1854 Courthouse & Jail – Ontario, Canada

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1235 & 1259 3Rd Ave E, Owen Sound, Ontario

Map: Street

  • $99,000 CAD
    $78,190 USD
  • 12000 Sq Ft
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Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Former Court House and Jail, original building constructed in 1854 to act as the centre of Government for the newly formed County of Grey. This property retains a lot of the original character associated with this type of facility including Jail cells reminiscent of 1800's incarceration. Many potential uses exist for the building and the current owner is looking for that special purchaser that can appreciate the provenance of a property of this magnitude. Property includes 2 PIN numbers 370550267 and 370550073. Portions of the Building are designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Bring your ideas forward today!
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Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited
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64 Comments on 1854 Courthouse & Jail – Ontario, Canada

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    A reader share. He said there’s a rumor (as in rumor) that this may be considered for demolition if not sold.

    • AvatarCoqu says: 264 comments

      That’d be rumour on this one, Kelly.
      Lol, sorry, had to have a little fun with that one for any Canadian readers!

      • AvatarElaine says: 101 comments

        Do ya’ll spell like the Brits? Colour and thus forth? I’ve never figured out how they determine (”they”) which words drop the ‘u’s!

        • AvatarCoqu says: 264 comments

          Oh I’m not Canadian, but I know how they roll haha (I thought Kelly was going to spell it rumour in her parentheses which is why I made the joke [some joke, huh?]). They say things funny up there too 😉
          Up until the past couple hundred years, spelling wasn’t as set in stone as it is today. You’ll see that a lot more in Europe; things were spelled numerous ways (surnames for instance). But basically, American English dropped most of the u‘s for less fuss.

    • AvatarGail Johnson says: 11 comments

      OMG. If I had the money, I would buy it turn it into a B&B!

    • AvatarStLarry says: 1 comments


      Looks like someone is going to save it! They have 3 different offers they are considering, each with a different potential use.

      • PlasterboyPlasterboy says: 102 comments

        Apparently an old age care facility wants it.
        They are total leaches and greedy money lovers especially Revera facilities.
        They charge 4 to 6 thousands month ( billing a lot to the government and short staff their places which all smell like pee and turn old folks over like used cars.
        I detest these practices.

    • Avatarpeeweebc says: 858 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1885 Italianate.

      Oh no !

  2. Avatarddbacker says: 384 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1971 Uninspired split-level
    Prairie Village, KS

    This is an impressive fortress. I wonder how thick those stone walls are? It deserves to be saved – I wish I could. There are built-in accommodations for when my in-laws visit!

  3. AvatarAnnabelle says: 122 comments

    Lord! Next door to an ambulance service!

  4. AvatarShelly Bowler says: 3 comments


  5. AvatarL Adams says: 64 comments

    I love it. If I won the lottery tonight, I’d be settling in as soon as the ink dried on the bill of sale. Good grief!!! It would be like your own little castle with a legit walled courtyard!

  6. Avatartess says: 320 comments

    Hubby’s first words “gun safes”, mine “tanker full of Lysol”. To each his own.

  7. Avatarddbacker says: 384 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1971 Uninspired split-level
    Prairie Village, KS

    Who wouldn’t want their home to be “reminiscent of 1800’s incarceration”? lol

  8. Avatarlara jane says: 572 comments

    This is seriously cool. And so dang cheap! Someone save it!

  9. AvatarAPhid says: 21 comments

    I love it. Definitely try to save those Department of Justice seals. One question; what’s a PIN number in this context?

    • JimHJimH says: 4208 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Property Identification Number in the county records, 2 parcels.

      This is a big project requiring a large financial commitment. Two parties have already backed out after having their lowball offers accepted. It annoys me that local governments and school boards discard their old buildings rather than adapt them for their own uses. If I were a taxpayer there I wouldn’t mind the use of tax dollars to do something with this beautiful old building.

      • AvatarAPhid says: 21 comments

        Huh. So two property tax bills?

        I imagine that for a private buyer the county would want proof that you could cover both the purchase price as well as the cost of refurbishing it, especially with that heritage designation.

