c. 1895 Queen Anne – Paris, MO

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115 N Seminary St, Paris, MO 65275

  • $71,450
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2609 Sq Ft
  • 3.87 Ac.
Very spacious 4 bed/2 bath Victorian home on 3.87 acres. Beautiful original woodwork! Ornate staircase, stained glass windows, 2 sets of pocket doors, wrap-around covered porch. All new carpet. Kitchen cabinets have been antiqued. Sun porch & balcony off master bedroom. Large bathroom downstairs. Antique soaking tub in upstairs bath. Well insulated, large attic, natural sunlight, metal siding.
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Verle Hugenot, Adams Realty,

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21 Comments on c. 1895 Queen Anne – Paris, MO

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  1. Robinjn says: 241 comments

    I think that staircase alone is worth $75k. And crazy as it is, I love the teal blue cabinets in the kitchen.

    Paris is a community centered around farming, mostly row crops (corn, wheat, soybeans, milo). Near great fishing at Mark Twain lake, and also near the cities of Florida and Santa Fe. Mexico is about a half hour away. The thriving college town of Columbia is about an hour away.

    • JimHJimH says: 5588 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Robinjn, you’re probably not a real estate appraiser to value the stairway alone at $75K, and obviously Florida, Santa Fe and Mexico are very far from this house in Missouri. 🙂 Whatever, this is a sweet and intact old house with fine woodwork deserving of love and another 120 years, at least. We can talk about the teal cabinets later!

      • MTL4life says: 1 comments

        JimH, you’re probably not from this area if you think Florida, Santa Fe, and Mexico are far from this house.
        Florida, MO (the birthplace of Samuel Clemens) which sits on the banks of Mark Twain Lake is only 15 miles away.
        Santa Fe, MO is only 17 miles away
        Mexico, MO is only 27 miles away

        • Curiouser George says: 140 comments

          Ha, ha! I think we’ll all get a chuckle out of this back-and-forth, and no doubt there are very, very, very few times that JimH can be corrected! (A rarity indeed!)

          I’ve said it before, and will repeat now, but one of the wonderful side effects of OHD is the amount of fun knowledge and exciting history that comes from exploring these old homes and their locations. It blesses many times over.

        • JimHJimH says: 5588 comments
          OHD Supporter

          Just joking on the place names. Is the Eiffel Tower nearby?

        • Angela says: 186 comments

          Kind of like a friend of mine who said she was moving to Paris! We all were so excited for her, then she clarified Paris, Virginia not Paris, France. What a let down.

    • Sandra says: 293 comments

      The color of the cabinets is more intense but basically the same shade as the cabinets in the house I grew up in which was built in 1910 I believe. Does anyone know, was that a common color for kitchen cabinets back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? I love the color and if I had a home from that era I’d like to have them.

  2. Mary says: 2 comments

    Beautiful, I’m dying to see what’s under alll that carpet!

  3. Lottie says: 343 comments

    I love the staircase! The rest of the wood work looks good, too! I have one word for this house, paint! When it comes to the teal kitchen, I have to shout, PAINT! I have a square table like the one in the kitchen with big round legs. This house has a lot of potential! Very cozy.

  4. Julie AA says: 13 comments

    Ha Ha Love it!! I’ve always wanted to live in Paris! kidding aside! The woodwork is amazing. I, too, like the cupboards in the kitchen. it’s probably not as bright as it appears in pictures. I would like to see what’s under the carpet…

  5. GinaB says: 33 comments

    I just love the beautiful wood door in photo 6. Why don’t they make doors like that anymore? And if they do, someone please point me in the right direction 🙂

  6. PANANA says: 2 comments

    Love love love. My daughter lives 1 hour away from Paris, Mo. I need to win the lottery, quit my job, and move to Paris from Pennsylvania. In that exact order.

  7. Michael Mackin says: 3261 comments

    I love the staircase, particularly the railing. You just don’t find something like that in new construction. While the value on such an item may not be much, the cost to replace it would surprise you!

  8. Randi says: 9 comments

    I, too, love the staircase, railings and original pocket doors and trim. I could work with the turquoise kitchen cabinets, if I got rid of that yellow above them and that hideous faux marble backsplash and countertops! Sweet house with a lot of potential! Paint is indeed the key word here!

  9. John Shiflet says: 5668 comments

    Very impressive “catalog” type millwork inside meaning it was likely ordered from a regional millwork source and shipped in for the builder to use. I think its also likely this was a plan book published design although I cannot connect it with a specific design source. When I lived in (St. Joseph) Missouri, I was amused at some of the town names as well as the state’s alphabet soup highway lettering. Good hardworking people, though.

    • Chris DiMattei says: 267 comments

      Right you are John, the plan book design is from George F. Barber. This is an example of Barber’s design #56, from the first edition of the New Model Dwellings series of publications. This example seems to be missing the porch pavilion, although it may not have been originally built here. Did anyone happen to catch the top three risers of the main staircase (photo 24), which shows that the stair splits off into two directions, at the last landing? I have not yet come across this in a Barber design so I doubt it is original, but it could be. Would love to do some forensics on this baby. I love that some of the original “Philadelphia” style gutters are still intact and seem to be functioning. I really wish I lived near this house. I would grab it in a second.

  10. John Shiflet says: 5668 comments

    Thanks for the Barber design identification, Chris. Unfortunately, I could not find the design in a later edition (1901) of MODERN DWELLINGS but it definitely has a Barber flavor. I’ve ran across a few Victorians where a single upstairs staircase split off from a landing into two (one going to the kitchen and the other to the front entry or parlor) separate stairs. Here’s an example in Greenfield, IN I looked at a couple of years ago: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11236515@N05/15304057988/in/album-72157648169593760/ (keyhole window but not sure its a Barber design)

    • Chris DiMattei says: 267 comments

      Anytime John. I will try to remember to email you a copy of Barber’s published version of this design. Regarding the staircase design, I too have seen several staircases where the lower part splits off into different directions, usually one from the Kitchen and another from the Entry Hall as you described, but this particular house shows a split at the upper part of the stair, with one set of the top three risers heading off in one direction, toward the Bedrooms I presume, and another set of the top three risers heading off into the opposite direction, perhaps in the direction of a servant’s room. I find this very unique, if original, and interesting. Thanks for the link to the house in Greenfield, IN. I too think it has several Barberesque characteristics, but without better photos of the house, I too am struggling to make a clear determination as to it’s architectural origins. Perhaps some of the local historical resources can help? I will reach out to them.

  11. Bigrog says: 157 comments

    Home has potential. Repaint or replace those kitchen cabinets, repaint some walls, clean and re-stain the woodwork. Just to start.

  12. Dano says: 14 comments

    Hey dont forget California, Missouri! Or Louisiana MO! Seriously and seen both or else I would think it was a joke. I really enjoy reading the posts on here. It is a great start and end of the day read. I usually just read but had to add to the conversation.


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