c. 1870 Italianate – Ottawa, KS

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Beautifully maintained Franklin County Heritage Home!!! True to the era Victorian home with original and new details including stained glass windows, pocket doors, period styled lighting. Dramatic corner entrance and porch perfect for entertaining! Lots of outdoor living, enclosed porch, brick patio, fountain with a stunning array of flowers with a fenced in back yard. Main level floor plan has a formal living & dining rooms along with pocket doors leading into the the study/den, large eat in kitchen, utility room.
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Debra Wieden, Platinum Realty      (855) 803-7276
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32 Comments on c. 1870 Italianate – Ottawa, KS

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  1. KellyS says: 44 comments

    I’m smitten….

  2. Marilyn Trippe says: 1 comments

    This is an absolutely exquisite home. The yard is equally beautiful.

  3. Rebecca Myers says: 2 comments

    Love the old stove in the kitchen

  4. Scott Cunningham says: 368 comments

    lots of attention to detail here. Love the ceiling decor

  5. darla says: 111 comments


  6. Vanessa Henry says: 9 comments

    Very much want this house, Just curious the original stove, does it work? And did you notice that there is another room that used to be the utlers pantry that has a double oven and fridge!?

  7. Katie says: 1 comments

    I’m in love. I have been a lover of older homes since I was a wee one. I love the stories ithey tell and the warmth and character it emites . I live in a wonderful older home in Ca which hugs you when you walk in the door. I need a house that hugs you. I’m pretty sure many here might feel the same. The last few years I have been contemplating relocating for many reasons. My husband and I are both from the midwest and I know I can’t deal with those winters.. however some of the most beautiful and maintained homes I see have been in the east..and the prices.? Where I live, that wouldn’t buy one quarter of a house. Speaking of, I am in Santa Barbara and I ask you all to please pray for our community if the spirit moves you. It’s pure devastion and the lives lost..anywhere from a 6 yr old boy to a couple in their eighties . Heartbreaking. This has all happened about 3-4 miles south of us..40 something still missing. Lives changed forever. Sorry..didn’t mean to get into all that…I guess as my point being is not only have We been exploring these beautiful homes, but with the latest incidents, it makes me want to leave even more. However, I don’t want to abandon my community……please send good thoughts. Thank you.

    • Colleen J says: 1307 comments

      I will pray….so much devastation. Stay Safe. God Bless.

    • kawaiikami says: 20 comments

      I Too am from the Midwest living way to far south! I miss the winter weather but then snow is for some and not others! You’re in my prayers as well as all those in harms way. Praying for you guys! Angel Blessings!

  8. Jennifer Rodgers says: 2 comments

    What a beauty

  9. PhillipPhillip says: 131 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    Wow, what a wonderful home for under 200K. That place just oozes character.

  10. momof5momof5 says: 28 comments

    I would just move right in. The ceiling in the kitchen oh my. The stove was a wonderful touch.

  11. Mark Orman says: 2 comments

    I’ve just bought a 1915 Dutch Colonial or I would be in line to try to get this beauty!

    I know this may be strange, but I have inherited a couch like the red one in the picture…. it’s missing it’s chair. If, perchance the chair needs a new home when they move I would be kind and gentle and give it a home…..I would pay a reasonable price.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. MonChiChiPox says: 210 comments

    The interior is no doubt stunning but the exterior is one of the best. Talk about curb appeal.

  13. Jeff Brittingham says: 4 comments

    What a reasonable price for such a beautiful home!!!

  14. Dianna white says: 15 comments

    Everthing about this house is beautiful. The owner really did a fabulous job with the decor and furnishings…..WOW

  15. JB says: 110 comments

    This is a very beautiful home. I can appreciate how certain rooms and the stairwell containing the tin designs were salvaged and exposed and not completely covered up. Each room seems meticulously designed. The yard w/ the brick is beautiful and very inviting; nice relaxing pace to lounge. I could easily be very comfortable moving in to this home. The street view is very nice as well. Loving the brick street!

  16. Kim Garrison says: 45 comments

    Exquisite. I would not change a thing-absolutely, perfectly gorgeous!!!

  17. Doreen says: 143 comments

    I even love the furnishings…le sigh!

  18. cyberc says: 72 comments

    I love the blue room. Funny, I’m not a huge blue fan but that room speaks sweetness in my ears. John would know this but is that lincrusta on the walls going down the stairs? I’m sure it was a tough decision to put this home on the market. Absolutely a lovely home for both the current and future owners. Love her well future home owners because she’s stood the test of time and is still a shiny penny.

    • John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4274 comments

      Two areas in a Victorian era home most often received Lincrusta as a wall treatment. The first was at the entry, typically in a vestibule. The second area was along the staircase. The reasons for using durable Lincrusta were the same-it was nicely patterned and it could be cleaned fairly easily. Not so for wallpapers which would be damaged by attempts to wash down. In answer to your question, I’m fairly certain the wallcovering with a rail above it are Lincrusta and likely original.

  19. Lucinda Howatd says: 197 comments

    Mark my sweetie and I purchased a 1909 Dutch Colonial last year and are in the process of slowly restoring it. I would love to see pictures of what you are doing with your home.

  20. Colleen J says: 1307 comments

    AMAZING price for such beauty, inside and out … oh and what I would do to buy this furnished, stunning, very stunning.

  21. Allyson says: 52 comments

    I’m I love! I really appreciate all the period pieces. Just gorgeous.

  22. Cindy Belanger says: 95 comments

    This house is stunning inside and out. Love the kitchen.

  23. HBS says: 2 comments

    Wow this is a beautiful home and Ottawa would be a very nice town to live in. It has a small university and is about 30 minutes from Lawrence and less than an hour from Kansas city.

  24. Lissie says: 288 comments


  25. Annabelle says: 126 comments

    This is the one for me. I wish I could buy it right now.

  26. Robinjn says: 202 comments

    The exterior and street view alone… what an amazingly charming home. I’m more of a plain-jane person but the craftsmanship here is incredible and the house is meticulously finished. Someone will get quite a gem.

  27. NancyV says: 5 comments

    Wonderful home. I love all the antiques,

  28. Beth Singer says: 4 comments

    I live close to Ottawa and it is the nicest little town. It has a wonderful, actual downtown area that has many personally owned restaurants and antique/thrift shops. There is a small college in Ottawa as well. They have TONS of affordable vintage houses as well. Can’t go wrong!


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