Windsor, MO

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606 E Benton St, Windsor, MO 65360

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Bang for the buck!! Lots of Square ft. in this grand old Victorian home. Lots of original woodwork and fixtures including built-ins and fireplaces. Large rooms, high ceilings with a large lot and a detached 2 car garage with a bonus 3rd garage behind. There is also an attic space over the garage with its own access. With some work this home could be grand again. This is a Fannie Mae HomePath property.
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James Long, Truman Lake      (660) 885-2201
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23 Comments on Windsor, MO

  1. I agree, that is a lot of bang for the buck. Get a good roof on it and then proceed from there. Lots of character and who doesn’t love 3 garage spaces.

  2. I used to live close to Windsor, in another small town called Clinton. Windsor has an Amish presence there and seems to be a very nice community. No real industry in the area that I am aware of, but Whiteman Air Force Base is only about 10 miles away. Lots of character here, I hope someone buys it and puts some TLC into it, it could be a beautiful home.

  3. What are the particulars on the Fanny Mae? The down and monthly payments. About how far is Windsor from Fort Smith Arkansas? Where are the jobs located in that area? Thank you!

    • I have no idea about Fanny Mae, but there would be jobs in Warrensburg, Clinton, Whiteman AFB, and Sedalia, all within 15-20 miles of Windsor. The Kansas City metro area begins about 40 minutes away.

    • Ft. Smith is at least a 4 hours drive if not more. There really aren’t even jobs in Clinton, Warrensburg or Sedalia much. Even the air base is 30 miles away and civilian jobs are tight there. Commuting isn’t really great from this small community. It isn’t on a main road to anywhere. I wouldn’t dream of going to Windsor unless I had a way to make money at home or was retired. No medical care there, and I wouldn’t count on high speed Internet.

      • Gloria, Whiteman AFB is only 16 miles from Windsor and in Clinton there is a good sized hospital, a cheese plant and Tracker boat factory. In Warrensburg there is the University of Central Missouri. My husband used to commute from Clinton to downtown Kansas City (for 9 years) and it took him about an hour each way, except in inclement weather and traffic backups going to Warsaw (Truman Lake) on Fridays as everyone as going to the lake. The highways in/out of this area are well maintained and kept clear of snow and sand/salted well.

        • Jeanette, I’m well aware of Clinton, Windsor, Calhoun, Whitman, Warrensburg, etc. I graduated from HS in Clinton, got my degrees in Warrensburg, and my family has lived in Clinton since the late 1800’s. Also, been business owners in the area for a long time. It may only be 16 miles from Windsor to the Base, but those are back county roads. It takes a while to get from one to the other. I would also bet your husband isn’t doing the speed limit if he made it to Dowtown KCMO in an hour. That’s about an 80 mile drive. There really is very little in the way of jobs in the larger towns around Windsor–so it probably isn’t wise to pick up and move to the area and expect to find a job which pays any type of wage. Like lots of great old homes, they are in areas which are economically depressed.

          • Sorry, Gloria, I guess in retrospect it was about 1 hour and 15 minutes but I do believe he drove pretty close to the speed limit. He never got a speeding ticket and there are always plenty of law enforcement out on the roads. We moved from Clinton in 2012 (moved there from Arizona in 2004), but still own several rental properties there.

      • There are jobs in Sedalia. More industries moving in hiring hundreds, as I speak. Sedalia is fine prairie town on the rise.

  4. What a really great way to add a tempo. / permanent closet to a room. Screw it to the walls and you’re good to go classifying the room as a bedroom. Unscrew, collapse, and move it out if the room functions differently. Brilliant! I’m stealing that one. Gawd, I just love it when I come up with real solutions from all this lookie looing. Heheheh

  5. Wow, three fireplaces and cabinets and closets!! I wish my current home had this type of storage. Some of those light fixtures are just dreamy!

  6. I’m not really familiar with that area, but I know that the two cross-state bike trails (Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail) both go through Windsor, which creates a little bit of business and is a great plus if you like biking/hiking. And you would be less than 15 miles from Truman Lake, which is great for fishing and kayaking, without being a nightmare of boats and docks everywhere like Lake of the Ozarks. So for the outdoorsy type like me there are many things to do in the area. Now if that house only came with 40+ acres a little outside town, I would jump at it.

  7. Does anyone know internet speeds in Windsor MO. My research shows it may be slow for affordable (not Hughes satellite) connection.

  8. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I knew if I was patient enough something like this would eventually surface.

  9. that little bathroom vanity is dreamy… great deal of house for less than a new SUV. I thought the inside would be trashed, but what a lovely surprise.

  10. Nice little home. Great it is in small town. Looks much better than one would have expected. A new roof and paint exterior and it would be stellar.

  11. For those willing to relocate to smaller towns (not just Windsor, MO, but across the country, generally) there are old house bargains to be found. I cannot imagine finding a deal this good in a larger city unless the neighborhood was unsafe. No problem like that here judging from the pleasant surroundings seen in streetview. After ascertaining the approximate original brick color, I’d repaint the brick portions in that color and use period sympathetic colors for the trim and gables. The upper and lower porches need appropriate ornamental balustrades and of course, the roof needs attention as others have mentioned. Otherwise, this house seems to have lots of potential. I’m glad that others with good information have weighed in about local jobs and commutes.

  12. This looks like a lovely home to be! If I could figure out what to do in Windsor, MO, I’d be on it. I’m looking to leave California and just visited Missouri. Still haven’t quite found my inspiration. But this place is really special. Good luck to it!


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