c. 1900 – Ellsworth, IA

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1425 Delphi St, Ellsworth, IA 50075

  • $68,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 1960 Sq Ft
  • 0.3 Ac.
1425 Delphi Street, Ellsworth three bedroom home has its own personality! Beautiful original Trim and Hardwood Floors with lots of Built Ins. Ceiling in dining area could possibly be tin under the paint. All rooms are nice size. Upper Level Bedroom has a Sunroom and each bedroom has a door to the outside. THIS HOME IS FOR SALE ONLY AND NOT FOR RENT.
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Kimberly Bloem, CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate,
(515) 597-2205

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21 Comments on c. 1900 – Ellsworth, IA

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  1. Tommy Quinn says: 462 comments

    Wow. What a clean, tidy time capsule of a house. There is a big grain elevator across the street. I don’t know if that quiet street hosts grain trucks. Iowa has some wonderful homes…

    • Coqu says: 259 comments

      If you drive back home on the Google tour, you’ll see a semi hauling a grain trailer, getting ready to rev up past this house 🙂 But I’m betting for $68k it won’t bother the potential buyer.. also noteworthy, Google doesn’t show the new grain elevator, which is twice the size at 160 feet.

  2. LadyBelle says: 61 comments

    Other than the floors need a good refinish, I am not seeing a lot wrong with this home. Really wish real estate prices here were that reasonable.

  3. Karen W says: 17 comments

    What a sweet house to raise a family in! Feels so cozy 🙂

  4. Laurie W. says: 1745 comments

    Wonderful old house in a farm town. Despite the commercial ag stuff nearby, the house & neighborhood just speak of summer baseball, barbecues, kids & dogs, & church bake sales. Wish I lived there.

  5. Kristi says: 49 comments

    That dining room built-in with the pass-through to the kitchen is awesome! Does anyone else think it’s unusual that the only staircase goes up from the dining room?

    • DJ says: 1 comments

      Our house has the same closed staircase off the dining room…no hallways downstairs either…Have always tried to figure a way to open up the staircase without a huge remodel project. 🙂

  6. says: 28 comments

    I once again, for the gazillionth time on this site, fell truly, madly in love. Then someone mentioned a grain elevator and my heart sank. We used to have a couple of grain silo’s across the street from our house and the dust and respiratory problems made life quite difficult for my husbands elderly grandparents. So maybe not so much love, but a huge crush on this house instead. It is quite lovely.

  7. BethanyBethany says: 3494 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    Even the kitchen is cute and hasn’t been remuddled too much! Love this little place. Good point about the grain elevators though. I always learn from the comments here. I would never have thought of that being an issue, I just would have though, oh, how country and picturesque.

  8. JimHJimH says: 5115 comments
    OHD Supporter

    It looks like many of the details from around 1900, but the local history site says the house is a few decades older, was moved here from another community in 1882, and an old photo shows a smaller house here about 1910! One would need to study the house and old materials to know exactly what we have here.

  9. says: 16 comments

    I absolutely love the hidden staircase. I would take this one in a heartbeat.

  10. Mary says: 22 comments

    Wonder how much it would cost to have this house moved closer to Waterloo? Buy an acre or so, have a basement poured and have house moved and attached to basement? My husband and I are relocating to somewhere around Cedar Rapids, Marion or Waterloo area, looking for good schools. I want a house with character, but all of them are in not so stellar school districts. Wonder if it would be cost prohibitive to do the above?

    • Coqu says: 259 comments

      Waterloo is 80 miles away. I’ve never heard of anyone moving a house that far before–generally it’s 5-10 miles. Also, the house has to be bought for next to nothing to make it worth it. I don’t think it’s remotely plausible.
      Your better bet would be to find a low-cost acreage with an old farmhouse in one of those places.

  11. Tracy says: 22 comments

    Love the price. Did anyone else notice how low the ceiling in the living room is? Also..popcorn ceiling? Maybe it was made lower for heating purposes. The front porch does not look very stable, but that upstairs walk out is kinda neat. I’m sure like many older houses (mine included) remodeling and additions were not done with a permit so it’s like a mystery when and where they came from. lol!

    • Sarah with an "h" says: 79 comments

      Tracy, the ceilings were the 1st thing I noticed. I, too, think they have been lowered by at least a foot in all the rooms pictured. After living in a house with 9 foot ceilings, I don’t think I could ever go back to 8 ft ceilings again.

  12. Michael Mackin says: 2529 comments

    It looks as if it had a sleeping porch upstairs on the back of the house at one time. I agree with Bethany, even the kitchen looks cute! The house seems in good shape for the money. I’m wondering how much they changed things when they put the vinyl siding on the house. I’d bet the porch columns aren’t original either.

  13. Melody says: 529 comments

    Swwiiiiinnnging door!! 😀

    The company across the road is not a grain mill, it is a “packaging, warehousing, transportation and product distribution” company. (http://pdmcompany.com/pdm_company/company_history/) They deal with some grains, but not to the extent that a grain mill would. I don’t think dust would be much of a problem.
    I live next door to the largest co-op in the county. This location is their main storage and distribution centre. In the spring it gets busy with fertilizer coming in and going out. Then during harvest it gets busy with farmers bringing in their grain. For a short time we will have dust on everything, but it’s outside, not in the house. In fact, when they are drying corn, it will “snow” pink corn husks. But it never gets in the house.

    I like this place. I think with a light touch and some careful investigation, this place could really shine! And it’s a great price for a house that looks to be in great shape. Don’t discount it simply for the location without really knowing what it’s like there.
    Or, it could be a great rental property. Clean it up and get some renters that would appreciate it.

    • Coqu says: 259 comments

      I think Tommy was just advising of possible road traffic/noise–which is a valid concern (as evidenced by the Google tour). Not mentioned was the threat of explosions–happened a week ago up the road a ways at a grain elevator–workers severely injured and homes evacuated, trains re-routed. A simple reminder for us all, ~caveat emptor~.

  14. John Shiflet says: 5471 comments

    As others have noted, this appears to be a comfortable early 1900’s home. Quite likely the plans came from a published source as circa 1900 corresponds to a peak market for published planbooks. Period details here are sparse; although enclosed staircases were in some houses most had open staircases with ornate newels and balustrades. The built in china cabinet is one nice detail but absent too are mantels, art glass windows and fancy hardware. Whether you find the house charming or not, there’s nothing you can do about the location so that must also be taken into account. The price would be bargain basement in many places but here probably reflects the lack of demand for housing in small rural towns. The population of Ellsworth is listed as 531. At least you’d probably get to know most of your neighbors. The grain elevators/silos are seasonal so any noise issues would probably be temporary in nature.

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