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1172 Washington St, Bath, ME 04530

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Beautiful historic 1853 church with floor to ceiling handcrafted stained glass windows, soaring ceilings, wood choir loft and curved, double oak staircase. Sanctuary holds gorgeous antique wooden pews while the basement offers a full commercial kitchen, nursery, office & large community room. Elevator & handicap restrooms provide accessibility for everyone. Front yard ready for landscaping and ample parking round out this wonderful opportunity for your organization or non profit to own space in the desirable community of Bath.
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Penny Lane, Sharon Drake Real Estate
(207) 443-1005
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14 Comments on 1853 Church – Bath, ME – $285,000

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  1. AvatarJo Ann Graham says: 60 comments

    This looks like it was an active congregation. I hope they moved to a larger facility and did not die. But it would break my heart ( theirs) to leave such a wonderful building and history. I hope someone keeps it alive.

  2. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 760 comments

    This is lovely. Can I get an amen?

  3. AvatarJoyce J Fails says: 1 comments

    What a beautiful church! I pray it will continue to be used as a church. What happened? Too many members lost? Structural problems? Hymnbook disagreement? Generations have experienced such problems.

  4. JimHJimH says: 4024 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This was the Beacon Street Methodist Church, used by the congregation until 2007. They built a new building to improve the parking, and sold this to another church that apparently failed. Sad they didn’t take their nice stained glass windows for the new church, so that’s a bonus for the buyer.

    The 1876 parsonage behind the church is owned separately. The steeple and belfry were lost when lightning caused a fire in 1981. Old postcard:

    Church history with more photos:

    • AvatarPamela says: 25 comments

      Thank you for sharing, lovely building, sad to know it may change to a different venue.

    • AvatarJKleeb says: 147 comments

      Thanks for sharing—would have loved to see the “gold and delicate colored ceiling” before the Eisenhower era white out.

  5. AvatarBigrog says: 182 comments

    I hate to see any church for sale. People need to get back to filling the pews on Sunday, However, it would make a besutiful home.

    • hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 148 comments

      Amen and it is sad , but tis better to re-purposed then the watch it fall into disrepair

  6. hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 148 comments

    churches are the best foundations in which to build one’s dream home,
    that is provided one takes special care to not disrupt the the base structure and the harmony that exists 🙂

    one can feel the love that built this place

  7. AvatarNeil says: 1 comments

    Oh man, that ‘Lamb of God’ banner looks a little too much like the logo of the metal band of that name!

  8. AvatarEric says: 287 comments

    With the walls being covered in plaster and the coved ceilings I can imagine that the acoustics are incredible.

  9. SueSue says: 272 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Bath is a wonderful, wonderful town. Right out of a Hallmark movie and near some of the loveliest coastline.

  10. AvatarWendy says: 44 comments

    Sad to see this for sale, and hoping someone will preserve the beautiful stained glass. I used to go to Christmas Eve services here sometimes with my best friend– a beautiful old church!

    • hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 148 comments

      well heres your chance to buy it and preserve the memories 4 what they are worth jejeje
      on a more personal note, if I were lucky enough to find and buy that special church to turn into my dream home (assuming I could find it like this b4 the ‘censored’ house flipper or other related vandals got to it

      the first two things I’d do to a church

      1. replace the stain glass that didn’t match the pendng motif and ether donate the originals to the former owners or offer them up at a nearly silent auction

      2. then spend the better part of 6 months studying the bones & acoustics

      of course thats just me


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