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1875 Chateau – Périgueux, France

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France - Aquitaine, Dordogne, Périgueux
  • €1,968,750
    $2,299,444 USD
  • 24 Bed
  • 20 Bath
  • 21527 Sq Ft
  • 88.95 Ac.
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If any chateau fulfils the fairytale ideal of what such a building should look like, it is this chateau. This magnificent residence once belonged to an adviser to Napoleon III, and dates from the late 1800s. Built in the remarkably symmetrical and graceful style of that era, the chateau features magnificent staircases, reception halls with high-ceilings and some 50 rooms, including an impressive oak library and an exquisite chapel. The chateau is located in pretty countryside in south west France, and is situated on an elevated swathe of sweeping green lawn that runs between rich woods edged by ponds and lakes. The land encompasses some 36 hectares in total, and also features a number of two-story chalet-style outbuildings (old stables) in a clearing in the woods beyond the chateau. With numerous outbuildings and the magnificent four-story main building, the chateau has truly fantastic development potential. Its incredible elegance and location; securely sheltered, yet near a high-speed TGV connection; would make it a perfect luxury holiday destination: one that offers exclusive hotel accommodation along with a dedicated schedule of culinary, cultural or well-being activities. The estate is also extremely suitable to be turned into a VIP residential hideaway, or a venue for high-level international meetings and events which require maximum comfort, privacy and security. Price including agency fees : 1.968.750 € Price excluding agency fees : 1.875.000 € Buyer commission included: 5 %

This beautiful castle is located in 36 hectares of pasture and woodland, including two lakes (total 6 ha). The ground floor is accessed via a double staircase leading to a large entrance hall with high ceiling. Large reception rooms are to the right , with many original features such as fireplaces, panelled walls, floors, mirrors, hidden doors and cabinets. There are three sets of stairs . One to the left of the main entrance is built of solid stone and has the name of the castle of the wrought iron balustrade mounted on two floors. The other two are solid wood stairs in the two towers to the north-east and north-west corners of the building. The ground floor also has a large wood-panelled library or there are manuscripts of accounts of the building dating from 1825. The basement houses the ornate private chapel , cellars, storage rooms and the total size of the property. The upper floors contain large rooms with high ceilings and corridors with hardwood floors and lots of exposed wood . The views of the surrounding countryside from the upper rooms is simply extraordinary . South of the castle are extensive outbuildings . Once areas for employees , stables and barns. The current owner has detailed plans to develop the building into 33 luxury apartments. The total living area full time would be approximately 2500 m2.
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41 Comments on 1875 Chateau – Périgueux, France

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10345 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I found different sets of photos on various listing sites. I don’t know if Beaux Villages is the main agency or if they used multiples (maybe that’s how it works in France? Can someone explain French real estate to us international newbies?) Beaux Villages linked up top, where other photos came from:

    Le Figaro Properties, Le Figaro Properties Link 2

    • AvatarLeAnna Taylor says: 1 comments

      I’ve been on that property. The house is fabulous with two lakes by it. There is so much land with it. The barns are in terrible condition but could be restored.

    • AvatarCedric says: 4 comments

      Hi !
      In France, sellers can choose one or many real estate for the promotion of their home. Of course, the real estate who realize the sale have the commisssion of the sale. The others have nothing.

      As you can see, the seller have interest to contact the most of real estate.

      But, real estates haven’t the monopoly of house sales. In fact, notary (notaires in french) are also real estates salesman.

      So, which is the difference of these two actors ?

      1 – The adgency make the sale: the costumer must pay 2 commissions: the agency (the prestation of the house’s promotion) AND the notary (sale taxes for papers and French State taxes).

      2- The notary make the sale (only if the seller have passed a contract with him): The costumer pay only notary fees.

      The interest to call a real estate is the speed of the sale… if you re in market prices !

      Of course, the promotion channels for a house are manifold: Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, Special prospectus…

      Is it clear ? sorry for my poor English !

      • AvatarBarbara N Kahl says: 52 comments

        Your English is perfectly understandable. Thank you for the explanation.

