1856 – Jim Thorpe, PA

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29 Race St, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • $204,900
  • 3 Beds
  • 1 Bath
unique & rare opportunity to own a piece of history. this historic race street home is on ''stone row'' in downtown jim thorpe. built in 1848 by the founder of the leigh coal & navigation co.,asa packer,the home is one of the 16 homes in the historic row. the home is federal style with italianate details. the home is 3 story w/ 2 rooms on each fl.it has 3 bedrooms,1 bath ,living room/parlor & kitchen. the ''row'' is zoned commercial & can be used for a variety of businesses or as a private residence. jim thorpe is an exciting,vibrant town with much to do. festivals, train rides, mountain bike trails,hiking,the famous st patrick's day parade & so much more bring thousands of visitors a year to this enchanted town.this is the perfect place to live, vacation or retire.
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23 Comments on 1856 – Jim Thorpe, PA

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  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10365 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    No straight street view, you can see it through some buildings on the next street down: https://goo.gl/maps/jrD7Bw6DNQr

  2. AvatarMW says: 727 comments

    Interesting. I like in-town houses. But how are they getting 3520sf out of this? It looks like it is only about 10-12ft wide. How is that possible? Is it very deep? If 3 levels and 12ft wide each, it would have to be 100ft deep to make 3,600sf. It would still have to be 80ft deep if it is 15ft wide, which I doubt it is going by the photo. Maybe it is combined with an adjacent house. Or maybe is a typo?

    Regardless, it reminds me of little apartment buildings in Italy on the tight little streets. Could be super nice all fixed up with a gentle hand.

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10365 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Did you check out the street view, of the street next to it? Looks like a great town, one could just walk to it.

      Maybe it’s 3 levels plus attic space? There’s not a good aerial view to see how deep it is.

      • AvatarMW says: 727 comments

        I did look, but only to see the house in the initial view. That is what gave me the thought about the Italy reference. Has a similar feel, albeit with an American NE flavor of course.

        But now that you mention it, I did go back and look around. It is super charming for sure! It would seem to be a wonderful little walking around kind of town with a lot of great well kept old buildings. Love it. Well worth even just a google stroll if nothing else.

        I have heard of Jim Thorpe, PA before, but never been there myself or looked into it. For those who don’t know, Jim Thorpe was a famous Native American athlete from the 1st half of the 20th century. Kind of an inspiring, but sad story.


        After he died, he was buried there and they renamed the town after him. Which is also itself a very interesting and odd story.


      • AvatarMW says: 727 comments

        On the sf, I noticed on the Realtor listing that it says the lot is 871sf. That would mean that the house would have to be 4 full floors and cover the entire lot. The photos imply it has a decent back yard area of some sort, so that can’t be the case. Something is not quite right with that.

        But again, regardless, a nice house with a lot of potential and a super cute and interesting town. Nice find and a great post.

        Clue might be in this on the Realtor site, last line: “INCLUDES 3 SEPARATE P” Looks like it was cut off. 3 separate parcels maybe?

    • AvatarHelgaElizabeth says: 17 comments

      I bet the higher number for square footage is actually the lot size. What a terrific place!

  3. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10365 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I looked around at more street views…holy moly, what an awesome looking town!! If we could live any where we wanted, I’d love to rent a spot for a summer (or spring or fall) there.

  4. AvatarAnnaP says: 25 comments

    I stumbled across this town by accident when in PA for a wedding this summer… it is AMAZING! Beautiful streets of shops and restaurants. A mansion up on the hill. Beautiful church perched on the edge of town. An old train station with vendors selling roasted nuts and paistries. And a train that takes you on rides through the mountains….. I just about died when we accidentally pulled in. HIGHLY recommmend a visit if you are ever in the area.

  5. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 859 comments

    I love rowhouses. I don’t know why i have such a fascination for them. I have this huge 300+ pages book about bricks and brownstones in NYC. Anyway, i do love this one too, it seems pretty intact. And thanks to your comments, i wandered in the streets of the town through Streetview, the town is gorgeous, and filled with plenty of beautiful rowhouses. Delight for my eyes 🙂

    Have you seen the Glen Onoko waterfalls a bit above the city? There’s one blue dot among others where you see them at winter time with ice stalagtites. Beautiful scenery.
    [EDIT] There is it, brought to you directly: https://goo.gl/maps/dmHadVfFcdL2

  6. AvatarConnie Murray says: 133 comments

    Recently visited Jim Thorpe — the historic district is really neat but parking is a hassle. Lots of neat little unique shops and restaurants.

