1917 Prairie – Palatka, FL

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407 Mulholland Park, Palatka, FL 32177

  • $399,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 3.5 Bath
  • 3809 Sq Ft
  • 0.65 Ac.
Located in Historic Palatka, Fl, The Gem City of the St. Johns River, & just 30 mi to beautiful Atlantic beaches this riverfront beauty embodies the southern charm of days gone by. Imagine yourself sitting on the porch enjoying the Fl breezes rolling in from the gorgeous St. Johns River. Or observing the manatees from your dock as they swim by & birdwatching from the lrg back yard. If boating is your thing, St. Johns River offers miles & miles of fresh water navigation & points of entry to the Atlantic Ocean. This home speaks to the soul embracing you with the custom millwork throughout, spacious rms & beautiful lead glass built -ins. Known as the Wilson house, this home was built by the Wilson family that owned & operated the Wilson Cypress Plant in Palatka. Specialty cypress wood was used during construction creating a one of a kind homestead that has been enjoyed for years and years. With loving hands, this home deserves to be restored to all its potential glory. The front entrance way at the first level welcomes you immediately to river front views & spacious rms: living, dining, parlor, kitchen, 1/2 bath, full handicap bath, laundry room & several lrg porches both open and screened. 2 beautiful staircases take you to the 2nd level where you'll find 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 3 sun rms. The 3rd level is semi-finished attic space featuring cedar wood closets. Rarely do you find basements in Fl but this one has one! There is so much potential here...the river says come & play, the home says come & live!
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58 Comments on 1917 Prairie – Palatka, FL

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11886 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Originally posted Sept. 2012. Back on the market so I moved it to the front page. Some images are from 2012 but since nothing has really changed I included them to show you rooms not pictured in the current listing photos.

  2. Sascha says: 42 comments

    Merry Christmas, this one is a gift! I love it. Is there gainful employment to be had in Palatka?

  3. BethanyBethany says: 3431 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    Love the bathrooms! Great house!

  4. Betsy says: 156 comments

    So spotless. The location ! I would kill for that linen closet.

  5. Laurie W. says: 1706 comments

    I want to live in that attic. Beautiful.

  6. RossRoss says: 2411 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    A largely untouched gem!

  7. SueSue says: 1111 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    It’s perfect. I hope now it gets a young family that will grow up in it, swim in the river on hot day, run and play on it’s lawn, have wonderful holidays and fill it’s halls with laughter.

  8. jehousejehouse says: 105 comments

    Did no one ever buy it, Kelly? I can’t understand how anyone could part with such a place if it’s been in your family that whole time. Amazing place!

  9. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11886 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    One of the sons of the original builder, link. And another, link. And more about the house including photos, link.

    In 2013 there was a warranty deed filed but looks like it was a transfer between family members. So no, still in the same family.

  10. bfish says: 84 comments

    Quite the time capsule — my house was built a dozen years later and used the same trim colors as found in the bedrooms here. I would love to win the lottery and buy this house! (It’s one of my favorites in the “unattainable” category, and in a part of Florida that would be nice to live in.) Another great find, Kelly. Merry Christmas to all OHDreamers.

  11. LydiaO says: 22 comments

    What a beautiful house, it’s perfect. Tall ceilings, deep, wide porches and unpainted woodwork. The interior would be fabulous with some color and metallic wallpapers. Kitchen needs an update but useable as is. I’d buy it!

  12. Becky says: 2 comments

    I live 30 minutes from Palatak. It’s such a beautiful quiet little town. Right now there really is not a great deal of places to work to afford this type of house without being rich already or commuting to St.Johns County or Jacksonville. They are attempting to revitalize the downtown area. It really needs an industry to come in and attract young family to bring it back to life. Right now it has the Blue Crab Festival every May. It brings so many people. Now we just need them to stay.

  13. Gail Witham says: 35 comments

    I wouldn’t touch anything here, it’s perfect as is! But could someone please tell me why does a house in Florida need fireplaces? Oh, and those bathrooms are to die for!!!!!

    • Melissa says: 230 comments

      Notice the house also has radiators?! Palatka is actually pretty far north in FL. Anyplace north of the West Palm Beach line can get frost and freezing temps.
      I lived in Hollywood (just north of Miami) for 20 years and we had a fireplace. Even that far south, the last 2 weeks of Feb and 1st 2 weeks of March can be quite chilly for those who live in FL.

    • Maya B says: 20 comments

      Contrary to popular belief, it can get cold in Florida and it’s a damp cold that grips your bones; we’ve even been known to have snow flurries. I do have tro say though, this is the first Florida house I can ever recall seeing a radiator in.