      • Avatarddbacker says: 384 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1971 Uninspired split-level
        Prairie Village, KS

        My county is building a new courthouse, which replaced the 1952 courthouse, which replaced the 1890’s courthouse. Do we need a new courthouse? I’m a lawyer and even I don’t think we need a new courthouse, but it’s like…it’s been 60 years, time for a new courthouse. I won’t even get into the entire block of 19th century homes that were razed for this new construction. It is here for your reading displeasure if you would like. http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article176775476.html

        • KittysocksKYKittysocksKY says: 71 comments
          Murray, KY

          We did that in my home county AND another courthouse (government annex) in the city to the west that is not the county seat. I’m not sure why we needed so many courthouses especially when not in the county seat. The “old” courthouse sits empty but refurbished in the middle of town. What a waste!

  10. AvatarJeff Myers says: 56 comments

    Perfect for families with a lot of teens!

  11. AvatarUnheard Uv says: 33 comments

    Just when I thought I’ve seen the best bang for my buck (a 12,000 square foot home on 921 Walnut street in Freeland, PA) which sold for $20k… This. I know $80K is a good deal more than $20K but look at all the possibilities and the potential for creepy/awesome!! This is excellent. I could use a space that big for my collection. One can always dream, can’t we? LoL. At least I do hope it falls into capable hands and is not torn down.

  12. AvatarGretchen says: 41 comments

    Holy cow!!! How is it possible that NOBODY has purchased this? The price is insane! Buy now to save from demo and take time to come up with those “great ideas” knowing that it’s safe from the wrecking ball (and potential unsavoury development).

    • AvatarCoqu says: 264 comments

      How about: wine cell-ars (get it?!). And if you get locked in your cell-ar while checking on your hooch, you have to drink all the wine to get out! An “inverted” jail!

  13. SeanSean says: 161 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    An old prison like this would make a perfect “no nonsense” BnB. 😉


  14. AvatarJoe says: 636 comments

    To my eye, it appears that the jail might be the brick building next door, but I can’t tell. There is not any sense of continuity between what the pictures show and what the floor plan(s) might be.

  15. AvatarKaren I says: 187 comments

    Possible wedding venue? Ball and chain and so on. 🙂

  16. AvatarElaine says: 101 comments

    That picture, the 7th from the bottom. Do you spose that’s solitary? For the really bad boys?

  17. AvatarD says: 7 comments

    What’s great piece of property in USA’s attic.
    Purchase price is great but can you imagine how
    much the utilities and tax would be. That would be the

  18. AvatarLee Ryan Coston says: 14 comments

    With the cells, I see a daycare. LOL!

  19. AvatarDavid W Mccauslin says: 66 comments

    In Cheboygan, Michigan, they turned the old County Jail into a museum. http://www.cheboyganhistory.org/

    It is a shame that they do not do something like that in Owen Sound, Ontario!

  20. AvatarKaren says: 626 comments

    Lord, you guys! Too much to take before I’ve had my coffee!
    Well, if this place has good bones still, I think there is the possibility that someone could turn it into luxury condominiums (you’d have to charge top prices to recoup what you spend to change the building over), an annex to, say, some big name college that would have the big donors, a hotel. That’s all I can think of at 6:30 am, eh.

  21. hearsetraxhearsetrax says: 152 comments

    Too baa-ad all the good jokes and one liners were taken 😛
    I had the few doozies my self when I first loaded this sweetheart

    talk about a fully let out lottery dream house jejejeje

    I hope she does get saved by folks who could make her feel usefull again

    I’ve no doubt she’d be able to pay the new owners back with plenty of great spine tingling mini mysteries and treasures

  22. AvatarDominique Robinson says: 1 comments

    My first thought is antique mall with auction house. The back jail cells could be used for storing more valuable pieces. Then use the court room with the built in seats for the auction house. Seasonally you could do a farmers market in the back…. Oooh if I had the money right now I’d be on this project!!!

  23. AvatarC. Nathan Saucedo says: 1 comments

    Finally a fence my dog couldn’t get out of. I see many possibilities here.