      • AvatarGregory_K says: 356 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Chatsworth, CA

        Your English is fine. Thanks for the very clear explanations.

      • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
        1875 Limestone house
        Loire Valley, France,

        Thanks for the explanations Cedric, I did not have time to write them down this (busy) weekend and thought i would do it from work this Monday ahah.

        I should also add that many people also chose to sell their house on their own, just listing their house on a kind of craigslist (Leboncoin.fr is the most widely used in France). This means that they can channel their house on LBC on their own but also have it listed in one or several agencies. But the agency price will be higher due to commission added to it.

        One can also chose one single real estate agency and offer them an exclusive mandate, therefore they cannot advertise it on their own or offer it to other agencies or notaries/sollicitors.

  2. AvatarA Davis says: 31 comments

    If there were more pictures, I’d be more inclined to purchase. (c:

  3. AvatarGeoffreyps says: 102 comments

    Ross, you need to help them weigh their lighting.

  4. AvatarImbroglio says: 58 comments

    You certainly get a heck of a lot for just a little over $2m! Lovely.

  5. AvatarRandy C says: 422 comments

    I wish this was appropriately furnished. I just can’t make up my mind whether to put down a deposit or not. My furniture just might not be right………….

  6. AvatarTess says: 320 comments

    With 24 bedrooms you really should have 24 1/2 baths. Hee, hee,hee. My husband is one of 16 kids. His family reunions could fill this up fast.

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
      1875 Limestone house
      Loire Valley, France,

      Unless the 4 remaining bedrooms without bathroom are for staff…

      And believe me, having an equal number of beds/baths is incredible as is in a French property, even for a high standing one, unless it was used as a hotel, B&B, etc, which would explain the 1/1 ratio.

      • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
        1875 Limestone house
        Loire Valley, France,

        I wanted to add a fact I read in a book about France during the second empire a few days ago: In 1940, in cities over 30,000 inhabitants, 1/3 of the dwellings (apartments, houses, etc) still did not have running water and electricity, and only 10% of dwellings had a bathroom.

  7. SeanSean says: 161 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    Could you imagine the absolute crime against God and Nature if you were to sparsely furnish this with IKEA stuff? LOL!

    It’s a stunning property, and to do it right, it’ll need lots of great furnishings, tapestries for the walls, and huge portraits of long dead lace & satin covered relatives. Quite an expensive project… unless you’re downgrading from a $10mil chateau further up the lane.

  8. jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 949 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1947 Ranch

    Oh my WORD, what a house. House…not the right word. Mansion, that’s more like it, but hardly seems to fit this magnificent space. That staircase is simply outstanding. I could get up and down it, even with my gimpy knee, LOL!

    I don’t think I’d have any trouble finding a space for my studio, heck I might be able to have a separate room for each medium I use! More photos, please.

  9. AvatarShane says: 1 comments

    Bring cash to buy this property because getting a mortgage in France is totally different than in the US. If you employ anyone to manage the grounds, perform cleaning and maintenance, be prepared to employ them for the rest of their lives. Make money on rents from your chateau, pay the French government a kings ransom because if you own this property you are living like a king. However, you can only live in your property 6 months without leaving the country because that’s how long your visa gives you. Let’s not forget the asset tax that you will be assessed for being rich enough to own this castle. Hopefully it’s not registered as a Listed Historical Resource or you’re going to be subject to another book of rules concerning what contractors are approved to perform any work.

    Other than that, it’s beautiful and I would love to own it.

    • AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

      Hell, if you could afford this little castle, you could afford all the rest, no doubt!

    • Avatardkzody says: 279 comments

      The cash thing wouldn’t be hard for lots of buyers right now. We are seeing lots of cash buyers in SF Bay Area for houses costing this much.

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
      1875 Limestone house
      Loire Valley, France,

      well the historical association restrictions would make so much sense on such property. Even on many others. They can be a hassle to deal with for a regular small house located in a historical area, but hey, France is famous for its historical buildings. When I see plain PVC windows on old houses I just frown. Including on mine, changed by the previous owner and self-installed, you can feel the air coming from all around them. They do have stupid rules that are difficult to counteract (a friend of mine has an old house, in a totally enclosed courtyard, that can’t be seen from the street. They did not want him to put a velux window that was not aligned with the existant first floor openings. Logical, of course. Except there are rafters right in the way, preventing the installation of the velux window in the right spot. He had to battle and battle to finally get an agreement).