    • Elspeth says: 5 comments

      After living in Florida for a few years, you’ll want a radiator for those chilly 60 degree nights! ?

  14. Marie says: 202 comments

    This is my kind of house. Love all of the built-ins and bathroom fixtures. All I see that needs work are refinishing the hardwood floors and polishing the other woodwork. Oh, and the kitchen needs some newer appliances. Love Arts and Crafts era homes!

  15. says: 196 comments

    What a beauty.

  16. Sandy says: 130 comments

    The homes in the area are mostly under $150k-This would make the house more around the range of $500K or less. The taxes are shown at over $9,000 yearly-quite high.
    With that being said, the house is remarkable, and surely a beauty. All original.
    If the area has Mills Act ( doubtful as it is a very small town) the taxes would be much lower, which would be more attractive for buyers. Now-if I could convince my husband to move from Southern CA to Florida!

    • Re Re says: 13 comments

      Sandy I was thinking its a bit over priced also. It doesn’t have central air as you can see from the window units. There is small things needing done (flooring, some paint). That being said its just gorgeous.

    • JP says: 5 comments

      Mills Act is a California law, so would not apply in any other state. Property tax seems reasonable given the size of the house and lot.

  17. JefsndyJefsndy says: 130 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1915 Craftsman
    Orange, CA

    I guess we are spoiled here in CA ( not with th price of property for sure!) with Prop 13 and lower property taxes.
    I am also lucky to have Mills Act which reduced my yearly tax rate.
    I couldn’t afford CA home prices if the property taxes were not under Prop 13 and based on a little over 1% of value and less in a Mills Act property.
    Mills Act is a life saver-CA home prices are crazy…good if you sell and move to another state-or move to a county at retirement that accepts the law that allows you to take your property tax with you. In retirement you have to seriously consider property taxes!

    • JP says: 5 comments

      Prop 13 is very unfair to first time buyers, who are usually young people with lots of student loan debt. The greedy geezer lobby has ensured that older people (like me) have it made, while our children will never be able to buy a house in the neighborhood they grew up in. Why should my property taxes be $800 a year when someone buying my house today would pay over $5,000 a year in property taxes?

      • Julia says: 14 comments

        I agree. And with new developments imposing mello roos taxes (special parcel taxes) on top of regular property taxes, it’s outrageous. I paid 600k for my house built in 2007 in SoCal so my property taxes are 6k a year, but the mello roos taxes more than double it!

    • Ken Darney says: 74 comments

      Florida makes up for going easy on other taxes (income, sales) by whacking you
      on the property taxes.

      that having been said, rare to find a craftsman that size with so much still intact.

      Love it!

  18. Dana says: 30 comments

    Im in love with the pink bathroom…..btw, Im curious to know why there were so many fireplaces? especially in the bedrooms…

  19. Holly says: 1 comments

    I love this house. It truly is beautiful. The price is too high due to the lack of updates it would need: central air and heat, kitchen updated. Is there a termite report?

    If they would lower the price to 350,000, I would buy it.

  20. N says: 4 comments

    Is that a cedar lined attic??? Fabulous!!!
    Gorgeous Florida house!

  21. Michael Mackin says: 2672 comments

    I love everything about the house……..except the kitchen floor!

    • SueSue says: 1111 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      That kitchen floor was in the cottage in Silvermine CT that my parents rented when I was about one. I still remember it. I have seen it in a couple other houses listed on here. It must have been popular in the sixties.

  22. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11886 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posted 2014, did not sell but is back on the market at $399k! Moved to front of the site.

  23. scared of Gators. says: 34 comments

    Florida makes me think of Gators, I am not trying to offend just asking. It is a nice home. I wondered with the high sides and stairs if that was a gator guard? or are gators not in all of Florida? Swim in there?

    • Caroline says: 18 comments

      You won’t find alligators in all of Florida, and most of the time you have to be trying to see them. But since this house is right on the St. Johns, it’s possible. They do like the rivers for obvious reasons, as long as the water isn’t too brackish. (Where I am on the gulf side that’s what keeps the gators away.) So sure, you might see a gator from time to time, but unless you have small dogs you don’t want eaten, you don’t have to worry too much about them.

      Having said all that, I wouldn’t swim in the river. I’d drive to the ocean and deal with the sharks instead, and it would be no hardship because this house is beautiful. I wish I had the money to snap it up for that pink bathroom alone.

  24. BrendainWI says: 69 comments

    I’ve died & gone to heaven. I need this house. Now! And in Florida! I used to live in Orange Park, nearby. Sigh……..

  25. JB says: 95 comments

    Beautiful! I wouldn’t change a thing! It’d make a nice snowbird dwelling for me b/c I wouldn’t mind using any heat source to take any chill off should it get a little brisk. LOVE the millwork.

