1853 – Cartersville, VA

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145 Ampthill Rd, Cartersville, VA 23027

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  • 3 Bed
  • 1.5 Bath
  • 3648 Sq Ft
  • 7.18 Ac.
Welcome one and all to a great opportunity to own some history. This Historic Plantation Home is over 200 years old. It has seen many things change not only in the area, but the county. This all brick home features 10 foot ceilings, columns on the front porch, a wrap around porch, a smoke house which is perfect for a nice all brick shed, wood floors, wide foyer, spacious rooms, over 7 acres, and 4 bedrooms. This is perfect for a renovation as well to make this home into a dream home or restore it back to its natural beauty. Bring us an offer. As is. Cash only due to condition. This property is subject to A U C T I O N . The seller will accept a Pre-A U C T I O N offer. The price is based on opening offer amount.
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Christopher Puryear, Coldwell Banker Vaughan & Co
(804) 740-6683
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19 Comments on 1853 – Cartersville, VA

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  1. I like this. Simple, yet beautiful. Lots of work to do, but it doesn’t look to be crumbling. Imagine these rooms with polished floors, fresh paint, clean windows, etc.
    That schoolhouse looks super tiny, but solid. I’d love to see inside, it’d be amazing if it was still intact!

  2. beckybecky says: 102 comments
    OHD Supporter

    bass lake, CA

    I agree! I don’t get the little schoolhouse thing. I wonder about it. If one would be wanting to be out of city life, away from the rat race and the like, then this is perfect! Look at all that acreage! NO neighbors! I love that too! Sure, it needs work, but a labor of love it would be!

    • GardenStaterGardenStater says: 262 comments
      1865 Gothic Revival
      Charlotte, NC

      Yeah, I wonder if that really was a schoolhouse, or if it was something else (slave quarters, summer kitchen?). It looks way too small to be a schoolhouse.

      For sure, this property could be stunning. But someone’s going to have to spend a ton of time and money (and imagination) to achieve it.

  3. Architectural ObserverArchitectural Observer says: 1046 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This house is magnificent… big and solid-looking yet without pretense. The woodwork is similarly solid. I especially admire the nicely-paneled doors. The hallways and staircase set the tone… with lots of desirable original features still intact this house has loads of potential.

  4. LeetownjenkinsLeetownjenkins says: 13 comments
    1924 American Four Square
    Martinsburg, WV

    Im in love with the untapped potential of this wonderful property despite the tragic history associated with the land/ former home site. Attached link is well worth the read.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12127 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Tells me to pay $1 to read.

      • LeetownjenkinsLeetownjenkins says: 13 comments
        1924 American Four Square
        Martinsburg, WV

        Strange, it was free here on this end. I double checked again and article still came up free for me.

      • BethanyBethany says: 3451 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1983 White elephant
        Escondido, CA

        You must have already read several articles from the Washington Post for free. Here’s what I found online: “If you have Amazon Prime or a .edu, .gov or .mil email, you could be missing out on a free digital subscription to The Washington Post. The news site has a paywall that limits the number of articles non-subscribers can read each month before being blocked”

    • BethHBethH says: 234 comments
      1999 Dutchess County, NY

      Wants me to pay, too… can you give us the gist?

      • etzkornetzkorn says: 26 comments
        1981 split level w/rock
        Lenoir, NC

        Google Bizarre Plantation in VA and you will see many articles. This house wasn’t the plantation, but was associated with the occurrence.

      • LeetownjenkinsLeetownjenkins says: 13 comments
        1924 American Four Square
        Martinsburg, WV

        It appears there was a earlier wood frame home on the site of the current brick home in the late 1790s. There were 2 female cousins to Thomas Jefferson (Randolphs) who lived on a nearby plantation. The husband of the older sister and master of the plantation appears to have been involved in an affair with the younger sister who was co habitating with the married couple. It was reported that the younger sister a noted beauty was seen by slaves on the plantation involved with her brother in law kissing. Several months later the younger unwed sister appears to have shown signs of pregnancy. Some time later the group went to the current plantation for sale. The home was however unfinished but they still stayed in the house. During the night the younger sister woke the house screaming bloody murder from her room. The brother in law went into her room not allowing anyone else into the rm. Sometime latter he emerged from the rm carrying bloody sheets and went outside to return a few moments later. In the morning the plantation slaves returned to construction on the house. While removing shingles from a pile in the lawn a dead white baby was found discarded below the pile of shingles. Rumors spread throughout the county and the husband and sister in law were called into court to make account for the rumors. They were released from charges because the only eye witnesses were slaves who could not testify in court by law. A few yrs later the young plantation owner died and his wife cast her sister from the house. The young Nancy was forced to move from home to home of relatives and penniless was reported to have fallen into a house of ill repute in Richmond. It was at that time that a wealthy man who she was connected with in the north requested that she come and be his housekeeper. Desperate, nancy agreed. Upon arrival in her new position the owner of her new home shocked everyone by asking for her hand in marriage thus saving her from poverty.

    • AJ DavisAJ Davis says: 379 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1850 Italianate, classical
      New Haven, CT

      Thanks for that additional piece of history. I always appreciate getting as much historical data on a place as possible.

  5. VMaloneyVMaloney says: 96 comments

    Wow, that was quite a story!

  6. msjeanne28msjeanne28 says: 35 comments
    Palmer, AK

    It’s a very long article. Try clearing cookies and cache in your browser (or using a different browser) and see ifthat works. Lots of intrigue, possible murder, an affair and dead baby- pretty interesting.

  7. BethHBethH says: 234 comments
    1999 Dutchess County, NY

    And we think the 20th/21st centuries have invented scandal…. WOW! That story would make a heck of a movie!

  8. AJ DavisAJ Davis says: 379 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1850 Italianate, classical
    New Haven, CT

    Remote but prosperous plantations like this often had dependencies for virtually every task you can imagine–ie, a wash house, smoke house, master’s office, spring house, ice house, cook house (it is highly unlikely this house had an internal kitchen until some time after the civil war), and often even a school house, where the children of owner of the plantation were educated by a private tutor (an occupation JJ Audubon held at one time on a La. plantation), at least until (if ever) the kids were old enough to be sent away to a boarding school. I think even one of the plantations where Thomas Jefferson spent part of his childhood has an extant school house where he was educated early in life (?possibly Tuckahoe?). Sorry–this reply should have been placed well above where it is since it is a reply to earlier comments.

  9. VaTallyHoVaTallyHo says: 4 comments
    1716 VA

    I have followed this house for years, it was for sale, not for sale, for sale again with strict strings attached, them not for sale, then at auction, then cancelled…I spoke to real estate agents and no one wanted to touch dealing with this property or give me a straight answer or even return a call over the last couple of years. Then suddenly the property was “sold” but some said the listing was simply “unlisted”. Is there some way to find out if this property was truly sold? I am (and have been) ready to buy with cash and restore it to its exact original condition. It’s heart breaking to think that someone may dishonor it by modernizing it (at least modernizations that should be hidden), or add granite countertops or cutesy decor. I called the original listing agent and they said they have no record of the property. Thanks in advance!

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