1925 – Canton, NC – $150,000

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202 Crawford Creek Rd, Canton, NC 28716











Old time farmhouse; 1925 era according to Haywood County tax records. Ownership of this home has been in this family for quite some time. This family has fond memories of past times spend in this home and on the property. This home has old-time charm and character. Live the simple life & use unmodernized or renovate & make it fit your modern standards. Priced as-is & to attract a cash buyer with a sharp pencil. Top of property adjoins the Pisgah National Forest; the lower meets Crawford Creek.
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Ellis & Patty Morris, Keller Williams Great Smokies      (828) 926-5155
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21 Comments on 1925 – Canton, NC – $150,000

  1. Amazing place!!! Would love to restore the interior to look about 1845-1850. It seems quite a bit older than 1925 to me, but a treasure indeed!!!

    • Oh my heavens NO, that would completely ruin the integrity and historical character of the place!!!

      • But I think it was probably originally more open. It looks “modernized” and chopped up into too-small spaces downstairs to me. Your mileage may vary.

    • You nailed it! First thought I had was Walton’s house. Maybe all old house dreamers OD’d on The Waltons. We’ve been brain washed into spending $ and sweat on these old gals. 🙂

    • Even without opening it up, it just has that “Waltons” feel going on everywhere but the kitchen. I like the vintage kitchen but it’s awfully small.

  2. Beautiful Area near Maggie Valley and Asheville but near means 45-55 minute drive. You would need to be pretty self sufficient to live in this home. Do you ever watch Homestead Rescue? That is what I mean by self sufficient.

    • Many Southeastern folks have summer houses in the mountains. They usually have the cash to buy and fix this type of house.

  3. My thoughts too, sweet but very tight kitchen. Love the blue and white floor tiles. And the sink unit. I have a thing for old sinks.

  4. I took liked the kitchen and sink. I don’t imagine that small gas bottle would last long. I would like to know about the well, if that is that tile pictured. Not much would bother me, but I do like water availability. Love the looks of this home and 40-45 minutes is nothing to drive. But you would only have to go once a month or so. Wish it was in the north more.


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