1905 Queen Anne – Magnolia, DE

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24 S Main St, Magnolia, DE 19962

  • $110,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 3407 Sq Ft
  • 1.5 Ac.
Wonderful piece of History located in the "Center of the Universe" downtown Magnolia. This property is in need of repairs, however, with updates this would make a unique large estate in the heart of Magnolia. Listed for a bargain price to facilitate a fast sale. Very large home built in 1905 and much original features still in place. Property is fenced has a slate roof, cedar siding and vinyl in a few places. Lots of old charm, listed in the Historical Register. Floor plan available upon request. Many outbuildings with electric ran to them. Great potential for the savvy investor. This would make a great residence, law office, bed and breakfast, fancy restaurant or anything that would benefit from a close location to the Air Base.
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John Welcome, Remax,
(302) 724-4310

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16 Comments on 1905 Queen Anne – Magnolia, DE

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  1. norma says: 39 comments

    It looks like it needs roof work but this is a beautiful home. The toilet in the kitchen brought back memories. My father use to work for a lady and she only had running water in the toliet which was in a small room like this one, and at the kitchen sink. No tub and this was in the 70’s

  2. John Shiflet says: 5666 comments

    I’ve always been curious to know where the center of the Universe was; now I know. (Downtown Magnolia, Delaware) As noted, the house does have some potential but seems a bit optimistically priced given the obvious amount of TLC needed. Compare this one to the Michigan Italianate posted yesterday priced at 1/3 the asking price of this one. While I like towered Queen Anne style houses far more than boxy Italianates, the Michigan example just has more “wow” inside, IMO. Interesting outbuildings on this property. Not sure what the towered structure is but sometimes they serve as water towers with tanks above to gravity pressurize water lines. The small cottage was probably a dwelling for a servant-cook. Now if the figure seen in a couple of the doorways comes with the house and is able-bodied enough to help restore the property then the price becomes much more reasonable. I like the old black and white Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) photos but they are obviously from better times in the past.

  3. Rick says: 70 comments

    If walls could talk!

  4. Jim says: 5595 comments

    John, I’m not sure Magnolia DE is the center of the Universe (or center of anything really). I do know that it is under the takeoff/landing path of all the Air Force C5As that go in and out of Dover AFB.

    A lot of real estate for $150K in Delaware, even if it needs major work. New houses are going for $350K+.

  5. Jim says: 5595 comments

    “Center of Universe” sign in front of house:

  6. Jim says: 5595 comments

    The HABS photos were taken in 1982 – shows how fast a place can deteriorate if not maintained.

  7. John Shiflet says: 5666 comments

    The Center of the Universe thing is a bit of a boast… perhaps. The HABS photos from 31 years ago do demonstrate changes that occur over time. It is sometimes very difficult to visualize what an old house once looked like if a century or longer has gone by. Some literal palaces from the Gilded Age are now reduced to ruins. That’s why historic preservation is important-left uncared for, many old houses would soon collapse from neglect. On-going deterioration is one of the biggest challenges for saving neglected old houses and buildings but the process happens all too frequently. The high costs associated with restoring a badly deteriorated structure condemns the majority of them to the fate of demolition. This one is still restorable without a huge outlay but probably won’t be so for many more years if no attention is forthcoming soon.

  8. Jim says: 5595 comments

    The “Center of the Universe” claim is probably a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the Town of Magnolia is a perfect circle about a half mile across centered at the cross streets. A tiny little town (population 225). I saw a note that the National Geographic had a piece on it, but I’m not signed up for the Archive. Maps at end of this file if anyone cares: http://magnolia.delaware.gov/files/2011/01/magnolia_comp_plan1.pdf
    The Lindale house is a major landmark there , known locally as the Pumpkin House – I wonder why.

  9. Karen says: 138 comments

    I want that little cottage in the second picture!

  10. Dana says: 1 comments

    I cannot believe this house is for sale! Since I’ve lived in DE this has been my dream house!Every time I pass it, I slow down to try to get peaks inside any of the outside buildings or house!I wish I had the money to not only buy it but to fix it up! I hope there will be more pictures to follow, or maybe I can go take pics?? How could I go about taking pictures??

  11. says: 349 comments

    I grew up not too far from the Center of the Universe, and it’s a great complex of buildings, never in tip-top shape in my lifetime, and now looking rough. A shame to see the two-story outbuilding lost its great bracketed hood over the doorway – it had heavy Italianate or maybe even Gothic brackets and was striking. South beyond the current property, past a couple of infill houses, is a large frame warehouse that used to be associated with the property (“Magnolia Funriture” on streetview.) Like the Lindale House and outbuildings, it’s seen better days; like many buildings in Delaware, the warehouse was conventionalized with stock building materials and uglified in the interests of making it look more modern and more common (they are very rough on old buildings in that state.)

    I always found the place much more interesting as a whole than for its parts. I hope it finds someone with pockets to restore it properly, and not just launch another aborted campaign of spot repairs. Magnolia is otherwise not the loveliest center of the universe, but it’s a large yard and a great little compound. The price for that part of Delaware is attractive, even if its a small part of the total cost were it to be put back in order.

    “Peach mansions” in Delaware and adjacent parts of Eastern Shore Maryland mostly date from the 1840s-1850s or so, often large three-story upright Italianate farmhouses with all the trimmings and nice complements of well developed outbuildings. Their size and quality have kept a fair number out of the hands of Delawareans who, it can seem, sometimes collude in conspiracies to destroy beauty and promote ugliness.

  12. AJ says: 1 comments

    Time, tlc, and yes, $$. However, this is also a work of love. And, something, I would totally take on!

  13. AC says: 1 comments

    just sold 1/30/2015 for $80k

    • brandon says: 1 comments

      Im currently the one remodeling it with contractor bill price

      • Barbei Williams says: 1 comments

        Brandon… please let me THANK you for saving this Grande Dame!!! Know that the entire community is Flipping THRILLED!!!! It brought tears to my eyes when it came out that a FAMILY would walk the halls of the Lindale House again. Safe travels on this journey…

      • Rick says: 70 comments

        Hi Brandon, do you have any before and after photos or any kind of update you mind sharing on Kelly’s site?


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