c. 1900 Queen Anne in North Judson, IN

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614 Lane St, North Judson, IN 46366

  • $14,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 2256 Sq Ft
Great old home waiting for someone to make her beautiful again. This 2256 S.F. 2 story home has 4 bedrooms w/large closets, 1 full bath w/original fixtures, formal dining room, laundry room w/original sink, windows above doors for circulation, 2 lead glass windows and lead glass in front door. Also included is a 2 car garage and a partial basement. Home needs restoring and is sold as is where is.
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Nancy Capouch, Patterson Realty
(574) 896-2432
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34 Comments on c. 1900 Queen Anne in North Judson, IN

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  1. H.Bucket says: 10 comments

    The potential!!
    Blessedly the bathroom hasn’t been updated!
    Looks like all it needs some elbow grease.

    I wonder if the last picture is of the kitchen sink.

  2. JimHJimH says: 5105 comments
    OHD Supporter

    How many sites show you grungy old plumbing fixtures? Love ’em – thanks Kelly!

  3. Cora says: 2054 comments

    This is the kind of home I love the most. <3

  4. Ross says: 2411 comments

    I looked at all the images and thought: Oh! Nice house! Would look great wth some work, and a period-correct exterior color scheme.

    Then I looked at the price!

    Oh. Oh!

    My viewpoint MUCH improved!

  5. Jerry Fisher says: 18 comments

    A diamond in the rough for the right person. The 12th photo down stumped me for a moment, then I realized it was the upper part of a bed frame. Ha!

  6. JoeD says: 30 comments

    I just love that tub,bath and kitchen sink. Being in Indiana, it probably needs new plumbing because of frozen pipes and I’m sure most likely has knob and tube electrical. But still a great un-remodeled house that needs to be loved again.
    Keep up the great work KELLY! Just love love your site!

  7. Roger says: 44 comments

    It has potential! Great price! I love the bathroom fixtures. I hope someone gets it to restore it the way it should be, instead of remuddling it!

  8. This home is located close to Amish country. Again, another Indiana gem!

  9. KevinB says: 116 comments

    love the bath and sink and overall a classic farmhouse. I wonder if they take visa?

  10. Paul W says: 462 comments

    Good solid house. The plumber too the easy route with the soil pipe which I would redo IN THE WALL. Lot of good bones here. Do the outside first and get it roofed and painted before winter. Not a huge house this one would come together rather quickly with good planning. Can not beat the price.

    • Sammy234er says: 4 comments

      Paul, I was in this house. To bad it has busted radiators all over and water damage so also the mecanics are usually shot as well. Never been witerized. Typical interior roof water leak issues = wall & ceiling damage in numerous places. Vacant for a few years now. Mice dropping. Gross. Extreamly covered in dirt & cobwebs. The floors are soft probably cause of water. Exterior paint like that shows water was underneath causing paint to peel. Foundation is stone and ‘seems’ good. But not much architectural detail: yes, the set of doors, leaded glass above a few windows, old kit & bath fictures, and a staircase rail upstairs. The 2 front doors are nice, one with nice cut leaded glass. But thats it. It does have a real kitchen sink in one of the rooms with a big plug outlite for a stove.
      None of this would pass inspection.
      Oh, the town inspector ownes the house.. so you may not have a big problem.
      If a jack of all trades — plumber, electrician, roofer, carpenter, havc guy, drywall, pai ter—- bought this, he could make it nice again.
      The labor alone would kill me.
      Let alone all the product needed.
      This is an old house that was originaly built with no bath or Kitchen. Later on they built a room in the back ( aka = old cool sink ) and turned one of the upstairs bedrooms in to a bath, yes its big and Enough room for a walk in shower.
      It has an open front porch and had an open back porch that they haphazardly closed up and added a small breezeway in the back.
      Yes it’s an old house that has not been horribly updated, so thats a plus..
      Oh, has a nice 2 car garage.
      Nice lot size. It’s a nice safe town with a good size grocery store w/ fresh meat & produce.
      If you or your spouse had the time, energy, and these skills — go for it. I’d like to see it saved.

      • Ross says: 2411 comments

        There is usually a correlation between condition and price.

