1884 Italianate – Salina, KS

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211 W Prescott Ave, Salina, KS 67401

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Curt Marshall and Terry Zimmer of United Country - Crossroads Auction & Realty of Salina, Kansas are offering for sale the historic Prescott / Foley Home located at 211 W. Prescott Ave. in Salina, Kansas. Built in 1884 for one of Salina’s most prominent 19th century leaders, the John H. Prescott house is an excellent example of late Victorian domestic architecture and was the 2nd Residence in Salina to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is a combination of the Italian Villa style with a 2nd Empire Tower and because of its red color, high tower, and distinctive appearance, it is visible many blocks away to those traveling south on 8th Street. The home is located on a large, spacious grounds (1.04 Acres) in a residential neighborhood just southwest a few blocks from the Salina Regional Health Center near downtown Salina. A driveway leads to the Carriage House from the north, swings around the south end of the house and goes to the street to the east. There is a circular walk leading to the front entrance and off that is a walk which parallels the west side of the house. Paving stones have been laid to the east of the building to form a patio and a small stone wall has been constructed. The exterior of the house is painted red and trimmed with white, has a stone foundation and is two stories high with an attic, a basement and a tower that rises two additional stories. The main floor of the home contains a southern entryway with bench seating, the front formal / living room, the garden room, the breakfast room, the kitchen, a formal dining room, the Judge’s Office / Library and a half-bathroom. A grand, wooden staircase in the front of the home leads you up to the 2nd Story of the home, where there is a family room, (6) bedrooms, and a full bathroom. Double-doors at the front of the hallway on the 2nd Story lead you to a large wrap-around balcony that has been used many times in the past to view local downtown parades. A large, unfinished attic sits on the 3rd Story of the home and provides ample space for storage as well as an entryway into the 2-Story Tower. An additional staircase from the 1st Story to the 2nd Story is located near the back of the home by the kitchen and is setup with a handicap-accessible stair lift. The historic John H. Prescott / Foley house is currently 133 years old and has remarkably only had 2 previous owners. Mr. & Mrs. James Foley purchased the home in 1957 and have restored much of the historical character of the house while they have owned it. There have been certain modernizations made to the house, especially in the kitchen and the mechanicals of the home were always brought up to standard during each remodel project that was completed.
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Curt Marshall, United Country      (785) 826-0824
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28 Comments on 1884 Italianate – Salina, KS

  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8500 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Was up for auction but did not sell.

  2. Michael MackinMichael Mackin says: 1015 comments

    What a beautiful house. I love almost everything that they did on the interior. Still at odds over some of the painted woodwork as opposed to the stained but it is tastefully done. While I love the exterior style, the paint scheme doesn’t do enough to show off some of the outstanding features of this style. It would be nice to see the new owners look for a better period correct paint scheme.

  3. CharlesB says: 327 comments

    This place reminds me so much of the famous ‘Pink House’ in Wellsville, NY:


  4. RosewaterRosewater says: 3758 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    LOTS of cosmetic work here for the diligent sort seeking a BIG payoff in the end. What a great house, just bursting at the seems with potential. Found this page with lots more pix.:

  5. mitch rowden says: 1 comments

    I grew up in Salina and this was always one of my favorite homes.
    There quite a few fine old houses there but not many that are this well-preserved.

    • shellbell67 says: 138 comments

      I grew up in Salina as well, and I use to walk by the houses on this street as a kid and dream of living in one of them someday! <3

  6. Hoyt Clagwell says: 214 comments

    It’s very iconic. So much of this house, inside and out, looks like something assembled by Disney imagineers.

    The exterior really does need a better paint job to highlight rather than obscure the great architectural details. However I rather kind of love the funky interior almost exactly as is.

  7. Jacki says: 1 comments

    Such a lovely home! I can honestly say that I have never seen so many different ceiling designs like that. it’s almost like a coffered design; Is this common?

  8. SeanSean says: 162 comments

    Wow! Love the overall design! When I “dream” of Victorian houses, this style and form is one of those that float through my head. There’s some interesting decorating choices made on the interior, but those are always the simplest things to change and should reflect the owners – so no beef there. Living here could make me VERY happy… especially since it’s so well kept!