  10. AvatarAnne Hamilton says: 214 comments

    I would just live in the library, no need for anything else! Just a good reclining comfy chair to read in, and nod off in, done.

  11. Avatarabevy says: 368 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1857 victorian
    Applegate, MI

    Very beautiful and it could be ours if we just had a stray 2+million lying around. Seriously it is wonderful –love the library and all the built ins. The chapel was just outstanding. I’d rather have one of our “Old houses” here at home.

  12. TimothyTimothy says: 154 comments

    I think that this place is absolutely, drop dead fabulous! Now, where did I put my checkbook?? 🙂

  13. AvatarSara says: 4 comments

    Doggone it… Where did I put that 2+M I had laying around????

  14. AvatarNarelle Lindner says: 10 comments

    Now THIS is what I`m talkin` about!! Oh my Lord!!! A true fairytale castle!! If only I could win the lottery!! I am a hopeless Frank-o-phile! I love all things French! That staircase is to die for!! Such exquisite details and such a magnificent setting! I would have a ball fixer uppering this and filling it with French shabby chic opulence! I am available if there are any single millionaires out there!! Hahaha!

  15. AvatarLucinda Virginia says: 59 comments

    Two million two will get you a 1960s rambler on half an acre (or less) with a bit of a view of Lake Washington, in the Seattle area. And that’s a good deal for the land.

  16. AvatarHez says: 4 comments

    What an AMAZING house! I’m in love! 😍 Please let me win the lottery! 🙏🏻

  17. AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

    I wonder if there are any rooms completely furnished, or nearly so, just to see what it would look like. This place is fantastic! I wish there were more photos, though, probably like everyone else who’s seen this posting. The fact that it comes with so much land is truly a bonus-I wonder what kind of land it is.Cleared off, or wooded? Could you rent some of it out to farmers? This place looks as if its such great shape too-no water marks on the floor from roof marks above, no holes in the walls…all it needs, is some landscaping. This place cries out for roses! I wonder who has owned it, that its been kept in such nice condition. I need to find me a single billionaire with no relatives, no pets, and no charities that he donates to. LOL!!! I wish I’d taken French in high school.

  18. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    I found information regarding this castle called château de Puycharnaud. Built in 1596 for a favorite man of king Henri IV, rebuilt in 1875 after a fire. Taken over in 1870 by a counselor of Napoléon III. During WWII it housed a section of sabotage resistance fighters. The current owner (a Dutch man) wanted to turn it into luxury apartments.

    Located here: https://goo.gl/maps/p41Y4uFBBCE2
    Official website here: http://www.chateaudepuycharnaud.com/index.php?s=project
    Video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8EZmomDTuY (you can set automatic ENG subs)

    • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
      1875 Limestone house
      Loire Valley, France,

      oh and it’s not near/in Périgueux, it’s in the northern part of Dordogne, north of Nontron (Périgord Vert), so a good 1h drive, where the latest shared Dordogne properties were (like the one of which I took a photo in Javerlhac)

  19. AvatarZann says: 532 comments

    Did anyone else get some serious Disney’s Beauty and the Beast vibes from this one? It’s less opulent, but it is definitely there.

    the good news is with that much land and the language barrier between me and the locals, no neighbors would drop in unexpectedly and find me in a yellow ball gown, caterwauling Tale As Old As Time from the stair landing. (Yes, I absolutely would.) (There is a house in Mobile that I do believe was listed on this site awhile back that I call the Evita House because I have schemed for years on how to get onto the balcony and sing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.)

  20. AvatarAlix says: 18 comments

    Yes, please. Sorry, I have to go start packing now……

  21. AvatarChristina says: 1 comments

    once upon a time there lived a peasant girl….

    she was beautiful and knew in her heart that she was a princess.
    long story short, she lived in this castle.
    the end


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