1881 Italianate – Leesburg, FL

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7355 Sunnyside Dr, Leesburg, FL 34748

  • $500,000
  • Sold for $435,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4559 Sq Ft
  • 18.1 Ac.
Two story historical home on 18 +/- acres. Lake Harris waterfront, producing fruit groves. Additional home and 3 +/- acres being sold together as a package, see MLS #G4815630.
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Ronald Coletti, Coletti Real Estate,

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45 Comments on 1881 Italianate – Leesburg, FL

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11866 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I’m mostly posting this to keep track and see what happens to the house. Also I’m interested in whatever history can be found about it and the original owners.

  2. JoeD says: 20 comments

    Kelly, you’re killing me today with all of the fabulous houses posts!!!

    I’ll take this one, too. That entrance hall chandelier! AND the awesome 1960’s Kroehler sofa and chair — my mid-century modern friends would be swooning over that furniture.

  3. Stacey says: 24 comments

    I love the trees in the front yard and the beautiful view, not to mention the wonderful potential this home has.

  4. RossRoss says: 2411 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Dear Restoration Angels Of Mercy & Hope,

    If there was ever a house which deserved a full-scale meticulous restoration (including the to-die-for tower) this home would be it.

    I begin my prayers now…

  5. says: 5 comments

    This house was used in the last scenes of the movie “Away We Go”.

    • Sage says: 52 comments

      Ha, I was thinking as I looked at the photos that this looked like the house from “Away We Go”. I enjoyed that movie and one of my favorite things about it was her family home at the end, the perfect place to raise the child. Thanks for the info!

  6. says: 5 comments

    This link provides a little backstory on the house also know as “El Dorado” http://www.flickriver.com/photos/connerandsonphotography/5950810810/

  7. Melody says: 502 comments


    Where’d the tower go? That’s the best part of the place!!

    I want that wardrobe.

    • John Shiflet says: 5357 comments

      The tower might have been lost in one of the periodic hurricanes Florida is prone to or just got deteriorated and was deemed too much trouble to repair and maintain. (not an uncommon fate for a vast number of ornamental towers on Victorian era homes. I concur that the remaining house has great potential and hasn’t been improperly modernized in recent years so it could be a candidate for a proper period restoration. The added acreage and Lake Harris waterfront access make it an even better deal. I’ll be curious to see how things turn out for this one.

      • Melody says: 502 comments

        That tower certainly would be at the mercy of hurricanes. But just imagine the view from up there! You could sit and gaze out upon the lake, or turn around and enjoy the view of your orchards.
        I’d love to go see this one in person. Florida is a bit too far though.

      • Leesburgnative says: 1 comments

        Unfortunately I think the added acreage and lake front will doom this house to be raised for a subdivision. I remember this house as a kid and would hate to see it go.

      • Alison says: 2 comments

        The tower is still there!! I am cleaning this house and my father has it listed.. It is truly a masterpiece…

  8. Stacey says: 24 comments

    In scrolling through the listing pictures again, did anyone else notice the sheer size of what appears, to me, to be the closet doors in three of the rooms? It is amazing how tall they seem to be compared to the entry doors! Love this house!

    • Leslie Byrd says: 2 comments

      The entry doors are complete with transom for ventilation; the entry door w/ transom casing is the same height as the closet door casings.

  9. Paul W says: 462 comments

    I am assuming the asking price is related to the acreage, The house falls in that likely ‘makeover/teardown’ category. Developer buys it modernizes the house and builds around it or just bulldozes it, though these days I don’t think things have recovered that much to warrant development at all.

    It has “estate potential’ if the right person came along but with large Florida estates selling for 1/3 of what they were selling for a few years ago, it would be interesting to see what happens here. Hoping for the best.

  10. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1024 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    I love this house. And if I were the buyer, I would ask that the sofas be thrown into the deal!

  11. Laurie W. says: 1705 comments

    Stacey, the transoms over the other doors aren’t visible; the door surrounds are the same heights. Potential for this to be restored to its real beauty & dignity. With all that wonderful acreage too, wow. First photo is cool with the somewhat shabby antique behind Spanish moss. I hope the very best for it too.

  12. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1024 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    Wonder if that long back wing is original to the house? Can’t tell from the archival picture.

  13. Stacey says: 24 comments

    Yes, I noticed the transoms above the entry doors. I was merely, in awe of how beautiful the doors are and their size. I noticed the height of them, especially in the room that is painted pink. In my surburban vinyl-sided cookie cutter home, I can’t help but notice the craftmanship and loveliness of old homes.

  14. KIMKIM says: 69 comments

    I’m joining your prayer group, Ross.

