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51 Saw Mill Rd, Meredith, NY 13753

Map: Aerial

  • $285,000
  • 6 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 3000 Sq Ft
  • 1.3 Ac.
Perched atop the ridge-line that separates the Susquehanna and Delaware watersheds, this Victorian era Grand-Dam looks out over one of the most beautiful valleys in the entire Catskill region. Built as the summer retreat for Anna Ayer Fry, daughter of the founder of the Meridale Dairy, New York City's largest supplier of milk in the early 1900's, this home has finery to spare. Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable chair on the 2nd story sunroom, looking west over Meridale valley and the Ouleout Creek beyond. This view, alone, will awe and amaze. The home retains many details in near-perfect condition. The Fry house was one of the center-pieces of life in Meredith Square. Along with the storied Meredith Inn, several churches and the post-office/general store, the area around this mountain-top community was active and productive in ways other communities could only dream of at the time. Two gorgeous glass-paneled sunrooms -- 1st floor and 2nd floor -- draw your attention. These beautiful spaces allow views to the west over a expansive lawn -- at one time the site of clay tennis courts -- and further out across the peaceful Ouleout Valley. This home would make an ideal bed and breakfast. The large dining and sitting areas in the front of the house, each with elegant fireplaces, are perfect for large meals or grand parties. And the classic Victorian glass and stone-floor garden room off the west sitting room makes outdoor entertaining pleasant, even on a rainy summer day or a blustery fall afternoon. A large kitchen and historically accurate butler-pantry with original built-in shelves from floor to ceiling make meal prep and service easy. There is a back porch with steps down to the back drive, and the original servants' stairs off the kitchen make for quick access to the 2nd floor directly from the kitchen. There is a bathroom, and a bedroom on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with the western front bedroom having a large ensuite bathroom (and that great glass-paneled sunroom). The eastern side room also has a convenient working sink right in the room. The home is part of the buildings that made up the historic Meredith Square, which is seeing a revitalization with the reopening of the historic Meredith Inn, a brewery nearby and many farm-to-table projects in the area. Currently, the house has a life as a home for seniors, but it was previously operated as a guest house. Imagine the new chapter you'll be able to write here. The property includes a separate 2-bedroom cottage, and a spacious 3 bedroom home on the adjoining lot, both rented with monthly income of over $1100. Keep these for their rental income, or use them for support staff for your new restaurant/guest home project.
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Hazen Reed, Keller Williams Realty
(607) 431-2540
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28 Comments on Meredith, NY – $285,000

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  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks IlexJo for sharing this awesome home!

    I’ve found multiple build dates, 1815, 1850 and the description says early 1900’s.

    Check the “Source Links” at the top of the page, any of those have more photos.

    • AvatarScottF says: 3 comments

      It wouldn’t surprise me if all three dates are correct and actually refer to the original date of construction and the dates of the additions. It looks like it began life as a two-over-two, center hall, five-bay Federal and went from there.

  2. AvatarCarole says: 31 comments

    Where the back section is shown, looks like a later addition to me. Ties in well though.

    Gorgeous place.

  3. AvatarCee Tee says: 1 comments

    OMG! I could live out my fairy tale in this place. Love it all … the woodwork, the bathrooms, the fireplaces … o lordy!!

  4. Avatardkzody says: 279 comments

    And there are places for the hired staff! I love that. One could just call up and have the house opened for the weekend.

  5. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 795 comments

    Such an elegant home. And I love the smaller houses on the property.

  6. AvatarOld House Dude says: 1 comments

    Looks pretty good; ripe for a discerning preservationist… before, the next owner, gets a chance to sanitize, sterilize, and stylize. Remarkable to have retained original finishes on all the unpainted woodwork. Someone got a little happy with swirly sand paint ceilings in a few rooms, and that Garden State Brickface and Stucco fireplace is about the most invasive thing – needing to be re-thought and properly re-built. Good Luck old house!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 4561 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Antique beadboard sure is pretty. It really is a miracle so much of it survived the brush, (ESPECIALLY the sleeping / sun porch). I’ll second your well wishes for the home’s future preservation. Looks like parts of this house may indeed date back to 1815; the double doors certainly must.

      Fantastic fireplace mantle and shelves unit in the MBR!

  7. AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

    The only “major” reno work I’d do, is to see if there’s hardwood under the kitchen tile floor , replace the appliances, and give the place a lick of paint/wallpaper, and see what’s under the carpet upstairs. I’m not a fan of the sink in the bedroom, but I think I could get used to the paneling. Other than that relatively minor work, I really like this house. I’ve always wanted a sunroom-and this house has two! And a room to put my plants! Then I could get even more plants. I love the view, too.