  24. AvatarMark says: 18 comments

    I could see a grand hotel. The court room would make a terrific dining area for an upscale, first class restaurant with private walled in beer garden for those who choose to partake. Or that closed in yard could be made into vegetable gardens or small orchard protected from the invasion of the deer population. The building could also house small specialty shops to go along with the hotel clientele.
    With kennels for the humane society’s pups to give away. or private storage lockers for house guests. Just needs some wealthy investors.

  25. AvatarMary Jane says: 6 comments

    Our local old courthouse and jail (vip prisoner=Eugene Debs) is currently an arts center and restaurant (the bar served as notable ‘drink to world peace’ site in Groundhog Day, but that’s another story). Cells serve as home for both seating and video gaming. Its cool, though I think the building has long generally been a financial monkey on back of town.


  26. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    I have seen an old jail, albeit much smaller than this building, turned into an amazing restaurant. The old cells were the booths. Kind of hard to imagine this place turned into a home, but I hope it’s saved and restored.

  27. AvatarGina S. says: 24 comments

    In Boston, an old jail was recently turned into a swanky hotel, plus it’s supposed to be haunted!

  28. AvatarJb says: 111 comments

    Numerous thoughts here…give tours of the place commencing in the courtroom and leading to the jail cell ala Alcatraz! Or, consider a murder mystery dinner theater where the guilty party gets to spend one night in the dungeon jail cell complete with uniformed guard! Hmmmmmm, or when your kids need a timeout you can really drive the disciplinary point home by placing them in jail for an hour. ha Lastly, on another note (pun intended), one could turn the court room into a nice music venue for small concerts/recitals. Jailhouse Rock, anyone?

  29. Avatarkathy lee stokes-phillips says: 212 comments

    bet its haunted, haha

  30. AvatarMW says: 727 comments

    I spent a few years here, wasn’t fun.

  31. AvatarDerek says: 39 comments

    I’d love to get a tour of this place. Too bad I’m nowhere near Canada.

    From the satellite view it looks like there are a few different yards in back, that are walled in, and a couple other buildings that are not mentioned in the listing.

  32. Elizabeth WElizabeth W says: 57 comments

    How in the world is this so cheap, in Canada?! I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I were in Ontario. Alas, I’m in Alberta where something like this would go for 10 times that price. I’m so, so glad to hear someone’s going to take it and love it.

  33. AvatarDr. Peterson says: 113 comments

    Thank you for making this property information available. We have today made serious inquiry to the brokers about additional information and documentation to facilitate an acquisition. We’ve had the opportunity to work on similar historic facilities. http://capitolshots.com/courthouse-photos/california-courthouses/old-orange-county-courthouse/

  34. Avatargoddessodd says: 346 comments

    I have been trying to get into Canada for years now… they don’t want Americans moving there like they used to, I think. I would love to buy this place just to have my own kingdom. (Queendom?) I would declare it a foreign embassy, run up my flag and grant myself diplomatic immunity. Then I think I would pay the bills by offering ghost tours and nights in the jail cells as a kind of haunted B&B. Not haunted, you say? Pshaw. Any building can be haunted if you want it bad enough 🙂

  35. AvatarMac says: 6 comments

    Whenever I see something like this, I see a community center where everyone could go to do arts and crafts. One side for the ladies, and one side for the men. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, though. I’ve seen some men who do beautiful tatting. No gender lines where art is concerned.

  36. Avatarvoss99 says: 5 comments

    OMG! This is only 45 min away from me! I so wish I had the money to purchase this!

  37. Avatarcocoaknits says: 20 comments

    It would make a wonderful location for a senior/misfit pet sanctuary. Lots of places for pooches to run!

  38. brigidbrigid says: 255 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1930 Eclectic Lake Cabin
    Smalltown, OK

    Perfect for the zombie apocalypse!

  39. GearGirlGearGirl says: 39 comments
    Second Empire, Barber Scottsdale, AZ

    Hmmm this could be a great site for my hostel!!! I tried REALLY HARD to convince the current owner of the original jail in Hannibal, MO to sell it to me for that purpose (I didn’t disclose the exact purpose, just that I was in love with the building). He didn’t wanna play 🙁

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