  7. AvatarMarc says: 198 comments

    The 1852 Italianate Asa Packer mansion is the most amazing house museum I’ve ever toured. When the last member of the family died, it was willed to the city and boarded up as-is for 44 years. It has original everything–carpets, furniture, wallpaper, art, working gasoliers, etc. The mansion is visible in the last photo here, on he hill with the cupola. Asa built a house for his son next door, which was the inspiration for Disney’s haunted mansion in Florida.

  8. LanaLana says: 73 comments

    I have been to Jim Thorpe, it is a magical village and I would LOVE to live there. If you rent this house out during the tourist season, it would easily pay for itself in a few years.

  9. AvatarKandi says: 33 comments

    I wonder if the cut off sentence was referring to parking spaces? I see cars lined up at one end in one picture. I love row houses and used to live in NY. Parking is always a concern.

    • AvatarMW says: 727 comments

      That could be it. 3 parcels doesn’t really make sense as it doesn’t seem to be indicated otherwise. Maybe that is what the back parking area picture is all about.

      In the not too far off future, when cars get fully self driving, and most people likely won’t even own a personal car, the whole parking problem will likely no longer be a problem. Basically most everyone will just order self driving taxis for where ever they need to go for personal trips, some will be exclusive and some will be shared.

  10. Avatarlyn shepherd says: 1 comments

    my mothers family was from the Jim Thorpe area. when i was growing up, the town and its houses were run down and for the taking. the movie “the molly maguires” with richard harris and sean connery was filmed in the village and the streets were made over to the time period of the mollys. the asa packer mansion is a beauty and the whole town is very walkable with interesting shops. the row of houses on race street are mostly little shops with lots of interesting things to look at. if we knew then, what we know now, we would have bought a house. oh well!

  11. Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 563 comments

    Jim Thorpe used to be called Mauck Chunk. It is a very interesting small town. My dad was born near here (and my grandfather was a conductor on the caboose of Packer’s Lehigh Valley Railroad) and we visited 40+ years ago and toured the Asa Packer Mansion (well worth it as it contains original furnishings, etc.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asa_Packer_Mansion The mansion next door which belonged to Asa’s son Harry Packer is now a B&B which is known for mystery weekends and other fun stuff. The town is very hilly. I think OHDers would enjoy a visit to this unique town. It’s a good weekend trip from Philly, New York or many other locations on the east coast. You can also check out Gifford Pinchot’s 1886 french chateau style mansion Grey Towers National Historic Site, which is in the general area. Pinchot was governor of Pennsylvania and first director of the National Forest Service and a noted conservationist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Towers_National_Historic_Site

  12. AvatarGregory K. Hubbard says: 356 comments

    Pinchot was a fascinating man. If I remember correctly, Pinchot and Teddy Roosevelt conspired to establish the National Forest Service to block greedy men such as Senator ‘Knobby’ Clark and James J. Hill (mistakenly dubbed ‘The Empire Builder’), in their efforts to pillage the western states of their natural resources for their personal gain. Pinchot and Teddy Roosevelt enjoyed boxing, and knocked each other silly, as good friends will.

    Read the book, The big Burn by Timothy Egan. It a frightening account of the forest fires in the Bitterroot Mountains in 1910, which burned over an area of perhaps 2.5 to 3 million acres of forest. .

  13. AvatarAvelle says: 9 comments

    Jim Thorpe is a wonderful town with a very active community. I pass through every now and then and there always seems to be a street fair taking place. Lots of history, antiques and shops, great restaurants, and outdoor activities. It’s basically the Stars Hollow of Pennsylvania.

  14. AvatarJe'neen says: 3 comments

    Jim Thorpe is a Mountain town in the Pocono Mountain Area. Its like stepping into a postcard. Every season is beautiful. Streets are small and European but worth a visit.

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