1887 Stick Victorian – Salem, OR

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National Register
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296 14th St NE, Salem, OR 97301

  • $169,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2518 Sq Ft
  • 0.12 Ac.
Own this thoughtfully preserved 1887 National Historic Register home. This treasure is found in Salem's Historic District, minutes to Willamette University, State Offices and downtown. 4 bedrooms with one bedroom & attached bath on the main level. Original light & fixtures, doors, trim with high ceilings & medallions. Kitchen updated, original fireplace converted to gas w/ coals log. Huge basement with headroom. Laundry on main level in mud room.
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Brian Bemis, Re/Max
(503) 371-5254
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17 Comments on 1887 Stick Victorian – Salem, OR

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  1. AudreyAudrey says: 114 comments

    Never thought I’d say these words…
    I love the wallpaper!
    It is such a warm, cozy feeling house!
    I really, really like this one.

  2. says: 49 comments

    Me <<<<< doing the happy wallpaper dance. Yes. Love it love it

  3. Sue S. says: 306 comments

    I like this one a lot too. So great to see a Victorian that’s not so jam-packed with bric-a-brac that you can’t see the walls and features.

  4. echo says: 152 comments

    I too like this home. I find it to be done in good taste. 🙂

  5. bfish says: 116 comments

    Uh oh, I came to comment on disliking the wallpaper — sorry, other posters! It’s especially bad in the LR/parlor as the vertical stripes accentuate the long, narrow shape of the room. Removing that wallpaper and adding some period-appropriate horizontal shelves or furniture flanking the fireplace would be a big improvement, IMO.

  6. Rhonda says: 4 comments

    No worries, bfish, I totally agree. I live not far from Salem and my guess is the reason this house hasn’t sold is because of the wallpaper. Can’t be any other reason, imo. Old houses like this normally sell in no time flat in Oregon, especially in this price range. There’s an open house today so maybe someone will see past the overkill of wallpaper and buy it!

  7. Rhonda says: 4 comments

    Found out why this cool old house hasn’t sold. A couple of weeks ago we were in Salem looking for a vintage home and went to an open house. The realtor knew about this one and we asked why it hasn’t sold. She said it cannot be financed because of a bowed or sinking foundation. So sad. I hope someone rescues the poor thing!!

    • AudreyAudrey says: 114 comments

      I’d take her comment with a grain of salt… here in Texas most all old houses on pier & beam have varying degrees of foundation issues, & I’ve never heard of that being a deal breaker for a conventional loan. Heck, actually many houses less than 20 years old here on slab have issues, we almost bought one, and the loan company didn’t bat an eye… much more likely is that the appraisal for this house is coming in low because of such foundation issues and potential buyers haven’t had enough cash down to overcome a lower appraisal… just my guess.

  8. Rhonda says: 4 comments

    Well, all I can say is that this house has been for sale off and on for years and the price is amazing for here. Plus, it’s hard to imagine a realtor lying about something like it can’t be financed. She knew we were interested and if it was an easy fix financing wise, I’m sure she would have moved heaven and earth to get us to buy it. We left not buying a thing from her. I’m thinking financing rules are different here than in Texas.

    • AudreyAudrey says: 114 comments

      You may be right, but if you’re interested in the house, I’d suggest still contacting the listing agent. Sellers disclosure would have to reveal known foundation issues. Foundation issues with old houses on pier and beam are fairly straightforward and maybe as a condition of contract the current owners could fix for the right buyer. When it comes to old houses, most realtors know zilch and a nasty rumor in the ‘real estate world’ could be this houses ‘Scarlett letter’… true or not. It looks like a wonderful house!!

  9. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Back on the market at $179,900. New photos were added, I’ve left in a few of the old ones since they had views the new photos don’t. The house looks much better without the garish coloring the old photos had.

  10. Tommy Q says: 466 comments

    A cash purchase and probably no more than $10 – $20K in the foundation and you’d have a sweet home. i love this place. I’m looking at Jacksonville OR to retire because it isn’t so wet. Don’t know what the climate is in Salem, but I love Oregon in general.

  11. Carolyn says: 282 comments

    My perfect little palace. I would live here in a heartbeat foundation issues and all!

  12. Dan Hof says: 2 comments

    Fun to see interior pics of this house. My g-grandparents lived in this home….100 years ago….

    • Connie says: 1 comments

      Hi Dan,
      Just found your comment. Who were your great grandparents? I bought the house last summer after watching it since 2013. It was empty for years. Freezing temperatures, water damage from drainpipes dumping right into the foundation, and no power to the sump pump resulted in extensive damage. We have rebuilt the entire foundation and are working with the State Historic Preservation Office to figure out how to save it. . I am very interested in any old documents or photos related to the house. Everyone seems to love it and have an interest in what happens.

      • Dan Hoff says: 2 comments

        Hi Connie! Thanks for your comments. My g-grandfather was O.P.Hoff and his wife was Alice C. Hoff. From city directories, they lived in the house starting in 1913, and possibly earlier. They were still there when he passed away in 1924. I believe Alice may have moved out not long after for financial reasons. I have several small keepsake items that belong to O.P. So those items would have been in the house during that time. By the way, Alice is mentioned many times in the Capital Journal of that time, and hosted events for the local chapters of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society and the D.A.R. at the house. If you Google O.P.Hoff, there’s a Wikipedia page for him. He was the first Labor Commissioner of Oregon and died in office as the state treasurer. He had a colorful, and at times, controversial political career. Dan Hoff, Kailua Kona, Hi.

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