1912 Colonial Revival – Chase City, VA

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679 N Main St, Chase City, VA 23924

Map: Street

  • $209,000
  • 10 Bed
  • 10 Bath
  • 10000 Sq Ft
  • 1 Ac.
A total of 28 rooms with 10 bathroms & 10 bedrooms. Basement with safe. 10,000+/- GLA. Renovation has been started with new wiring and plumbing. Irreplaceable Phillipine Mahogany. Hardwood floors, tile porch. 8 fireplaces. Third & fourth floor bedrooms each w/ bath. Unlimited Potential. Luxury Hotel or B & B, operate your Business or have the Family move in. Just Ole Historic charm in Southside Virginia. There is no Home like it in the area for this price. Explore the options and be Bold in a small Southern Town.
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Keith Langford, Century 21 On The Lake
(434) 374-2279 / (434) 917-5492
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11 Comments on 1912 Colonial Revival – Chase City, VA

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12216 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Was on the site years ago, still not sold but recently reduced in price. Thought I’d add it back. The smaller images are the size they were found but I did include the most recent street view.

  2. Ron G says: 160 comments

    WOW! What a house. It would be interesting to know what the remodeling vision was going to be. This project may need someone with deep pockets to continue. 10,000 sq. ft. could be a utility bill night mare.

  3. hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 241 comments

    most curious place indeed, not to mention all the possibilities jejejeje

    Why does the theme to “The Brady Bunch” or “Revenge Of The Nerds” run through my mind ??

  4. kmmoore says: 418 comments

    “Be bold in a small Southern town.” I feel like this should be my mantra! ??? Love this!

  5. Joe says: 755 comments

    -From the information provided, I might really like this house. I guess that I will never know.
    -I am often confused in the, what were they thinking way, about real estate listings like this. There are very few pictures for any house, much less one this size. This looks like a house that I could love. There is no way that I can see someone being able to determine the truth of that from anything that I have found on line. There is a “video”, which is a composite of still photos on youtube:
    -This shows what appears to be some more rooms, but I can’t really tell because there is simply no context between the different photos. Does the house have an entry doorway? Does it have an entry hall? It clearly has a possibly interesting old stair, but it also has a stair that looks like it has been partially built quite recently.
    -This listing leaves me totally frustrated for no reason. How about someone putting their phone on video. Start outside . Take a video while approaching the house showing the approach, front door, and what one would see as one enters. Pan right and left so one can see how rooms are entered from the hall…….
    -I really mean no disrespect here, but I am totally FRUSTRATED by the fact that there is so little for me to see of a house for which I could have genuine interest.
    – Did I mention that the lack of photos and context with those provided FFFFFFFFFFRUSTRATEs me! Please understand, I am not saying that it is a bad house. I wish that enough information had been provided for me to make a determination of any kind.

    • AMAC says: 6 comments

      Because of its size and location, I wonder if this structure didn’t originally have an institutional purpose, e.g., private boarding school or similar? The current renovations seem a bit muddled and clearly there’s some long-standing damage in parts of the building. All very curious. It might indeed succeed as a small hotel/B&B but will require significant and well planned investment to renovate the structure successfully.

  6. Cindy J says: 5 comments

    Wowwwza! Love it!!

  7. Bigrog says: 157 comments

    Love the exterior of this house. I hope whoever is doing the rehabbing brings it back to it’s former glory. Then I would love to see the inside.

  8. Jason says: 25 comments

    Huge place. From the overhead view the driveway is really a road (Boswell Ave)that connects to another street behind the house and 2 other houses use this ave. Definitely would not want my yard as a cross thru.

  9. AlanAlan says: 58 comments
    1948 Cape Cod/Bungalow?
    Davisville, WV

    Jason, I used Google Earth and street view and I see what you’re saying. I checked out the street running behind the house (Grove Avenue), following it to Boswell Ave. Looking down Boswell you can see the curbing on the right side of the street ends much sooner than on the left and the street narrows. My guess is that part of the property behind this house was sold off and Boswell Ave. was built to give access to the homes that were subsequently built. Boswell ends just past the house behind this one. The original driveway may have gone back to an old garage or carriage house/stable(?) but now connects with Boswell Ave. and is still probably private. The end of the driveway on Main Street looks more like an entrance to a driveway than an actual street.

  10. pamibachpamibach says: 115 comments


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