c. 1870 – Russell, KS – $10,000

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1305 N Fossil St, Russell, KS 67665

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36 Comments on c. 1870 – Russell, KS – $10,000

    • Looks like any small town in Kansas! Lol! I grew up in Kansas…..miss it terribly. Funny, the older I get, the more homesick I get….☺

    • Fun fact = Buy this house and your neighbor will be a certain former Candidate for the Presidency who was very recently awarded the rare, Congressional Gold Medal for his many achievements on behalf of our country.

    • I was so smitten with this house that I went to look at it today (Thursday). It is truly special, and no doubt has a fascinating history. One just doesn’t find stone houses in this area that retain so much original historic fabric. It’s not fancy, but it is authentic. Unfortunately, because of distance and resulting time constraints, I am going to pass on this. For those interested in tackling a fascinating house in the middle of Kansas, more images and information can be found here:


      I hope that someone will be able to give this house the love it needs.

  1. I suspect the roof was reconstructed in the early 20th century, contemporaneous with the small front entry roof with exposed rafter tails. A proper Italianate roof with brackets and/or cornice, in the vein of what this house likely originally had, would be a huge enhancement.

    I love the limestone (those lintels!!!) and I love the windows from the interior, with the arches and the thickness of the walls made apparent. I wonder if those arches are structural, if those walls are plastered stone? If so, it would be wonderful to strip the plaster away on at least one wall in the house to reveal the stone.

  2. It looks like there is a little new wiring–I just had my 1935 Craftsman rewired, so I am pretty familiar with what it looks like. LOL I like the structure and the blond brick. If you have the money and the skills, this could be fantastic.

  3. I know what the opening really is, but my first thought upon seeing photo #3 is that Dracula wants his porch back.

  4. Kansas is the only state I know of which offers grants to qualifying historic properties via its Heritage Trust Fund.

    So, the exterior of this home could be restored at potentially no cost to the owner (the Heritage Fund does not normally cover interior work).

  5. I have some nice childhood memories in Russell. My grandfather C.W. Brandeberry had a machine shop and lived there for many years.

  6. Love this house! It could be so nice with a lot of elbow grease. I like plain Jane houses. This will make a nice home for someone!

  7. and nobody mentioned, you can’t buy a used Hyundai for that price. what a great start for a house. no ridiculous mortgage payment and lots of money left to restore this beautiful house. possibly you could put in a video player in one corner with the Pepsi commercial Bob Dole was in with Brittney Spears – he was hilarious.

    • I was waiting for someone to comment on that LOW LOW LOW price, I expected it to be in much worse shape, this is an amazing deal, people have more than that price for down payments .. and it looks so solid too.

    • No, not a used Hyundai, but you can buy immaculate used Volvo’s for that price – with many more miles to go!

      Says the guy who bought a pristine 20 year old Volvo for a heckuva lot less.

      • i owneed a Volvo for 20 minutes once – traded it for a CV joint for my much better 82 Subaru 1800 – after driving it for 10 minutes, i decided if i wanted something that drove like a truck, i’d buy an F150.

  8. The streetview image made this fine native stone house appear to be way out in the boonies, but downtown Russell is actually not very distant. I noticed that downtown Russell looks scrubbed clean with numerous vacant lots visible as reminders of what has been lost. However, what remains looks well cared for. It’s likely because of Russell’s well known local politician calling it his home that may account for the spruced up urban landscape. As small Kansas towns go, Russell is a neat little town with few visible signs of decline. This house was probably built and used as a farmhouse in the early days. It isn’t the only native stone structure in town. I saw at least two other stone houses indicating a talented stonemason worked there in the early days. Here’s another example: (streetview) https://goo.gl/maps/nxeqxTMsqsF2 There are also perhaps a dozen or more stone commercial buildings in the downtown area.
    I shudder to consider the idea of turning this house as a (modernized) “flip” as suggested in the listing narrative. This house embodies local history and character-to remove the interior and turn it into a Property Bros. type house inside would destroy its historic character. Most of the 1870’s 2 over 2 windows appear to remain. I’m wondering if there is a staircase? There’s a central chimney so perhaps there is or was a mantel or two. Most likely, cast iron wood or coal burning stoves were used for heat. Others have suggested that the house originated in the Italianate style with a later roof replacement. That sounds probable. It’s also likely there was a porch in the front but that may have been removed many years ago. If a period photo could be found then the missing details might be visible.

    I personally think that taking the house’s interior decor in the direction of an early local farmhouse would be ideal. Perhaps decor-wise, the next owner could employ some of the “Farmhouse Rustic” ideas Chip and Joanna Gaines frequently use in their HGTV Fixer Upper show. Alternately, taking a classic country primitive approach with homespun items could work as well. On the other hand, trying to transform this home’s interior to imitate that from a tract home built last week would greatly diminish the appeal of this fine early survivor, IMO.
    If someone invested the equivalent of a starter home cost here I think they would be very happy with the results. The 1120 sq, foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath size is optimum for singles or couples. I will be curious to see what the next owner does with this unique early Kansas home and send my best wishes.

  9. Wow! Tear that nasty patio off, break up that concrete floor, put a new roof on and you’re almost there. The hard part is getting all of the concrete off the brick on the side. Someone definitely didn’t know what they were doing. I can only assume the plan was to paint that wall. I don’t think you can lose on this one. Could be majestic again.


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