  9. tiffaney jewel says: 87 comments

    That green and blue carpet reminds me of the red and orange carpet in The Shining.

    I think my husband has family in Salina. If he ever expressed wanting to move there, I’d convince him to by this house.

  10. Pepper says: 1 comments

    Does it come furnished?

  11. Phillip says: 129 comments

    so much painted woodwork, such a shame, love the exterior and lot

  12. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8500 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I’d rather deal with stripping some wood than no house standing at all. The owners (from the description, it sounds like the current owners have lived here since the 1950’s?) have been living here for decades, through a time when so many awesome historic homes were torn down or destroyed by stripping the home of all historic features.

    THANK YOU! Thank you owners for not allowing this home to be a memory.

    • Phillip says: 129 comments

      I agree that it is nice that the house is not only standing but seems to be in good shape. However at the same time I feel a sense of loss for the house knowing that in most situations once the woodwork gets painted in an old house it stays that way.The amount of effort to strip all of that woodwork would be monumental, especially if you do all of your own work as I do. I see this on an ongoing basis here in B’ham where houses that are in the 7 figures have had their woodwork painted and they never end up being stripped and returned to stained wood again. But I like you am appreciative of these owners saving this home. In a perfect world everyone would save old houses like Mr. Snow did Waverly in West Point MS. But a perfect world it is not.

  13. Phillip says: 129 comments

    I noticed that the price is now 250,000. Wow what a deal for someone, painted woodwork or not. I would think that a doctor from that nearby medical center would snap this one up.The way it is situated on its lot is especially nice, and the iron fence and brick drive are a big time plus. I agree with others that a different exterior paint job could really add. But at this price someone is going to get a bargain. Lucky them!!

  14. JJ says: 103 comments

    At least that beautiful,sweeping staircase didn’t get painted! I love that there is a bit of privacy inside the house, but its still in the city. I’m curious why it didn’t sell the first time, but im from California, where this home would be over $1,000,000 easy. Unfortunately, anything under $800,000 is a steal out here.

  15. Tommy QTommy Q says: 453 comments

    That’s a big house. I imagine there is more than one coat of paint on the woodwork and you would probably destroy it in the process of stripping it. I’d just leave it like it is, offer another 30K for the furnishings of a non-personal nature and call it good.

  16. Steve H says: 134 comments

    I’m curious about the fixation with the painted woodwork (which seems to be fairly common here on OHD). How exactly do we know that the woodwork wasn’t painted to begin with? Not at all unusual even in nice houses to reserve the hardwoods for mantels and banisters and use softwoods for everything else. Pine and other softwoods were not held in high esteem in the 19th century. Actually to me, the trim in the study looks more like faux graining than stain.

  17. David says: 27 comments

    Another example of how mass production techniques made Victorian excess possible. My parents have the exact same newel post in cherry in their 1887 house. I’m sure it was ordered from a catalog.

  18. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1476 comments

    I’m not usually an Italianate fan, but… this house might be an exception! 😉 Love the graceful staircase, in particular.

  19. Cindy B says: 85 comments

    This is a gorgeous house. Love the exterior and the interior decorating. The woodwork style is intricate and detailed, that to me is much more important than if it is painted or natural. Of course I agree it would be nicer if the woodwork were not painted. The staircase if phenomenal.

  20. Janet Vodder says: 115 comments

    I can’t believe the number of bricks laid for all those walkways & court yards….love those! Love the house and the price!

  21. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8500 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Had another drop since I posted it. Now down to $215,000.

  22. Ms. Anthrope says: 20 comments

    Gorgeous home!!!💗

  23. Stacey says: 21 comments

    I’d always thought that the Queen Anne was my favorite, I don’t know, really like the Italianate style!

  24. Eric says: 4 comments

    Pardon me while I drool over this for quite some time! I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I quite like the green carpet on the second floor!

  25. Osage says: 2 comments

    Wow I seriously cannot believe no one has bought this house. I feel like that’s a great price for that house especially with such a great lot. Our 5 year old cookie cutter house in Manhattan, about 45 minutes away from Salina cost more than this house and I would much rather have this one.


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