  26. Eric says: 387 comments

    What a great price for a large home on a large waterfront lot. I could sit on the pier and enjoy the view daily.

  27. Colleen Johnson says: 1061 comments

    Wow nice price for waterfront property. Ok fireplaces in Florida, I say why not, weather is unpredictable everywhere so what’s wrong with preperation in case, and also I feel there is something ambivious of having a fireplace or two, christmas comes to mind, to me they are a DIY plus. I would be concerned about flooding though. Never though of alligators (gulp) guess that’s how people feel about bears in western Alberta (gulp) all in all this house is exquisite and I would love to be in the postion to own it.

  28. jeklstudio says: 1050 comments

    Absolutely stunning home. Beautiful and very little remuddling. I would have snapped up this one when we moved to Florida in 1988, but alas, it was to KSC for the Shuttle program–way south of there. We bought our one and only ‘modern’ home in Merritt Island, FL. It was four years old when we purchased and I never did like it. (we thought a new home would help when time came to sell and move)
    Oh, yes, we were on a canal and had a huge ‘gator that lived there. We asked about having him relocated, but animal control said there would be no point…he’d just come back! 🙂
    I wish we could have found a gorgeous home like this one. I would have enjoyed our 4.5 years there so much more….

  29. Scott Cunningham says: 393 comments

    Great retirement home. Waterfront and porches!!! All it needs is a decent carriage house. My only worry would be a hurricane sweeping it all away 6mo after I moved in.

  30. Elaine Berryman says: 7 comments

    Love old houses and learn so much from all the comments! Can someone tell me about the figurine (light) on the stair post? This is the second one I’ve seen and they are magnificent!

    • Chris Collins says: 12 comments

      The light is a newel post lamp. I’ve seen them mostly in Victorian houses. Kind of unusual for an Arts and Crafts home. In this context I believe it is an expression of wealth. It’s amazing that it is still there. This place is just amazing. We in the South love a good fire in the fireplace in winter – who doesn’t.

  31. Lissie says: 238 comments

    Built-ins everywhere, beautiful wood doors and those glass knobs make it a true historical home. What a great view.

  32. SueSue says: 1111 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    I have said this before, but so many people work for large (and small) companies from home. It costs so much to have buildings to accommodate employees that working at home is a much better option. My husband is an internet of things specialist for a very large company and works from home. In fact most of his team works from home. He does travel a lot so we have to be no farther than an hour or two from an international airport and have to be able to have high speed internet. Those are really the only requirements for us. Working from home is really the future of the business world. Which is wonderful! Then beautiful places like this can be lived in and afforded.

  33. Zoomey says: 523 comments

    This is such a dream. What a perfect house. The views are spectacular. I love that the kitchen has not been redone. It appears to have its original cabinets. And the butler’s pantry is beautiful too, as are the bathrooms. So much to love here! I’m afraid of gators and huge bugs, so I can’t live in the South. DH has an irrational fear of gators, so Florida is out for us! This is such a beautiful house, though, it just might convince him!

  34. Roscoe says: 1 comments

    I live in Palatka. I actually found this town thru your website. I had been looking for an old house for years. About two years ago you posted a house in Palatka, so I started driving the streets, with Google, and loved the town. Beautiful murals everywhere. Wonderful 4th of July show. Etc. But NO Jobs. I drive to St Augustine to work, but it’s not thru the snow and ice! The river in the area of town doesn’t flood. Not even during the hurricane. And, as the crow flies, it is 20 miles to the coast. Beautiful old town.

  35. Pookha says: 132 comments

    This is sweet!

  36. Kimberley Dudley -Pyett. Known as Kimmie. says: 13 comments

    All I can say about this house is its so perfect and what a view too. Its different and have not seen one like this before in the wonderful position it has. Ideal for just about everyone. Regards Kimmie from England xxoo.

  37. Winsomebev says: 2 comments

    We just visited the house. Made an offer. Wish us luck. Anyone know who the architect was?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11886 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That’s exciting, good luck! Let us know how it goes. I’m not able to answer the architect question but maybe something will turn up. 🙂

  38. Winsomebev says: 2 comments

    Our offer was accepted and hopefully we will close in a month. A beautiful house in remarkable condition. I am sure we will be happy.
    By the way, Henry John Klutho was the architect.

  39. says: 1 comments

    Just wondering if this one sold, my dream house !

  40. Winsome bev and i purchased couple years ago. Year and half of craftspeople and place is perfect. Just bought the adjoining lot with a massive boathouse and its deeded submerged land rights. Can house a 100 by 35 ft boat. Will renovate

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