1911 – Madison, NC – $449,000

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506 W Hunter St, Madison, NC 27025

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  • $449,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 4810 Sq Ft
  • 1.14 Ac.
1911 marked an important milestone for Madison businessman Nathaniel Pickett, the completion of his high Victorian Queen Anne Style home "Rosemont". With its with multiple roof lines, porches, clay roof, extensive use of exterior granite block, and elegant porte cochere it soon became the talk of the town and a local landmark. Lovingly maintained and still one of the areas most loved homes, Rosemont features 9 fireplaces, intricate hand laid parquet floors, updated kitchen, detached apartment.
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Eva Johns, Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate
(336) 779-9200
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14 Comments on 1911 – Madison, NC – $449,000

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  1. Avatarjwheath says: 9 comments
    Tulsa, OK

    One of those guys that fell in love with the style and look of a certain house twenty years prior but didn’t have the capability until 1911. Nice house, very clean looking.

  2. AvatarKara says: 1 comments

    “I’ll be in the solarium.”

  3. CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 810 comments

    By 1911 the Queen Anne style in any form had largely fallen out of fashion. This late Victorian house does have many elements typical of transitional Colonial Revival or Free Classic designs. The tower is almost a throwback to a couple decades earlier when compared to the classical porch, leaded glass, plain batten wainscoting, transom windows, etc.

    Old pic…

  4. AvatarKaren says: 596 comments

    Beautiful house! I love the large open entry foyer.

  5. AvatarKarenZ says: 919 comments
    OHD Supporter

    That stairwell is so striking! The entire house is so striking! So beautiful!

  6. AvatarKIF says: 26 comments

    *SIGH* want!

  7. AvatarLinda in Idaho says: 7 comments

    I love everything about this beautiful home.

  8. Avatarleighlev says: 9 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 victorian vernacular
    Stone Mountain, GA

    When i first looked at this, I thought “Wow! I don’t remember this house in Madison.” Then I saw that it was NC Madison not GA Madison. What is it with towns named Madison and their beautiful homes?

  9. AvatarDeborah W Mann says: 178 comments

    Gorgeous home. Other than paint, inside and out, I dont think I would change a thing.

  10. AvatarJohn says: 2 comments

    I’ve been in this house prior to the open house as a private showing with our agent and then multiple times during the open house and it is not all that it is cracked up to be. this home, as many oldies, needs extensive restoration. There is severe water damage on the lower floor and each balcony (which both sag and sway) and porch is rotten. Mold covers each exterior door facing and I personally feel that as a realtor I would’ve done my due diligence before showing this house as “move in ready” not “as is”. Many spots in the wood floors are soft and the home was lived in by an elderly couple which probably couldn’t keep up with much maintenance as the woman was handicapped. There is a chair lift on the staircase (not shown in pictures) and buttons for flushing and washing in the bathroom. The “laundry room” as they called it was sadly painted over and is the cringe worthy teal color that pennies turn when left in the rain too long and there is a outdated dentist/barbers chair next to a cheep sink in there similar to that you would find in a camper, all of which is not pictured. The “basement” can only be accessed from the outside of the home around the back through a sagging door with no lock and had a quarter inch deep puddle cased from a potential leak in the hot water heater, which takes up the majority of the room in there and likely from groundwater seeping through the cinder block walls. The solarium floor is bowing and used to be an indoor garden so there is not much foundation underneath. There is a quite large pile of bricks on the corner of the property and the driveway is split and shared with the neighbors. Tax value on this home is 385k and the homes next to it are as small as 1100 feet and shortly passed those are single wide trailers. When walking through the home we noticed that every place you may want to put a piece of furniture or a television there is a doorway or fireplace. I love the architecture, but this home would need some help. help it may never find in a town of 2,200 people. This home is cool, if only you could relocate it and fix it up for the price they want!

    • AvatarJohn says: 2 comments

      In no way do i intend to disrespect realtors or this town, i just wouldn’t want someones expectations to be higher than they should be when coming to see this home.

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