        A house in good condition will be $$$.

        A house with issues will be cheap.

        All the issues you list are to be expected for a house priced at the cost of a used car.

  11. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 242 comments

    Rub a dub dub I love that tub. My favorite kind of house, lots of work and a great price.

  12. Donna says: 10 comments

    What great bones to this house! I hope whoever buys it appreciates the original bathroom and laundry room sink. It should stay.

    • Angela says: 190 comments

      Isn’t that the kitchen sink? But maybe kitchen and laundry are the same room?

      • Sammy234er says: 4 comments

        The old sink is in the room addition built on to the main square house. The original house was build with no bath or kitchen. They added the room in the back of the house and made it a kitchen. The bath is a converted bedroom so it is Large = cool. However through time they have a real kitchen sink in a room and electric for a stove so they call it a kitchen. The room with the old sink is called the laundry room.
        Addition to these Main rooms and the added “old kitchen” aka: landry room, in the back is a porch they haphazardly closed up and someone added another small extention/addition to the back. Kind of hokey. But it’s done.

  13. BigRog says: 161 comments

    Lots of TLC with paint and new floors. Should be beautiful again if done right.

  14. Marie says: 202 comments

    Let’s hope no cheap flip for this place! Needs some caring TLC by an OH person.

  15. Salamar says: 9 comments

    This house is beautiful, love the sinks and bathtub.

  16. Mama Rose says: 8 comments

    Hi everyone! I love this site! I have been watching for quite a while and wanted to comment. The wheels are spinning in my head. I am past the work. Mmmmm what colors to paint and how to decorate. Jerry I am making a quilt for that bed!

  17. Melody says: 502 comments

    My gosh! That’s a lot of house and potential for $19,000!! I know nothing about the area, but something like that would be a great rental property. You could sink $75,000 into repairs/upgrades and come out with a great place for less than the price of a starter home.

  18. Kellee says: 2 comments

    Amish country is quite away from this (if you’re referring to Shipshewana?). I was born in Knox and have lived in Kouts for twenty five years in my 1926 farmhouse. This house is seriously rough and North Judson is a dying town with one grocery store (awful) and a Dollar Store. You’d have to drive for miles for any decent shopping. Taxes are quite high as well considering the area, crime as well. As soon as I saw this listed, I drug the poor Mister as I’ve always wanted to redo a Queen Anne. There was another Queen Anne for sale recently in North Judson. I’ll have to see if it’s listed here. It was so far gone that I wanted to cry. It must have been magnificent in it’s day.

  19. Tamra Townsend says: 7 comments

    Some TLC and some paint and for a first time homebuyer excellent oppertunity. I just wish it could be me.

  20. Ella says: 1 comments

    Driving by this house takes your breath away, the leaded windows still sparkle. I live in Judson and I think I have to disagree with Kellee, it’s not too far gone from what I can tell from the road. The back porch addition looks rough, but the rest of the house looks solid. I wouldn’t say crime was awful either. I did notice it’s not listed anymore, so not for sure if it was sold.

  21. says: 1 comments

    Hello! I have recently become interested in restoring a new home, and my passion for this just grows, please forgive me if my questions seem “common sense” Anyways!!

    Could someone tell my why the house is listed as “not for sale” has it been sold? Also, does anyone locally think the house could be moved?

    Thank you.

    Emily Keller

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      “Not For Sale” means it went off market because either it sold or it was pulled from the market for some reason. I do not know if it sold. You can try calling the agent that last listed the property to find out.

  22. Angela says: 190 comments

    Interesting that the kitchen sink and bathroom tub are still there and look in fairly good condition. I like the working transoms over the doors too. Maybe I should consider moving west when I retire.

  23. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Back on the market.

  24. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Reduced to $14,900!

  25. Sammy234er says: 4 comments

    This has to be a cash offer.
    Yes, it was almost sold but the buyer could not get all the cash in the last minute and the deal fell through. So it’s back on the market at a low price of $14,900

    • Sam789 says: 2 comments

      I was in this one.
      The roof, ceiling, walls, heating, water/plumbing, electric, wood/floors needs attention.
      They just accepted an offer the other day so it’s off the market – again.

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