c. 1890 Queen Anne – Amsterdam, NY

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18 Academy St, Amsterdam, NY 12010

  • $139,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4205 Sq Ft
  • 0.29 Ac.
Come see this breathtaking Dutch, French Gothic mansion that will take you back in time. Craftmanship that you don't see anymore. Hardwood and parquet floors through out the house along with pocket doors, coffered ceilings, 9 fireplaces with English, French and Greek designs, stunning woodwork over and around every doorway and fireplace. The owner has restored the home by doing his best to keep it original. Amazing views! This home also has a massive carriage house that is now a rental bringing in $600/mo.
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Jamie Sittner, CMK and Associates Real Estate

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25 Comments on c. 1890 Queen Anne – Amsterdam, NY

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  1. JSM says: 27 comments

    What a great place! All it needs is a little love.

  2. echo says: 112 comments

    I agree and I would be happy to do that. It is a gorgeous house. Would be happy to restore this one. 🙂

  3. Nancy says: 171 comments

    What a stunner! So much could be done with this house. What great details. Just gorgeous.

  4. FergusFergus says: 230 comments
    1705 Queen Anne

    That interior woodwork looks so beautiful, I would be more than happy to own this property and live there in it’s current condition. Then I could take forever to admire the woodwork. And it has a beautiful carriage house too. This house and carriage house have to be some of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and at that price they’re even more desirable. It has ‘Amityville Horror’ windows too… I can’t find anything not to like, except maybe the taxes, although I have no knowledge of what the norm would be in that area. Such an amazing house, and yet it’s not from the +$1million price range.

  5. Cher@Newburgh Restoration says: 18 comments

    WOW, this is gorgeous! I would love to live here.

  6. nic says: 56 comments

    I am sooo in love with this house. The craftsmanship simply could not be duplicated today. What an incredible amount of house for the money. This place would almost make NY winters bearable…OK, I’m getting a little carried away now:)

  7. John Shiflet says: 5357 comments

    Stylistically, this house is all over the place…some Queen Anne details, some Gothic Revival-“Revival” (early 1900’s) some vaguely “Moorish” influences in the staircase balustrade. “Flemish/Dutch’ facade details and more… High end quality as far as I can tell and nicely priced for what is offered. Of course, NY state taxes are often higher than most people from out of state are accustomed to and that has to be understood and accepted as a cost of living in the Empire state. Beautiful house, overall…

  8. Megan says: 93 comments

    Who wants to help me wrap this up and put it under my Christmas tree?

  9. Jim says: 5103 comments

    This house was on the market for quite a while and I think it went through a foreclosure a couple of years ago. A real beauty, but the price and taxes are at the very high end for this neighborhood.

  10. lara janelara jane says: 470 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I can’t believe this one’s still on the market. It’s been listed and lowered for FIVE YEARS, and they haven’t come down on the price since last summer. Maybe there’s more work here than we can appreciate from the photos. It is such a stunning home, and I always love a carriage house!

  11. Martin says: 12 comments

    Now I do really like this house. It needs work but I can see that it would be worth it. I wonder what the area is like?? Too bad I am not Bill Gates rich…. This whole website would just be like a mail order cataloge for me lol

  12. John Shiflet says: 5357 comments

    Google streetview shows a street (Academy) full of great old houses-must have been quite fashionable in its day. There is a once-elegant towered Queen Anne next door that was for sale for less than $30,000 a few months ago-might still be, would have to check. Taxes in New York State are almost universally steep; typically $5,000 or more per hundred thousand assessed value.

  13. Martin says: 12 comments

    Taxes don’t seem that bad really. I mean here in Ohio we were paying over or about 2K for a house that was valued at 189K back in 2000 (and the city didn’t adjust the tax until we complained after buying the house for 20K). I don’t mind paying taxes, esp high taxes, if you can see where the taxes are going. The roads are better in Bosnia than they are in our town in Ohio… I will have to look into NY more. I am finding a lot of houses in the area I really like.

  14. John Shiflet says: 5357 comments

    I can hardly believe it, but the fine towered Queen Anne at #20 Academy appears to still be for sale for just under $30k. Bet a $25k offer might get it. A fixer upper, but for that price with the fine period details it might be worth the investment: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/20-Academy-St-Amsterdam-NY-12010/53174410_zpid/ Probably a number of the houses in this once grand neighborhood are in the “Wow” category inside. If you can swing the taxes, might be the best deal out there.

  15. Martin says: 12 comments

    I thought it was a cool house, but I kind of don’t want to move into another area like I already live lol. I was really checking out that house in Weedsport NY that is more my style (and the wife really likes it too). I don’t know much about NY really. I grew up in Southern CA, wife and I lived in Germany for 4 years (were in military), and have lived in Ohio since 2009. I just like old houses and I am hoping to really find one we both like, even if it needs work, that is in a better area than we live in now. I do appreciate the info everyone. I am not dead set on anywhere really. I just wish the old houses could be in better parts of town… but most of the time it doesn’t seem the case.

  16. stan bandos says: 1 comments

    The street really isn’t that bad. The taxes i think are resonable ( i mean what do you expect for a house like that. Some people are snobish about living in Amsterdam.

  17. BethanyBethany says: 3431 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    I don’t get that kitchen. No one else mentioned it. Doesn’t it look odd, like it was stuck into a parlor or something? Makes me think the original kitchen was in the basement with a dumbwaiter, and the renovator brought it up to the main level.

    • John Shiflet says: 5357 comments

      You are quite likely correct. Back in the home’s early days when many of the homeowners on Academy had cooks and servants it’s probable the kitchen was in the basement or some other strictly functional part of the house. Even in the homes of the well to do, Victorian kitchens were very utilitarian at best and the kitchen here appears to have been created out of a room that was more formal in the past. (changing times and functions)

  18. Jamie says: 3 comments

    Just wanted to leave a comment. Im the listing agent for this home and am happy to say it will finally be closing after being in a rent to own agreement for about 2 years. It took so long because it needed extensive work and the new buyers spent quite a bit of money so they could get a loan on it. This home is absolutly stunning. There was a comment above about the kitchen being odd and it DID used to be located in the basement and a few owners back moved it upstairs. I live in Amsterdam and love this small city! There are so many beautiful homes that need to find buyers like 18 Academy was lucky to find. If anyone is interested in seeing what other beauties are out there, send me an email! I LOVE historic homes, best part of my job is finding buyers that do as well!

  19. lance says: 1 comments

    my son and i took on this house and must say i have no regrets it cost a small fortune to fix but the end results are awsome and yes we moved the kitchen and the house next to me is still empty and would be a great time to buy lots of things going on here on academy the house was asking 20 the app on our house was 150 so would be a great time to own a piece of history it’s one of a kind will blow you away inside

  20. MikeBathrick says: 44 comments

    I wish I could find something like this.

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