1826 Federal – Pittsford, VT

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6087 Route 7 N, Pittsford, VT 05733

  • $129,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2664 Sq Ft
  • 10 Ac.
OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY. Sitting on 10 acres, this beautiful, stone-built center-hall colonial sports four bedrooms and a large dining room, living room, den, and useful basement work spaces--not to mention a huge barn for your stuff, your animals, your antiques, or your business.With gorgeous mountain views to the west, this is a property worth restoring and savoring for decades to come. Bonus: Priced about $73,000 below town assessment.
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Jeff Olson, Addison County Real Estate
(802) 388-9999

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23 Comments on 1826 Federal – Pittsford, VT

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  1. Emily says: 34 comments

    very nice. to close to road sadly.

  2. Danelle says: 1 comments

    I was once told that older houses were close to the road so ladies wouldn’t get their skirts muddy when they get in/out of the carriage.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12631 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I doubt that’s true. As Dirk said, the road was probably just a rut and not as busy or big as it is now if it was even a road back then at all.

      • Donald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 339 comments

        The main point is that, the further the residence was away from the road (however poor itself in terms of condition), the harder it was to schlep things to and from!

    • Doreen says: 1 comments

      I have read a similar suggestion in historical books on manners. It was stated that ladies would not hike their skirts up to show their ankles, making the process of in getting in and out of carriages fraught with the potential for “wardrobe malfunctions.” It was suggested that the walls and steps that are found roadside and near to the house (“grand houses”), especially in the south, were built so that the lady would just step out of the carriage and onto the walkway. To me that sounded like a fairly expensive and expansive solution to an etiquette dilemma. I can’t imagine antebellum society civilly engineering entire towns so an ankle might not be seen. Maybe I am too modern in my thinking. But it is fun to ponder.

  3. jeklstudio says: 1065 comments

    The stone this house is made from is so incredibly gorgeous. A beautiful old home, close to the road or not.

    • Kath says: 4 comments

      It’s lovely! And some plants or a small fence, zoning permitted, would do well to separate the feeling of a public road close to the property.

  4. Teri R says: 273 comments

    My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw the scenery! The hills! The barns!!! WOW! I might be able to overlook the road situation for all of the other gorgeousness!!!

  5. qabbott says: 28 comments

    The closer to the road, the less snow to shovel!

  6. Eric says: 377 comments

    What a beautiful barn and beautiful views from the house.

  7. LadyBelle says: 61 comments

    It looks like it had two kitchens at one point, or at least two fireplaces with bread ovens. Such pretty stone work.

  8. Joseph Rice says: 429 comments

    I’ve been by this house (and many years ago, when it was for sale, suggested to a friend who visited Vermont each year that they buy it as a summer place). Built in the days when it was the highlight of the day to have someone pass by, the traffic could be unbearable for most. And if you think it looks close in the pictures, it looks even closer on site.

  9. Jerry Rudd says: 5 comments

    A beautiful house, but, sadly, right on Route 7, a major thoroughfare running north and south along the Western part of the state. I’ve passed this house several times. Too bad there aren’t better pictures of the interior. Those views are out of the back of the house, as the highway is set up above the valley floor. The south end of Lake Champlain is just to the north.

  10. Colleen J says: 1024 comments

    I know it would cost a fair amount, but the house could be moved back further on the property could it not? There’s a lot of history in this one.

  11. VictorianJoy says: 108 comments

    I was thinking the same thing, Colleen. It’s what I would hope for. I love this home and would treasure it if it were mine. That gorgeous barn would have those boards ripped off the windows and a horse would be peeking out from each one.

    I don’t think I have ever seen stone as beautiful as this home has – stunning!

  12. Dr. O says: 34 comments

    Beautiful facade, and the lack of a yard is a definite plus for people who detest gardening. Fantastic scenery–with a deck on the back, who would care about what the front faces? The people who think this could be moved back on the lot to give it more front space must not realize how a rock house is built. Looks to me that dynamite would be the only way to move this. Hopefully, someone will come along who wants it for what it is.

  13. MazamaGrammy says: 335 comments

    I think this house could be beautifully restored. The property is gorgeous and the price seems reasonable. I would shutter the front windows if traffic is noisy,and plant a tall hedge for privacy. I think that older homes were built close to the road because driveways were difficult to build and costly to maintain especially unpaved ones. proximity to the road was cheaper and offered more convenient access. And as others have noted, it wasn’t a busy highway when this house was built, although I imagine that passing traffic kicked up a lot of dust.

  14. Emlen says: 1 comments

    Moving stone houses, even huge ones, is no problem for these guys!


  15. Jonah Varc says: 1 comments

    Gosh, thanks, Emlen !!! I Have been looking for years for a good service like this one! Much gratitude !!!

  16. kathy stokes-phillips says: 169 comments

    good thing about being close to roads, is not alot of snow to remove to get out, ha

  17. ErnieErnie says: 343 comments

    I sure wish they would take pictures of the interiors of the old barns also. May not help with a sale but there are plenty of us out here who would still love to peek inside!


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