1903 Tudor Revival – Philadelphia, PA

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YOU just stumbled on something rare and amazing! Once in a life time opportunity to restore and own a Victorian Tudor Mansion designed by architects George and William Hewitt situated on 1.19 acre lot built in 1903. This ten bedrooms mansion has endless possibilities! Stained original glass windows, elaborate carved open staircase, library, solarium, billiard room, and 8 fireplaces is just the beginning of this stunning home. Descriptions will not do it justice, come see it for yourself today!
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Mital Amin, Silver and Oak Realty
(201) 630-0360
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26 Comments on 1903 Tudor Revival – Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Scott Cunningham says: 370 comments

    This property was listed for some sort of auction or sale last year. Looks like it fell through. Surprised that someone who works in Philly and appreciates proximity to the city center hasn’t snapped this one up. My guess is that either it needs a lot $$$$ of work, or that its lost in a bad neighborhood.

    • Kyle says: 2 comments

      It’s not a terrible neighborhood… It just needs alot of restoration work. And it’s priced WAY too high!

      • BeanbagBeanbag says: 46 comments

        i was wondering about the price too. what do you think a good price for a fixer is? def in philly?? im always curious about why things like this are sometimes so high…

      • MW says: 677 comments

        $400K for a house of this type and size is WAY too high? I really must be living on another planet – CA.

  2. FergusFergus says: 267 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    Tudor Revival’s not normally my cup of tea, but this place is different. It has a certain magic to it. Someone’s really paid attention to the little details when designing it. I think part of its restoration should definitely include staining the woodwork in the hall and stairwell a darker colour to match the remaining newel post and banister of the staircase itself.

  3. Randy C says: 382 comments

    This would be quite a project, but what a masterpiece it could be for anyone wanting to maintain (clean) 10,000 ft of home!

  4. Kyle says: 2 comments

    This home was actually my great, great grand father’s home in the 1920’s. I’ve driven past it quite a few time. It need some resturation work! Hopefully someone goes and puts some much needed love into it!

    • Bethany otto says: 2398 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Escondido, CA

      It’s always so neat to hear from people who have personal connections to a home!

    • Carol says: 1 comments

      Very cool – what is the neighborhood like now? I work in the Northeast – wondering how far it is?

  5. zoomey says: 438 comments

    What a beauty! I’d buy it for that kitchen sink alone! Yea, what a money pit, but so gorgeous, why not? It’s only $399 for 10K square feet, so there’s going to be a catch. I’m guessing TAXES?? Philly taxes are high. Neighborhood? Mostly it’s just a white elephant — how much will it cost to heat? Lovely, lovely house. If I had the money, the time…sigh.

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 865 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1947 Ranch

      Totally agree Zoomey about the sink. Of course this gorgeous place had me at the porte cocheré. It would be a fun project.

      • Bethany otto says: 2398 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Escondido, CA

        Soulmate–any house with a porte-cochere can count on my love and adoration.

  6. zoomey says: 438 comments

    Taxes last year were $7k, and that’s pre-renovation. This should be turned into a commercial building of some sort, a wedding venue, a B&B, something that will preserve its exquisite beauty!! There’s more info about it on zillow.

  7. zoomey says: 438 comments

    Here’s my last comment on this one! (I have to stop looking at it or I will cry!) I googlemapped around the neighborhood, which is gorgeous! It’s full of huge, lovely old houses! It looks peaceful and beautiful. Wow, I’m there, if I win the lottery! (And I can relocate to Philly, which I can’t, sob!) I’m envious of the lucky buyer of this place. I wonder what happened, as it’s a foreclosure. It looks like it needs much work. Wish there were photos of the upstairs, that might tell more of the story.

    • SouthwestlovesmommaSouthwestlovesmomma says: 112 comments

      When you win the Lottery make sure its the 400 million dollar one. Then transplant your whole family to Philly and you can all live in the house and fix it up! That’s MY plan!

  8. Brittany says: 1 comments

    West Mount Airy is a lovely neighborhood, and the taxes are in line with Philadelphia, so it’s likely a fortune to restore, hence the low price. If Amazon comes to Philly, someone will snatch it up in a heartbeat.

  9. JimHJimH says: 3822 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Very nice, although this isn’t the millionaire neighborhood it once was. A conservative later Hewitt design – compare this 1885 house that recently sold in Chestnut Hill:

    • dkzody says: 267 comments

      You can certainly see the similarities and, therefore, the possibilities for rehabilitation.

  10. Joe says: 538 comments

    So little info has been provided. There is no context in the photos therefore I can’t tell a thing about the layout. Ten bedrooms and five baths? really? Where are the pictures? I do agree that it has a very open stair!?! It does look to have tremendous potential, I just wish that I was psychic so I could see more. I wouldn’t need to be psychic if they would just post more pics.

  11. rkeyes says: 10 comments

    Wow…for the price of a Center City condo. I’ve just moved to Philly and have been looking at prices and areas. I haven’t been that far north in the city to know the area. I would be worried, yes, about taxes and heating and what major repairs might be needed.

  12. Carolyn E. says: 70 comments

    Wish I had the money, I have the time…. it’s gorgeous or could be with a few updates and a little polishing.

  13. MichaelMichael says: 1173 comments

    Such a beautiful house. It looks good from the outside but there are too few pictures of this, considering the size. It’s all the other parts of the house I would love to see. Love the sink in the butler’s pantry!

  14. Kristi E says: 41 comments

    There are still not enough, but there are a few more pictures in this article:

  15. Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 487 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Victorian Farmhouse
    Lancaster, PA,

    Unless I am confusing this home with another on Pelham Road, this house for many years was owned by a family who took in a huge number of foster children. I hope they were happy and loved there. CORRECTION: Yes, I was right: 22 kids! Read about these remarkable people here: http://www.chestnuthilllocal.com/2013/10/17/also-adopted-terminally-ill-kids-mt-airy-couple-22-children-thats-typo/

  16. Barrie Creedon Wennberg says: 40 comments

    It’s a potentially beautiful house, and it’s in one of my favorite nabes in Philly, but whoever buys it is going to get SOAKED for property taxes.

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