1894 Italianate – Drummondville, Quebec – $748,625

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131 Rue St-Georges Drummondville, Quebec, Canada

Map: Street

  • $999,500 CAD
    $748,625 USD
  • 5 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 0.68 Ac.
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French: Superbe maison Victorienne 1894 sur un terrain exceptionnel de + de 29 000 p.c. Elle a subi plusieurs rénovations, coût des rénos + achat: 1 500,000$. En excellente condition. Intérieur unique, terrain avec arbres adultes, plein centre ville, garage, boiserie, idéal pour professionnel. 2e bâtiment garage atelier avec superbe pièce au 2e étage.

English: Superb Victorian house 1894 on exceptional terrain of + 29 000 p.c. It underwent several renovations, cost of Renos + purchase: $1500.000. In excellent condition. Unique interior, land with mature trees, full city center, garage, woodwork, ideal for professional. 2nd building garage workshop with superb room on the 2nd floor.
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Paul Parenteau, Re/Max Synergie
819-477-5444 / 819-477-0510
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38 Comments on 1894 Italianate – Drummondville, Quebec – $748,625

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    If the English translation sounds a little off, it was run through the Collins translator. 🙂

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 851 comments
      1875 Limestone house
      Loire Valley, France,

      Hey Kelly, here’s my input:

      –> + 29 000 p.c (pieds carrés) = over 29,000 sq ft (0.66 acres)
      –> 1 500,000$ is $1,500,000. (one million and a half)

  2. AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

    Wow this house has beautiful interior woodwork, stained glass transoms and staircases and fretwork etc. I’m confused by where picture number 10 is located? To the attic?
    I’ve not looked close enough. The staircase looks new there.

    • TGrantTGrant says: 553 comments
      OHD Supporter

      New Orleans, LA

      If you look at picture 4, the gable end all the way on the right. I believe that’s the exterior section that correlates with picture 10.

    • AvatarDrew P. says: 4 comments

      Photo number 10 is the room that can be entered through the ground level doors in photo number 4.

      • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1875 Italianate cottage
        Noblesville, IN

        Yes indeed you are right sir, (it seems). The probably original iron stair down to the now missing green house(s?)! The space, as is now, is EPIC, EPIC, EPIC. Imagine a more insanely rad space to watch an event on tele with beers and friends – you can’t – it doesn’t exist. More architecturally interesting without the zombie box; but supremely functional with.

        • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

          I see now where you are talking. Thanks everyone for pointing that out. Though my opinion that’s not an original stair. Looks like a newer replica railing you can buy for a high cost. I could be wrong of course. Seems new to me as well as the ceiling seems to be a replica. Beautiful none the less. These people put a lot of time and money into this house.

          • JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
            OHD Supporter

            You have a good nose for original details, but even I can see all the repro stuff here, including most of the lamps. (Nitpicking!) There aren’t many folks who want to spend all their free time looking for vintage stuff.

            It’s a fabulous house that got the attention (and appropriate paint) it deserved. I was surprised by the location in the street view – it’s a wonder to have survived in this location for 125 years.

            • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

              That’s my favorite part of historic house buying and looking. What was original. Where was this missing window. How was the kitchen originally. What did the porch look like. Etc etc. and even if I think something is not authentic doesn’t mean it’s a negative mark on a house by any means.

            • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
              OHD Supporter

              1875 Italianate cottage
              Noblesville, IN

              Crap! I guess you’re probably right about the lamps being re-pro. Here’s a shot from 2006 showing what might be the original base supporting a sign and other lights:
              Don’t know when I’ll learn to hold off commenting after being out for drinks with friends. Every time I sperg out on a house in that state I miss important details. Sigh. What a let down. Sometimes I just see what I want to see.

              I was right about the greenhouse detail, but had confused the location
              somehow to that TV room deal; (however that evolved, it’s still a cool space). Of course the correct set of doors can clearly be seen here:
              The only old pic. I could find does show it; and it seems to be some sort of weirdo egg shaped thing!

              I want more, more, more pix of this place!

              • JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
                OHD Supporter

                That’s alright, I’ve made my share of odd late-night comments, including rhapsodizing about a perfectly preserved old brick facade before realizing it was just paint!

                That is a strange Jules Verne-y kinda thing!

                I get your enthusiasm about this place, which is so good we want it to be the perfect Victorian specimen. We all have different sensitivities to original vs. repro vs. just-hang-any-old-bulb-there-and-be-done-with-it!

            • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
              OHD Supporter

              1875 Italianate cottage
              Noblesville, IN

              Here’s a good profile shot of the other side:


          • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
            OHD Supporter

            1875 Italianate cottage
            Noblesville, IN

            I’m sure you’re right about the iron stairwell M.. If my first impression of it’s location had proven out that might be different; but the ground level / (split level?), TV room space was surely originally service / office related.

            If that space IS “split level”, either the iron back there is original, or it replaced something else. One way or another – or another, that whole service ell is RAD… My first thought was that it might be a spring house: but right up against the house!? Nah.

            This one makes me weak with envy.

            If I haven’t shared with you, (pretty sure I have), one of my other all time OHD faves =
            Italianates are my fave of fave “old” houses. 🙂

            • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

              Omg Rosewater you’re amazing! Finding this wonderful old photo of the house with that dramatic “weirdo” conservatory lol. I wish we could get a higher resolution.

              I hear you on commenting on stuff when you have a few drinks or rushing through photos. I can’t help myself sometimes from getting over excited. But once I have the time to study the photos then I get more excited about these homes and discover new things.

              That house you sent me the link to is wonderful! That house is a gem!! O m g. I love the old photos and drawings with that cool conservatory! So sad many homes don’t have these anymore.

  3. AvatarMelody says: 426 comments

    Gorgeous place! That room above the garage is such a great space, so many possibilities. I would like to see it with a little less decoration and furniture, it gets hard to see the rooms themselves.
    Interesting tv screen!

    As for this Canadian who is used to trying to read French with the grade school knowledge that I have of it… the translation looks pretty good. The purchase price plus cost of renovation has the house valued at $1.5 million (CAD). (That translation seemed a little clunky)

  4. AvatarRuede Mcgriff says: 2 comments

    The lot is 29000 square feet

  5. AvatarGretchen says: 41 comments

    Sacre Bleu!!! Le plafond – tres formidable!

  6. AvatarElaine says: 12 comments

    Ong! I wish this house was in Texas. love, love the interior

  7. AvatarLori says: 18 comments

    Wow, wow, wow! There’s something about this house that just draws me in. It’s magnificent!

  8. RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Wow oh wow oh HOLY COW. I was perfectly prepared to absolutely hate the interior here, and still love this house. The second pic featuring that MONUMENTAL cast iron double gas lamp is truly epic. That impressive beast probably hasn’t moved since installed new: and the shot of it with the splendidly designed, spectacularly preserved, top-shelf house it’s illuminating looming majestically behind is A+ photography. Very nice shot indeed. The double bay in gradated size on the side elevation is – – super uber rad – in it’s proportions to itself and the overall elevation, and to the house, which itself’ is magnificent in mass and proportion. I’ve seen that detail before, but never to such effect and so perfectly executed. The double doors on 1 next to that bay likely originally led to a magnificent cast iron green house of a likely outstanding quality and size befitting this house: (antique pix please!). 🙂 The trim colors are sublime all over. The service wing: the back porch; the front porch; the brickwork details; the windows; and on, and on: all perfect. The dependencies!! Imagine the smile on the brick merchant’s face when he got that order. Heheheh. 😉 This house is so solid, It kind of defies the imagination. The vaults below are likely of very impressive massing – for realz.

    So: the interior. MmmmmmK. Well. I’ll be spending the next week or so looking at that from time to time soaking it all in. After just a first glance, I could tell this is going to be one of my overall all time favorite houses – ever… The kitchen I would do differently, but it’s very nice for sure. It’s almost as if my very rich doppelganger is living here. Why would he sell??? This is how I live. This is how I would live if given the chance on this scale: except edit out some old to make room for a healthy dose of fabulous mid-modica art, design, furniture, etc; and some contemporary bits as well. This is my dream. Of course 80% of my time would be spent in the barn and the basement; other attendant whole worlds of possibility.