  15. Allison says: 30 comments

    If you click on Zillow, you can see how big the property is. There are tons of fruit trees that look like they have been maintained. Many outbuildings too.

  16. Marion says: 67 comments

    This is really a very interesting property. It has so many interesting features. The house could be a show stopper, if someone with deep pockets would fall in love with it. The orchard and lake are a lovely sight too. I wish the realtor would have shown the second house and the outbuildings included in this sale.
    I can’t help but notice one unfortunate thing about the location. It’s literally a spit and skip away from the runnway of Leesburgs International Airport. I imagine that this airport is a busy one, given its proximity to Orlando. The home sits directly under the approach flight pass. The noise level and air pollution will likely not be insignificant; I am personally sensitive to details like that, but I am sure many others are not.

    I really hope this house gets saved and restored, it would be a great loss if it dissapeared. The view to the lake is beautiful.

  17. evers310evers310 says: 109 comments

    I dont think you have to worry about the airport, most of it’s traffic is from private aircraft, and the runway lined up with the house is the short runway.

  18. Brandon McKinney says: 1 comments

    This is one of my absolute favorite houses in the state of Florida – I saw this house, and photographed it back in 2007, in March, when the pink grapefruit was in blossom. It has remained always in my mind since then. The airport is not a concern at all, the area is incredibly quiet, with a narrow paved road leading down to it. There is a windmill and water tower (recent additions, but still nice) and a MASSIVE old magnolia tree that probably stands 70 feet tall behind the house. When I was there, there was a 1920s garage (since torn down) that was full of original elements to the porch, which I hope were moved when they took the garage down. The lattice underpinnings at the foundation are something I’ve not seen before in my house-photographing, they’re cut to look like six-pointed stars. It’s just details like that that make me love this place so much.

    At one point, there was a steamer pier at the lake, and a railroad track that ran at the lakeshore.

    I’m really concerned about the future of this place – a large lakefront lot near Leesburg is rife for a subdivision, and I’m terrified that it’s going to get torn down for stucco faux-Tuscan mcmansions. I had briefly corresponded with one of the descendants of Arthur Stivender who said that the house was stable and being looked after, even if not fully maintained. At the time the house was in a trust for his elderly mother (or grandmother, I can’t remember) who had lived in the midcentury ranch house within a stone’s throw from the porch. I assume she must have died, and the trust is being liquidated. I’m going to cross my fingers for this place and possibly play the lottery a LOT and be generally hopeful!

    • MSK says: 1 comments

      Brandon, if you see my comment, can you send me an e-mail at LSBakerproject AT gmail.com? I have a question for you regarding what the Stivender family member told you.

    • lisa williams says: 2 comments

      it looks like still there
      I live on Gibson terrace in the gibson house wasn’t she related to them this house originally built in 1929. but we added on and is now 3800sf overlooking lake.
      we are selling it as I have to move husband is ill and I can’t manage it by myself.

  19. Bob says: 9 comments

    Home went under contract within 6 days of listing. Although $600k listing price on above property, this home must be purchased as pkge with other home on property, which is in very close proximity to the one above. The asking price on 7341 Sunnydale Dr. is $475k.

  20. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 242 comments

    Just checked Zillow and this is still listed as “for Sale”. Maybe contract did not go.

  21. Rebecca says: 1 comments

    I saw this home on this website and actually happened to be in the area of Leesburg that day and decided to drive by. The home is located in a beautiful area, the airport is very small and noise would not be a problem. However, the trees surrounding the home are very overgrown, I don’t believe the fruit trees have been maintained at all, as a previous comment suggested. It was very hard to see the home from the road, you could only really see the front door, and there are “no trespassing” signs everywhere. It is located on a nice quiet street. It appears to be back for sale and they have lowered the list price to $500,000.


    If I could only win the lottery….

  22. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11866 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Sold for $435,000. I hope the new owners intend restoration for the house and not tear it down.

  23. says: 1 comments

    My husband and I saw this beautiful home while boating on Lake Harris. It was love at first sight for me! What an amazing place! <3

  24. Annita says: 1 comments

    The red brick house that is “a stone throw away” next door is being fixed up by a new owner. They have put in a new entrance and cleaned up their part of the orange grove. It will be interesting to see how it turns out in addition to what happens to the old white house. They were both homes of the same family.

  25. Lisa says: 2 comments

    I live on the house at top of the hill on the corner and was told that the woman who originally owned this house was the sister of the woman who owned that house and they lived next door my house built in 1929 1930 is listed historic Gibson house any info on my house and if they were sisters etc is appreciated.


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