here. I noted that my Flickr old house albums https://www.flickr.com/photos/11236515@N05/albums have had over 1.5 million views so while not as “viral” as perhaps a singing cat or dog jumping a rope, it’s some eye candy for old house lovers, especially those who like Victoriana. Nice to be back here and I see many newly posted properties I want to look over and review.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks for sharing your travels John. I look forward to viewing the photos you took!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6531 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      John I am SOOOOO glad, (and jealous), you got a chance to tour 903 Center! I’ve known about, and lusted after, that house for years. You may have noticed I posted it in this share above – lol. Pretty sure someone shared it before since no comments. It is a TRULY remarkable property, and I CAN’T WAIT to see your pix!!!

  37. Cora says: 2059 comments

    Good lord this is lovely, mostly. Seems like a bargain. That window next to the…er, throne would make you want to linger…

    730 N 5th St in Centre Park, Reading, PA 19601
    $185,000 | 2 Bed • 3 Bath

  38. John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

    Cora, thanks for sharing this outstanding attached Queen Anne style home. Reading, PA, is one of the few places in the country where you can still find intact blocks of towered Queen Anne Victorian style homes with the attached or row house/terrace form being common. I’m actually encouraged by the still low price. Almost a decade ago, during the depths of recession/mortgage crisis, old house prices in Reading were absurdly low leading some to think that the town itself was a very dangerous place to live. But prices have rebounded and while I’m sure some neighborhoods are still marginal, this one appears to be decent. The ornate millwork is outstanding in this house while modern alterations made to it are not too extensive. A period purist could do much with this property or another could take it in a different direction. Fine home here overall.

  39. Andy D says: 38 comments

    Didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to post this.

    Joliet, IL –

  40. Allison says: 1 comments

    I know this house recently sold, but i didn’t want any of you to miss seeing this gorgeous house!


  41. CathyT says: 1 comments

    Country Charm Abounds! This 1837 Farmhouse boasts many original windows including Stained Glass Front Door complete w/ skeleton key, soapstone wood burning stove, 2400 sf, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, 2.74 acres, 3 car detached garage, second “servants'” staircase. Eat-In Kitchen, all appliances. Detailed history of the home, which was built by one of the original settlers of the town, and copy of the original deed signed by President Andrew Jackson available. $189,900

  42. LisaS says: 1 comments

    Amzing Queen Anne located on a park triangle in the historic McKnight neighborhood in Springfield Mass. Very ornate interior!

  43. jb vetrano says: 6 comments

    i am trying to list my home, i do not have a link, however, it is listed on zillow.com, for sale by owner to view fotos. would or could someone please assist me
    1601 park ave Minneapolis, mn 55404 1887 Queen Anne Victorian, still original how
    this beauty was when built.
    i assume use:


  44. jb vetrano says: 6 comments

    tx u Kelly, trying to sell, raised my daughter & grandchildren, now too large for just me.
    i will miss the home, just hope whomever purchases will enjoy as much as i have for 40 yrs.

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