1928 Tudor Revival – Paragould, AR

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629 W Poplar St, Paragould, AR 72450

  • $49,900
  • 3 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2719 Sq Ft
Unique stone Tudor style home with lots of character. This historically significant home was built in the roaring 20's and has been updated throughout the years. Inside features original hardwood floors on the main level, charming Tudor diamond style windows and three bedrooms on the upper level. The lower level features an unfinished basement that has original stone fireplace and access to a hidden tunnel that connects to 628 W. Highland. This is a great opportunity for investors looking for a fixer upper.
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Eric Burch, Burch & Co.,
(870) 680-3820

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38 Comments on 1928 Tudor Revival – Paragould, AR

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12227 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks NonaK for sharing!

    The carriage house out back is also for sale.

  2. Lindsay G says: 530 comments

    Wow wow wow!!! What an amazing home! Who doesn’t dream of living in an adorable English cottage straight out of a Disney movie when they were a little kid? And that price is such a steal! What’s there to do in AR? I might have to move down there.

    Also, whats up with that tunnel? Looks kind of creepy but I’d probably explore the heck out of that! Does anyone know of the history of this place? I bet it’s super interesting! You’ve got to be an interesting person, I’d say, to live in such a house.

  3. agbs says: 1 comments

    What is the physical state of both properties? Basically sound? No termites, rotten foundation, etc.? What about the area the house is located in? Safety? Socioeconomics?

  4. Ross says: 2414 comments

    $55K for THIS?

    $30K for the carriage house?

    And a tunnel is included connecting both?


    The house is fabulous. A day with a crowbar will remove all that absurd blond paneling.

  5. Jennifer HT says: 739 comments

    I really don’t understand why they aren’t being sold together. Looks like there’s a mold/water problem, but hopefully not serious.

  6. Florence Skerratt says: 24 comments

    What an amazing house. This is one of the best yet.

  7. StevenFStevenF says: 180 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    I didn’t a street view and discovered that another, equally charming and run down Tudor is next door; they must have shared the garage structure. Same architect and building materials. Each would have had a single garage. I would love to get ahold of all three and create a compound! LOL.

    • Cheryl says: 2 comments

      It would be awesome and you can get all 3 units right now. I live across the street. email me if you want some neat, unbiased information of the lot. It’s AMAZING

      • Fawn Savage says: 1 comments

        Hi Cheryl,
        The properties look very intriguing. I might be interested in the purchase of both. Any further history on the properties would be much appreciated?


  8. Colin Boss says: 6 comments

    What a lovely building – am I alone in wanting to find the person who butchered the panelled room to create that curiously pine-panelled cupboard and discuss how best to cut into panels of that quality without ruining the effect?

  9. kathy stokes-phillips says: 174 comments

    sure makes me wonder bout the history of original owner, with a tunnel? bootlegger? lol or worse, sorry but that tunnel is creepin me out

  10. LorenN says: 84 comments

    Seems to me if the Tunnel flooded in the past, it could flood again. IMHO, this would be a very expensive project & why buy the house without the Carriage House Garage & mention of another Tudor next door needing work…I agree, great for an Investor to buy all of it and make a Compound out of it. Spell Big Bucks!

    • C says: 2 comments

      These houses on the lot are brilliant and very very unique
      Right now, I am told you CAN get all 3 units right now. 2 houses at front on Poplar Street and long building at rear property which has 2 garage bays accessed from the street one block behind Poplar by the town’s “dead man’s curb” forcing slow traffic

      It’s the bigger, main house and the long, open-form, duplex type rear building that is listed here but the smaller front of property home on the west is also now vacant. Each home’s basements are multi roomed with tunnels to connect each house and then to the long, rear building. The basements were also living areas as there is kitchenette & shower, etc. Stained glass, inlay basement windows.
      I live across the street.
      You may email me if you want some neighborly, unbiased information of the lot. It’s AMAZING. The paintings on the walls are original from the builder’s…2 brothers from Germany. These men had $$$ for the time. It’s details are painstakingly beautuful if you appreciate historical architecture.
      The pics shown are from before its last owner, I’d say, as it’s had more repairs.
      There is a tree, beech tree I believe, in center of property that had to be planted upon building or even older as it is about 3.5 feet wide at its tall trunk.

      There’s too much to write in this box… so much can be described that’s not in listings. I’ve always loved the place. Love to see someone move in to keep it in near-original form. (the bathrooms have been improved amongst other things since the pics shown here)
      It is solid built homes.
      I don’t mind if you’d like more details just to help put this home (compound-lol) into loving hands.

  11. cheryl plato says: 174 comments

    This is the coolest house EVER I am in love. What a deal. Snow White’s house.