    Yes please.

    There is so much to say about this otherworldly fabulous home. Jeeeze.

    I just want a similar shot of it on a nice dark night, with the gas jets all the way up: an equally well set up shot; a long exposure which captures the glow of the gas light against the house. Please.

    Thank you Kelly. This OHD spring has been EPIC.

  9. MichaelMichael says: 1304 comments

    I love it, carriage house and everything. There must have been a small porch/balcony on the front of the carriage house, based on the upper door!

  10. Avatarrox says: 94 comments

    Everything about this house is perfection for me. I love it all and the huge room so one has a more modern relief from 1 century past.I want it left, just as it is. I love this. I probably shouldn’t emote so much.

  11. AvatarMandy Curnutt says: 20 comments


  12. AvatarGail Witham says: 39 comments

    Looks like a gorgeous house, too much stuff to see it properly though. My paternal Grandmother was from Drummondville. She died when I was 4 or 5 and she never did learn to speak english <3

  13. Kimberly62Kimberly62 says: 457 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1980 board & batten modern

    Intrigued by the current owners collection of everything there. What a fun way to live in such a wonderful house.

    • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

      And very fitting to the time. I’m a collector of interior photos up to 1900 and this is how many of the pictures of interiors are. Juxtaposition photos and articles on the walls. Wall to wall carpets or wood floors with Persian and Turkish carpets scattered over them. Furniture peices sometimes in front of other peices or cluttered in a room. Table cloths that sometimes have another cloth on top, tables loaded with books or vases or any other type of accouterments from the time. it’s just such a fun era of internal chaos. But organized chaos. Of course like anything nit every adopted this style but many did. Probably excited to finally having disposable income and readily Available items. If you think about it, it really was the start of the modern life today. Fact9ry produce items ordered by catalog.

      • Barbara VBarbara V says: 346 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1800 cottage
        Upstate, NY

        So what happens to all of this glorious stuff when they leave…?

        • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

          Simple. You bring your clutter to fill the house 😉 Or you ask them to leave.
          I wont tell you how many truckloads it took me to move this last move.

      • AvatarDenise Lynn says: 239 comments

        “Organized Internal Chaos.” I like that and I can’t wait to use it on my husband!
        There is such a contrast between the simplicity of the exterior and the deliberate “chaos” of the Victorian interior. This is clearly a much loved home! I can’t help but wonder if they’re simply running out of wall space for their art collection.

        • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

          Ah another person that likes that term. I always called it that. Total clutter everywhere but in an organized and artistic way.

  14. AvatarKeith Sanders says: 104 comments

    The numbers first (from the unofficial, self-appointed surveyor)… approximations based on Google Satellite measurements and best guesses. (I’ll spare you the details of the calculations.) Main house with its two annexes – 4800 sq. ft. Basement, if present, under the main house – 1280 sq. ft. Garage (two floors) – 1600 sq ft.

    Agog over the four-poster newel post. The library/cinema/spiral staircase with its ceiling is amazing. The space over the garage is rad. Et le bois? Mais oui! One could ramble on… Seeing this is in my Canada, but so far away, is the sweetest form of torture.

  15. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 851 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    You gotta check the name of the island near the house: https://goo.gl/maps/mMqWYEpQ7PS2 . Île aux Fesses = buttocks island / butt cheeks island. 😀

  16. AvatarBeth H. says: 106 comments

    Oh, alright!! For this one, I’ll learn French, and I’ll learn to love it. I wanted to move to Canada, anyway.

    Love the phrase “organized chaos” – as much as I love Victorian interiors, I think even I would have a little less in this gorgeous house. But the space… the woodwork… heck, even that amazing drop-down TV area… and that studio over the outbuilding! Come to mama!

    • AvatarMJG says: 528 comments

      Glad you like that!
      That’s how I always called my home. Organized Chaos.
      Total clutter everywhere but in an organized and artistic way.

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