c. 1830 – Somerville, AL – $260,000

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138 Monroe St, Somerville, AL 35670

Map: Aerial

  • $260,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 1 full, 2 half Bath
  • 2493 Sq Ft
  • 0.63 Ac.
Move in ready! Historic Houston-Rice House listed on the National Register of Historical Places and on the American Building Survey. Built in 1830 and restored to museum quality in 1994 with period materials. This home has modern conveniences with historic charm. New roof and HVAC in 2016. Own a piece of history! Classic brick Virginia Tidewater construction boasts beautiful hardwood floors and 10' ft ceilings along with unmatched quality makes this a must see home. Self contained guest house is 372 sq ft with a 3/4 bath. Additional lot/barn with 2 sheds can be purchased for $20,000. Possible event/air B&B, location minutes to Wheeler WLR. Guest house included in sq ft.
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Jim Todd, Keller Williams
(256) 519-7220
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28 Comments on c. 1830 – Somerville, AL – $260,000

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  1. AvatarBrian McCoy says: 4 comments

    I just fell head over heels in love.

  2. AvatarMelissa says: 250 comments

    I’m with ya, Brian…. totally gorgeous!

  3. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 449 comments

    Great little house, nicely restored, and a nice garden and outbuildings.

  4. AvatarLaurie says: 1605 comments

    Super house! The old bricks, probably made on the property, get me from the beginning. Seems not to have been too badly messed with, which is a wonder. The scraped woodwork is inappropriate to the period — it would have been painted — and shabby chic doesn’t help the dignity of this lovely old old house. Easily corrected, however.

  5. AvatarSage says: 75 comments

    Very nice, although I agree with the comment about the finishes. It is a curious design, though. If this house really was built in 1830 it would have been a rather old fashioned design. The dual chimneys and front doors look reminds me of Colonial Virginia. I wonder if they are basing the date on the ell and not than front house.

  6. Chris32Chris32 says: 89 comments

    Sometimes when I see a house here, I wish for an unlimited budget so I can save it from neglect, destruction, or a subdivision. Other times, I just want to rent a
    U Haul, pack up the dogs, and move in. This would be that second type of house.

    • AvatarKaren says: 230 comments

      Chris, I too wish I had an income to do the same thing. but this house looks like it is in very good condition. sigh lovely place to live….

      • Chris32Chris32 says: 89 comments

        I agree, Karen. You can feel the love that the current owners must have for this place. I’d make my craft studio out of the guest house, and boy…..would I love to tend those gardens and make good use of that potting shed. Some day, some day.

  7. AvatarScottF says: 3 comments

    I’ve visited this house. It was in the mid-1990’s, and I don’t think it had been lived for a while at that time. I remember coming face-to-face with a garden spider about the size of my hand while I was inspecting the brick work! I also remember being told by a long-time resident of the area that the building had originally been a tavern or inn of some sort.

  8. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10343 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posted 2014. I don’t believe it sold but went off market for a while. Back on the market, updated with the new photos and moved to front page. Comments above may be older. I included two photos from the Library of Congress, also linked up top are photos before the restoration in the National Register file.

  9. mschris32mschris32 says: 89 comments

    I’m just as in love today as I was when I posted those comments in 2014. Such a beautiful place and a wonderful garden area for me to tend.

  10. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1881 comments
    1920 Colonial Revival
    Upstate/Central NY, NY

    Nicely photographed. And Froggie looks very pleased! 🐸

  11. AvatarMW says: 726 comments

    Seems very well curated. I think I might have guessed tidewater MD or VA on the location too if I hadn’t already seen the address. I’m pretty sure if it was in MD or VA it wouldn’t be only $275K either, so that was another indication.

    As another poster mentioned, I am not a big fan of the faux aged look either. But it appears very well done here and certainly makes for a very appealing and comfortable looking presentation.

    The house definitely looks in a lot better shape than it did in the 1930’s. So obviously a lot or restoration work has been done to it to bring it back. I wonder how much of the interior is original and what was replaced. It might take a careful eye to figure it out.

  12. AvatarAnne Hamilton says: 214 comments

    I knew it was missing something, just didn’t make sense for that area and build date. Then I saw the photos from 1930’s NOW it makes sense, missing the front porch, NOW those double front doors make sense!
    Beautifully done inside. And in a great area. Spent summers in that area with my grandparents on lake Wilson.

  13. respectthishouserespectthishouse says: 41 comments
    OHD Supporter

    sweet 50s ranch Nashville, TN

    Wonderful! But what the heck is Wheeler WLR (“location minutes to Wheeler WLR”)?

  14. AvatarGina Hill says: 78 comments

    I normally don’t like this style but this restoration and decor are stellar!

  15. AvatarTess says: 320 comments

    Perfect, just my
    Size. Open those doors and let the breeze through.

  16. Avatarpeeweebc says: 858 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    I love this house. ☺️

  17. BethsterBethster says: 805 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Spanish
    NY (house is in VA), NY

    I wonder how common it was at that time to have two exterior front doors? I’m not familiar with Virginia Tidewater construction—maybe the two doors are a feature of that? Or I suppose one of the doors could have been created later (perhaps an entrance for an office)? Anyway, I like the way it looks. I know there’s a porch missing but that makes the appearance more striking to me.

    The history of its owners and the descendants of Green Pryor Rice (who may or may not have lived there) is really interesting, especially the attorney who represented Rosa Parks.

    P.S. I read the earlier comment by ScottF, who visited the house and saw a spider the size of his hand. That would have made me hop in my car and take off!

  18. AvatarSandy B says: 451 comments
    OHD Supporter

    2001 craftsman farmhouse
    Bainbridge Island, WA

    Love this house and it does appear much like a Tidewater VA, MD 18th-century form, which are my first love. Glad they removed the later porch. It makes sense that it may have been a tavern. Since early houses were often on large tracts (especially in the south) and therefore far apart, visitors often found refuge for the night and/or, “refreshments.” The scale, with high ceilings and tall narrow windows really spark something in me I find unable to shake……I want it!!!!

  19. AvatarThada B. says: 17 comments

    Adorable! I wish it were in south Alabama instead of north. The climate might persuade me more…
    Here is more info on the Rather-Rice-Gilchrist house: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/al0671/
    and two more 1930s photos here: https://bit.ly/2THu043

  20. AvatarBigrog says: 187 comments

    Oh how I wish I had the money. This would be mine. I love everything about this place. Such a homey feeling.

  21. AvatarJessica says: 56 comments

    The owners of this house have fantastic style. It’s immaculate, in my opinion.

  22. brigidbrigid says: 255 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1930 Eclectic Lake Cabin
    Smalltown, OK

    This has got to be one of the most perfect houses I’ve seen! I love everything about it -the rough brick exterior, the beautiful woodsy yard,the brick interior walls,the floors, the faded wainscoting, the primitive kitchen cabinets, and is that a tiny fireplace in the kid’s room!? Kudos to the owner’s for their awesome decorating. I love primitive homes and this one is just the right amount of primitive and ‘modern’. For some reason it seems earlier than 1830 to me. Maybe cause I’ve been binge watching “Sleepy Hollow”?


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