    • Diana Ratcliff says: 1 comments

      I used to live in that house back in the late 80s. It is a great house, and the tunnels not only ran underground to the garages on the next block,they also used to connect the two houses, but that part of the tunnels collapsed even before I lived there. If i could manage it i would move heaven and earth to own what was my dream house.

  12. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1031 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    The carriage house (I think!) was listed on Circa in late August, and shows as off-the-market. I am trying to get more information on both homes.

  13. Kristina says: 12 comments

    I had no idea I wanted a house with a tunnel. It turns out I want a house with a tunnel.

  14. Indymom12Indymom12 says: 169 comments
    1937 Victorian Cottage
    Aurora, IN

    Another on the favorites list! I want all 3. What a fun place to restore! It could be a family compound!

  15. SueSue says: 1109 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Way back in 2010 people were saying this place needed a ton of work. I cannot imagine what is needed now. Perhaps that is why it been on the market for so long? Makes me so sad. The longer it sits the worse things get. One cannot deny that all structures are right out of a fairy tale and are just amazing. Perhaps the cost of restoring it all is too daunting? I also cannot imagine not buying the carriage house with the home. It just belongs with the house (as well as being in the backyard). I hope someone with vision and deep pockets buys this and restores it. It’s magazine worthy.

  16. ChrisZ says: 60 comments

    If you wander around streetview a little, you will see that the carriage house has its own street address of 629 W Highland. It is apparently a duplex – two mailboxes, yet there are 4 electric meters, 2 of them probably feeding the houses. It appears that the lot line goes right through the middle of the carriage house(s).

    So they are going to subdivide each lot to remove the carriage house portion?

    At a minimum, you’d have to run a new electrical service to each house.

    Sounds messy …

  17. josa0512josa0512 says: 42 comments
    Helena, AL

    I wanted to add some information about this house, which was passed on to me by someone who has been inside.
    “The property is really unique. It has strong foundation. It’s full of old, original wood and the style isn’t seen anywhere else, not in this town nor anywhere else I’ve seen anyway. There’s the main house and what was either the younger brother’s house or the Servants house next to it which appears to be on a separate lot right next door. They rented out the smaller house for many years while buyers came and went from the main house. In the rear of the property horizontal to the two houses in the front of the property sits a carriage house. It has one bay door now and inside it set up with old bunk beds. It used to be as we call it to Carriage House for them to pull their horse and carriage into so it’s quite long and large. Aside from the old bunk beds and putting a roll up door decades ago, I don’t see any work done on it. There’s some plumbing in it which must have being installed back when the bunk beds were put in and there is no sink or toilets in there. No fixtures. I just noticed plumbing here and there. The tunnels are amazing to say the least. For this property to be left to die is a shame, it would be quite a shame. The carriage house, the Lesser house, in the main house all have basements. Very large basement with concrete floor, and rounded wall to ceilings with a bench, a wooden bench built into or set into some of the walls of the tunnels which connect from the main house to the carriage house and to the Lesser house basements. Back to the main house. And the Lesser house. They both have two stories. The windows were stained glass windows and most of them have been thrown out with rocks by the neighbourhood kids at some point. No one really locked up the Lesser house which gave access to all of the property. I know this because we had access to all of the buildings on the property from the tunnels from the basement of the main house. It has hardwood floors which have been kept up to a pretty fair degree. Original wooden railing on the second floor and staircases. The main room of the big house 2nd floor overlooks the main room with really high ceilings. Even the basement windows are quaint, stained glass which needs replaced, which you can see as you walk along the house as there is a little space at the floor of the basement windows. The kitchen is small and not modern. One thing I can’t quit thinking about… In the main house in the dining room, one of two areas in the wall we’re discovered to have original paintings for when the house was built. It’s paintings of the old country residents walking in front of their original home in Germany. They scrape the paint off the wall to find the painting and did quite a good job the second one has not been uncovered quite so well. The place needs some love but I don’t think it’s quite The Money Pit that it may have been assumed by potential buyers. It just needs work but it is quite amazing and this town still growing like everywhere else, it’s probably the nicest time you could pick it to live in. It’s not the mountains in Ozark kind of area of Arkansas, we set between the delta or the Flatlands and the mountains. It’s kind of a middle area period cotton on one side in the Hills begin on the other. I have no ties with any real estate company or anything like that. I’m just in love with the place like many others who have seen it.”
    This story was shared with me “out of the hopes that the place doesn’t sit abandoned, unloved and eventually falling out from long-time evacuation.”

  18. RulechrisRulechris says: 1 comments
    Boston, MA

    Can anyone help me find the original house plans for this? I’d like to build this


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