1885 Gothic Revival – Bear Lake, MI – $214,900

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7899 Lake St, Bear Lake, MI 49614

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Impressive Victorian on 2 mostly wooded acres with 139 feet of Bear Lake frontage right across the street! Recently became a painted lady with new exterior paint in beautiful colors. Incredible original woodwork, impressive open staircase, high ceilings, bay windows, wood floors and 2 covered porches! Remodeled kitchen, updated electric and plumbing plus a natural gas, hot water boiler new in 2004. Replacement windows. Both baths totally remodeled. Main floor laundry and option for a large main floor bedroom if needed. Live there, bed and breakfast, place to hold weddings, antique shop??? So many possibilities! Originally part of a land grant from Ulysses S. Grant! Bear Lake is all sports and 1744 acres. Would just need to install short staircase to enjoy lake living at it's finest!
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Margie Zaccanelli, Re/Max Bayshore
(231) 887-4777
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18 Comments on 1885 Gothic Revival – Bear Lake, MI – $214,900

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  1. AvatarKarenZ says: 874 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This is so gorgeous! I really love all that beautiful staircase! I think that I would really love it in this location until I got those first lake effect snowstorms! I like snow, but that might be a bit much! I think that this would be a great place for a family vacation home!

  2. AvatarjoanT says: 6 comments

    The exterior paint design is exquisite, and there are many nice details inside as well. This is a lovely house.

  3. AvatarJenny McCoy says: 150 comments

    Amazing wood details both inside and out.

  4. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 776 comments

    I love the paint job, the ocre looks golden and emphasizes the trim and elements of the bow window and curly thing above it (sorry, not native English-speaker, I lost my words for this!)

  5. Avatardreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1269 comments

    That tub is very unusual … I love the lake view and being a native of Ottawa, On, Canada, I can handle the snow LOL. I would if I could buy this, just enough country living. The kitchen was a little odd to me, but I’m not a fan of white kitchens anyway.

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 776 comments
      1875 Limestone house
      Loire Valley, France,

      second time i look at this page, and I did not notice that the faucets are on a pedestal! strange!

  6. AvatarBrendan says: 73 comments

    I wonder if the carpeting in the parlor with the piano might be original? It looks to be the type that came in strips and was sewn together which was a popular style in the Victorian period. Lovely house indeed!

    • Architectural ObserverArchitectural Observer says: 476 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1918 Bunkhouse
      WestOfMiddleOfNowhere, KS

      You’ve got a good eye for detail! I think you are probably correct about the carpet. The colors are so faded that it didn’t register with me until I read your comment. There can’t be many examples of this left around… I hope the buyer will respect this interesting survivor from the past and keep it intact.

  7. AvatarHarleysmom says: 79 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Windsor, CA

    Are those hanging lights in the kitchen tea cups? Beautiful setting, lovely house.

  8. Avatarcalifornianinkansas says: 108 comments

    I love the interior woodwork, especially the wooden arch above the door in the 10th photograph.

  9. AvatarNancyN says: 29 comments

    My grandparents retired to a house on Bear Lake and then my parents bought that house for their retirement home, so I grew up spending about two weeks every summer visiting.
    Bear Lake is a tourist town and bustling during the summer, turning into a sleepy little village during the off-season. The lake itself is wonderful for boating, swimming, fishing, just about anything you like to do on the water.
    Highway 31 is the main drag through town which is the road you see in the pictures so that can get a bit busy during the summer.
    The area itself is a wonderful mix of conifer and deciduous forests, sand dunes, and because of that sandy soil is amazing for growing fruits. We were usually there the end of June/first part of July and what I remember most are the strawberries, big and solid red throughout, and the cherries (especially the bings). We would pick them and end up eating as many as went into the bucket. You are only 5-10 miles from Lake Michigan, if you prefer water on a little larger scale.
    It’s probably been 5 or 6 years since I’ve been to Bear Lake and I vaguely remember this house being white or some other light color. If I wasn’t so “citified” (think restaurant delivery), I would love to snap up this house. I loved spending summers growing up here.

  10. Michael MackinMichael Mackin says: 1224 comments

    I like the color and bones of the exterior. It does look like they have made some small changes to the outside. I would have expected to see open rafter tails with bead board on the soffit. Instead I see it is enclosed. The detail in the large gable does not look right. I would expect it to look closer to the detailing we see on the porch, which I think is original.

  11. AvatarLorenN says: 22 comments

    The exterior is “cute as a button” with that paint choice on architecture. Nice acreage. This home is ready for someone to buy and put back more period style in the kitchen–especially the lighting! Modern furniture tends to be larger for us larger humans and always gobbles up space in vintage & Antique rooms. Thus, I personally prefer vintage + antique with some correct size to the room, comfort pieces mixed in to make it Eclectic but comfortable to live in. I imagine this lovely home showcased that way.

  12. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9826 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posted 2016, not sold but went off market for a short time. Back on, the photos haven’t been updated in the listing yet so these are the same ones from 2016. Moved to front page, comments above may be older.

  13. AvatarJoe says: 591 comments

    This is a really attractive house. I find it interesting that the comments on OHD from earlier years say more about the pleasure in staying at Bear Lake than any information that I was able to find on a G search. Maybe the chamber of commerce should link to the comments posted here.
    I would also be interested in knowing how much traffic passes in front of the house each day and if the property owns any lake frontage where one could build a dock and/or boathouse. Just general curiosity as opposed to serious interest. I always dream in spite of the fact that I am not in the market for a house any kind in MI.

  14. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 776 comments

    Can’t believe it’s not sold yet, it’s so beautiful!!

  15. AvatarStacy says: 112 comments

    Was thinking same, such an amazing home, seems to be a beautiful location & hasn’t sold yet? I’d be in so much trouble if I won the lottery, I’d own a home in every state! So many on this site on my wish list!

  16. AvatarMary Jane says: 6 comments

    I recognized this house from years of traveling ‘up north’ through Bear Lake from Chicago. Nice to see the inside. I’d think you’d likely only have room for a small deck and staircase down to water on the other side of the street. This is a main drag up the western side of the state, but I’ve never been in a traffic jam or anything.

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