  8. AvatarGlorybe says: 151 comments

    The surrounding Countryside is so peaceful and beautiful! The woodwork is gorgeous. There are so many guest houses for friends and family…
    I thought it was a unique touch the Creekstone flooring!

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1882 comments

      The house is a nice one! And the countryside in this area is really very pretty. (Can use the topographical view in google maps to see all of the hills & valleys.) This house is located between the small city of Oneonta and village of Delhi (Delaware Co. seat), closer to Delhi. Two colleges in Oneonta – SUNY & Hartwick, and one – SUNY Ag & Tech – in Delhi. But… you need to be okay with driving on the quite hilly & constantly curvy Rte. 28 to get to either place; can be tedious. I eventually got used to driving on it on dry roads when I’ve needed to go down to Delhi from here in the Mohawk Valley, but winter might be more challenging…

  9. AvatarSean Lowry says: 31 comments

    If it is not broken … don’t fix it… I find nothing wrong with this grand old house. It looks to me a very comfortable home to enjoy life in. If it was mine I would have guest here all the time playing music and enjoying the awesome surrounding area. I hope some one with a big family and friends will take good care of it and appreciate it just the way it is… since I have not the resources to acquire it. If I did I certainly would as I find it to be a delightful well cared for comfortable home. Just imagine having a family reunion in this beautiful home… It is what it deserves. So beautiful a place.

  10. Avatarpeeweebc says: 858 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Well I’m in love all over again, each time is better than the previous. What a dream this is… the woodwork is astonishing, the country setting, little extra houses, what is not to like?

  11. JimHJimH says: 4208 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Here’s an old photo of the Fry house before a massive remodeling:

    The description mentions the owner’s father founded the Meridale Dairy, which is true, but he made his fortune with his N.W. Ayer & Son advertising agency in Philadelphia. Ayer’s large country home was around the corner from the Fry house.

    The street in the 1930’s I’d guess – house to the left:

    The neighboring house when it was a general store in 1905:

  12. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posted 2017, why is this still for sale?! Moved to the front page for a deserved reshare. Comments above may be older.

  13. AvatarClund says: 146 comments

    I love this house. It’s really interesting, in a good way. It feels friendly. It really needs very little, mostly paint. Oh, and a large family that doesn’t want to change her.

  14. AvatarDeniseLynn says: 239 comments

    This house is dreamy gorgeous! I’d change a couple of the bedroom paint colors and the kitchen floor. Inside and out, this home keeps saying “Welcome.” The views from the windows are simply lovely.

  15. Karen SpencerKaren Spencer says: 22 comments

    Beautiful house and I always love it when you post houses in NY. This is actually like a grand version of my little house, like if my house took the Alice in Wonderland pill to make her big. The front door and the porch are so welcoming. I love, love, love this house, especially as it seems so familiar to me. I do hope a thoughtful preservationist buys it. I wish it could be me and I will keep a note of this house…just in case!

  16. AvatarAlicia P says: 22 comments

    The unpainted woodwork and those kitchen/pantry cupboards!!

  17. jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 949 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1947 Ranch

    Very VERY lovely. What I loved the most is the butler’s pantry. The patina of wear in all the right places where decades of people have opened and closed those sweet cabinet doors, showing the story of the house. Oh, thank god they haven’t been painted! On the same note I wonder how the other ‘beadboard’ rooms have escaped the white paint brush? I hope the next owner will respect what’s here and leave the white paint alone.

  18. AvatarDavid Sweet says: 235 comments

    I love this old house just the way it is, and I find it truly amazing that nobody has “updated things”. There are SO MANY original details here, not to mention the surroundings….sigh.

  19. AvatarHouselover75 says: 3 comments

    This house is intoxicating! All those rooms and doorways. The sunroom and the woodwork. So inviting and intriguing. Too bad about that fireplace, it’s really jarring. How difficult would it be to rebuild? Otherwise a really gorgeous house.

  20. AvatarPaula Libby says: 33 comments

    Love those pantry cabinets! Went to the realtor site and there is an elevator! I had wondered how they got the old folks up and down. vbg Great House and beautiful views. Wonderful porches too.

  21. AvatarJohn Robinson says: 21 comments

    Why does the lister call this “a Victorian Grand-Dam” when it is clearly not Victorian and there is no water flowing over it?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10360 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I assume they meant “Grand-Dame” and a lot of people think all old houses are either “Colonial” or “Victorian” and call it as such.

  22. AvatarKarenZ says: 976 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I actually love those pantry closets!

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