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1894 Queen Anne in Springfield, MN


For Sale

Added to OHD on 3/14/23   -   Last OHD Update: 3/14/23

123 N Marshall Ave, Springfield, MN 56087

Map: Aerial

  • 4 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 3144 Sq Ft
  • 0.34 Ac.
National Register Property
Classic fixer upper near downtown Springfield. Beautiful woodwork and detail throughout the interior; however, house is not move-in ready. Buyer to verify all measurements and satisfy themselves as to the condition of the property. This property is being sold on an AS-IS basis. The seller will not be making any repairs.
Listed With

Sonja Zoet, True Real Estate :: (507) 345-8783

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Deb P
10 days ago

The porch needs work, but OH! those FLOORS!

10 days ago

It’s pretty fun that your neighbor is the public library! That’s a nice perk!

Reply to  Rachael | 6 comments
10 days ago

That would be Awesome!!!

Reply to  Rachael | 6 comments
10 days ago

The library is NOT a nice perk. We thought it was a perk when we bought our beautiful 122 year old Victorian, the library was behind our house. For over 15 years they made our life miserable because they wanted our property for additional parking. They fought us the whole time we were improving and historically landmarking our home. It was the home of the first photographer in our town, We finally sold out of fear of eminent domain. They bought our house and they tore it down. That was 11 years ago and it’s still nothing but a vacant lot today. It still upsets me as it was my irreplaceable dream home.  😥 

Reply to  Aokil | 28 comments
10 days ago

That is totally disgusting!

Reply to  Aokil | 28 comments
9 days ago

I’m sorry. That would absolutely break my heart.

10 days ago

Makes me wonder what is wrong that you Can’t see that makes it “as-is” and no repairs..

10 days ago

It is a charming home. I agree with Kat, I wonder what some of the issues are, other than the porch needs some repairs. Like any home, it would be a good idea to have an inspection done, even if it is sold, ‘as is’. Some of the details on the inside are quite stunning!

bobby white
10 days ago

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. MN has many small towns with gorgeous old houses.

The town was often mentioned on Little House on the Prairie as the town to which Charles Ingalls would frequently go for his “business travels”.

10 days ago

I am suspicious of the plumbing and heating. Was that a boiler in the basement? It looked questionable. Beyond porch repair and probably a new roof, this house is beautiful.

10 days ago

It doesn’t look like a “fixer-upper” to me. Beautiful!

Reply to  btowngirl | 22 comments
10 days ago

The exterior needs work. That porch is sinking it appears and the house needs a good paint job. But the interior is stunning.

10 days ago

Recreating the original porch would give a whole different feel to this house.

10 days ago

I love to compare the now and then photo.

10 days ago

I agree with the other comments. I wonder about what is hidden underneath those beautiful floors. And my oh my the woodwork! Will be saving this to my favorites!

Reply to  oldhouselover | 6 comments
9 days ago

Yes, the woodwork is stunning.

9 days ago

Good fences makes good neighbors. Privacy fences on the bank side and the library side might increase the value of this home.  Sorry, but the tree in front needs to be removed, it is too close to the house. Just based on photos, I’d say the front porch needs to be completely redone. The heating, plumbing, and possibly the electricity needs to be upgraded. Everything else looks gorgeous.

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