1882 Second Empire – Rome, GA

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906 E 2nd Ave SW, Rome, GA 30161

Map: Street

  • $499,900
  • 6 Bed
  • 6.5 Bath
  • 7122 Sq Ft
Historic Claremont House B&B. Built by Col. Hamilton Yancey in 1882 of Gothic Victorian style. One of Rome's most prominent historic homes features 6 BR, 6.5 BA in the main home, plus a 2BR, 1BA cottage/guest house. Amazing walnut & pine woodworking throughout, stunning architectural details, plus there is a full walk up unfinished attic, located on the east side of Downtown Rome, can continue as a B&B with current zoning (it is also partially furnished w/period antiques) or can be private residence. Structure and roof are showing a bit of deferred maintenance; priced accordingly. Bring an offer! Motivated seller. Call agent for access.
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Mimi Richards, Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc.
(706) 506-9634 / (706) 291-0202
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29 Comments on 1882 Second Empire – Rome, GA

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  1. NonaKNonaK says: 265 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Austin, TX

    So much to love….

  2. southwest guy says: 44 comments

    Beautiful home. The fireplace mantel in the entry by the staircase, looks like a later replacement. Since that is so visible, I would find an antique replacement to the style of the house. Otherwise a very impressive home.

  3. Dixie ryall says: 24 comments

    This is my hometown!! I now live in Memphis. Beautiful stately home in a very nice area! If anyone is looking for a beautiful town with wonderfully friendly people and great schools and recreation, you should consider this masterpiece. The realtor representing is wonderful!

  4. VidaraVidara says: 1 comments
    1896 English Tudor
    St Louis, MO

    I love this site!!
    How large is the land parcel?
    That is usually listed…

  5. MJGMJG says: 2269 comments
    OHD Supporter


    WOW this home is a masterpiece. But what makes me jump out of my seat, is that built in sideboard in the dining room. O M G ! That alone is worth the purchase. I can’t even believe that it still exists, wasn’t simplified or dumbed down when that style was considered “outdated”. The earlier Modern Gothic form of the Eastlake styles are my favorite.

  6. Rhea K says: 11 comments

    Beautiful, this home is inviting you to come inside and take a look around. Love the built-in safe, but would have to strip paint off the fireplaces, woodwork and doors. Also love the original look of the kitchen, can almost smell biscuits baking and coffee on the stove. This is such a beautiful, interesting home that simply draws you in!!

  7. Rhea K says: 11 comments

    Love the attention to detail on archways between rooms and the curved archways, as in pic. 4 & pic. 12; simply beautiful. This is such an attractive home with so much detail everywhere you look, without overdoing it. Just something about this home feels so homey and inviting, I could just bring my suitcases and stay!!

  8. Sharon says: 11 comments

    OMG looks like it is right out of a Hitchcock movie and I love it. If I could afford it I would be there tomorrow, no, today. LOVE IT

  9. JimHJimH says: 5249 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Fantastic! This one is a museum waiting to happen for someone with the patience and funds to do it right. And not just a glitzy, generic Victoriana job with catalog wallpaper!

  10. MISTERMICELY says: 54 comments

    In photo #3 something wonderful is reflected in the mirror over the mantel! It looks like something rather gothic; might it be the door surround into the adjoining room? There is just too much here to adore and so I won’t enumerate every detail that delighted and amazed me. Too much to ooh and ah over! I think the (offending) mantel in the entry hall is for sale with the the two side tables – it has the same little piece of blue painters’ tape on it and does not seem to be even properly attached to the wall. It could be purchased by someone who would like to take it far, far away.

  11. cyberc says: 92 comments

    Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Oh come on, Guess????? Yep, I’m taking a trip to Rome to see this house. Berry College is located in Rome. It’s a very nice place to live. I’ve been to the Berry College campus, hence Rome, on many occassions. I have to see this home and look at the area to see if it is the home for me.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12127 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Awesome! Please tell us how your visit goes!

      • Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

        We have Yanceys in the family tree. I am not as experienced in genealogy as some of my other family members, but they are looking for Colonel Hamilton Yancey in the Yancey book today. A cursory look shows a “Colonel William Layton Yancey” on the family tree that I have.

        • Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

          We have not found a Colonel Hamilton Yancey, alas, in our genealogy book.

          • JimHJimH says: 5249 comments
            OHD Supporter

            Born as James Hamilton Yancey (1849-1931), from an old South Carolina family. Here’s an old bio with genealogy that seems well established:

            • Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

              I will send the link onto the family member who is currently into genealogy. Thank you! Here is the book my family has as a reference: http://yanceyfamilygenealogy.org/book_rly.htm. And, yes, Charles Yancey is the originating person on the tree that I have. (came here from Wales in 1642), then (as this passage says) Benjamin Yancey, then Lewis Davis Yancey, then it lists a John Yancey underneath that, who married a Mary Layton. Some family/Lineage names: Orr, Mauzy, Hopkins, Funkhouser, and Yancey. Paternal Grandfather Harry Mauzy Hopkins, who married Mary Elizabeth Hickman, my paternal grandmother.

    • Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

      Please let me know cyberc, if you see the house, and especially if you buy it. We have Yanceys in the family tree. I am not as experienced in genealogy as some of my other family members, but they are looking for Colonel Hamilton Yancey in the Yancey book today. A cursory look shows a “Colonel William Layton Yancey” on the family tree that I have. Email: bargerkirsten@yahoo.com.

    • Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

      That would have been really cool if there was a connection!

  12. David Sweet says: 258 comments

    WOW! This one had me reaching for my heart medication! Ditto all the remarks above.

  13. KIF says: 25 comments

    GOSH! Want.

  14. Kirsten Barger says: 20 comments

    So, yes, this is a direct ancestor of mine! <–11th generation Yancey (United States)! Now, if only I could afford the house! Here is the Yancey family tree we have:

    (3) Lewis Davis Yancey = Mildred W. Cavanaugh (m. 1710) in Virginia
    b. 1689 d. after 1778
    d. 1784

    Children: James Yancy, b. 1712 VA, d. Nov 1779 NC, m. Elizabeth ? in NC, Patriotic Service NC
    Charles Yancy, b. 1714 in VA, d. 1814, VA, m. ? Dumas, c. Charles Jr.. Patriotic Service VA
    John Yancy, b. 1724, d. after 1790
    Lewis Yancy Jr.: b. 1725 VA, d. 18 Oct 1784, m. Winifred Heneritta Faver, Patriotic Service VA
    Richard Yancy
    Philemon Yancy
    Anne Yancy
    Winefred Yancy
    Robert Yancy
    Elizabeth Yancy

    (4) John Yancey = Mary Layton (m. 1753)
    b. 1724 b. 1724
    d. after 1790 d. 1765
    Fought in French and
    Indian War. Lived in the
    Shenandoah Valley

    Children: William Layton Yancy, b. Feb 1754 VA, d. 4 Apr 1813 VA
    John Charles Yancy
    Frances Yancy
    Mary Elizabeth Yancy
    Ludwell Yancy, b. 1757 VA, d. 30 Oct 1821 KY, m. Elizabeth Jefferies, Pvt. VA

    (5) William Layton Yancey = Frances (Fannie) Lynn Lewis (m. 12/17/1788 ? )
    b. 1754 b. 5/17/1763
    d. 4 Apr 1813 d. 8/30/1845
    Cpt. VA Wrote diary with story of daughter kidnapped by Indians. Received widow’s pension WPNS

    Children: Maria L. Yancy
    Frances Layton Yancy
    Jacob Layton Yancy
    John S. Yancy
    Thomas L. Yancy
    Charles Lewis Yancy
    Elizabeth Clarissa Yancy
    William Burbridge Yancy, b. 27 Mar 1803, d. 27 Oct 1858
    Albert G. Yancy
    Louisa Malvina Yancy

    (6) William Burbridge Yancey = (1) Mary Kyle Smith (m. 11/4/1830)
    b. 3/271803 b. 9/30/1804
    d. 10/27/1858 d. 4/16/1845
    (2) Mary Gibbons (Polly) (m. 10/27/1846)
    b. 8/31/1810
    d. 1/10/1905

    Children: Diana Smith (1)
    William Benjamin (1)
    Thomas L. (1)
    Edward Smith (1)
    Charles Albert (1)
    Mary Frances (1)
    Margaret Jane (1)
    Robert Allen (2)
    Mary E. (2)
    Layton Burbridge (2)
    John Gibbons (2)

    (7) Margaret Jane Yancey = Joseph Nicholas Mauzy (m. 10/27/1865)
    b. 12/11/1844 b. 3/21/1845
    d. 4/4/1895 d. 2/6/1910

    William Albert
    Thomas Edward
    Mary Julia
    Frances Belle (Russell Mauzy Weaver’s mother)
    Joseph Layton
    Nannie Strother
    Charles Hampton
    Diana Lynn
    Emma Virginia
    Harry Crockett
    Margaret Christine

    (8) Emma Virginia Mauzy = Howard Leroy Hopkins (m. 5/26/1909)
    b. 11/7/1881 b. 6/8/1883
    d. 3/26/1969 d. 3/26/1938

    Margaret Christina
    Harry Mauzy
    Charlotte Elizabeth
    Joseph Howard

    (9) Harry Mauzy Hopkins = (1) Mary Elizabeth Hickman (m. 10/8/1938)
    b. 9/11/1911 b. 8/8/1912
    d. 11/20/1985 d. 6/16/2005
    (2) Helen Meachem Baber (m. 6/15/1956)
    b. 2/10/1919
    d. 1/21/1993

  15. Lori S says: 58 comments

    I have to say that this is one of my favorites so far! I could see myself living here and while scrolling and analyzing each photo, I actually teared up a bit. This house speaks to me. Love it

  16. Marion says: 10 comments

    The detail in the hand painted tiles on the fireplace surround with the wood mantle reveal lovely figures if you enlarge the frame…

  17. CLMCLM says: 114 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1940 Cottage
    Bradford, TN

    You have to check out JimH’s link. There are two fabulous giant china cabinet flanking a very cool door. Everywhere else I looked had the realtor’s pic’s but his link show the place while they were still doing business.

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