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Gleason, TN


For Sale

Added to OHD on 2/23/23   -   Last OHD Update: 2/23/23

301 West St, Gleason, TN 38229

Maps: Street | Aerial

  • 4 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 0.35 Ac.
Located close to the school this home could be brought back to it's original beauty.
Listed With

Amanda Brown, Re/Max Solutions :: (731) 678-0050

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1 month ago

Sad they don’t show anything inside.

1 month ago

Quel dommage!

John Shiflet
1 month ago

Very difficult here to go beyond the most superficial assumptions. Therefore, unless someone has a compelling reason to seek a property in this neighborhood, (or perhaps this house was where some family members had once lived) placing it in the labor of love category seems justified. Doubtful the property would even quality for the small number of available rehab loans (HUD 203K for example) given its current condition. I’ve seen worse saved but without interior photos to evaluate and determine what remains and what is missing, too many questions remain unanswered. I never like to give up on faded old houses, but this one looks to be a very heavy lift. For any (brave) prospective buyers, I wish you the best.

Reply to  John Shiflet | 6608 comments
1 month ago

I mean, gut it to the studs, patch it up nice, coat of paint, clean up the yard and rent it out. At $1500/m (or whatever the market bears in Gleason TN) the investment pays downs pretty quickly. Good people are always looking for a place to live that won’t break the bank.  😀 

6 days ago

Well,…. I looked up “Gleason, TN” in one of those neighborhood ranking sites. The town economically is high on the low side. But the good news is that property costs, rental rates, crime, and taxes are also “low”. Annual property taxes for a fixer upper hovers around $550- $600.00 – which is great! The brick pointing alone on this one would cost a small fortune., though. If one has the rehab $$ budget and patience, go for it! As a side note, I bet any neighbors nearby would rejoice b/c of the renovation, they’d bring lemonade and food and even help out!  💙  🙂  Yah think?

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