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1929 – Youngstown, OH

SOLD / Archived From 2017
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3726 Glenwood Ave, Youngstown, OH 44511

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This beautiful, parkside 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath historic Glenwood Avenue corridor home has been updated and features a spacious living room with fireplace, additional living suite with private entrance, sunroom, formal dining room, eat in kitchen, multiple outdoor living space, and attached 2 car garage. Updates include new windows, new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, refinished hardwood floors throughout, ceramic tile, updated mechanicals including a new boiler system and high efficiency hot water tank, light fixtures, fresh paint throughout, and much more! This home is available to owner occupant buyers only.
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Joan Elflein, Ohio Broker Direct      (614) 989-7215
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24 Comments on 1929 – Youngstown, OH

    • I live outside of Youngstown (about 10 miles) and this home was part of a blight renovation program. Youngstown has many beautiful historic homes that unfortunately have either fallen into disrepair or are in less than desirable neighborhoods.The city is making an effort to revitalize downtown and many of these properties through various programs right now. In my opinion, this home is really not a great example of the beautiful and historic homes you’ll find here. Any improvements they make are great though!

    • Kelly: As a matter of fact, this is the region (Youngstown north) that I’m looking to buy! Youngstown has so many beautiful homes at good prices, but you have to be careful of which neighborhood you’re looking in due to crime rates.

      Thank you for finding this beautiful home. I don’t understand these decks, though!

    • I’m originally from Warren, OH which is a 20 minute drive to Youngstown. Youngstown has many beautiful old homes, but many are in crime ridden neighborhoods. Living in Youngstown was once the place to live. Beautiful area, once.

  1. I agree with you Kelly! I would do the same. I also am not a fan of the mirrored closets in that upper room. I would remove them and put in french doors on them.

  2. I have enough pet peeves to make a menagerie. Here’s one: decorative shutters applied which could never possibly SHUT. Shutters, or blinds, were USED in the 19th century to shield furnishings from the sun (a lady down the street from us was still using hers in the 1960s!) As such, they opened and closed, so to look right they need to be of a size that would, a) cover the window aperture, and b) fit and latch within that aperture. In addition, the slats of the blinds, when open, need to point UP, so that when the blinds are swung closed they point DOWN, thereby serving their function as sunshades.

    • i greatly enjoy your knowledge of what is correct for old houses rather than just a comment on personal aesthetics. thank you for the info on how shutters/blinds are to work. please continue to educate us….great fun to learn.

  3. I love a lot of the inside built ins and woodwork. I understand all the comments on the outside. Great price though! Kelly I really like some of your ideas!

  4. I don’t like that commercial style brick. The inside is beautiful. Lots of unpainted woodwork in great shape . nice arch way and ample staircase. Love that.

  5. I would have spent more time on this to add more landscaping, fix the shutters (instead of blue give it wooden shutters) and do a better job picking out bushes, give some window boxes. But as you see, I don’t think the side porch looks terrible after removing the deck. I’m one that hates removing perfectly good rooms (not saying the addition looks good from the outside, but it’s great space inside) if one can just make it less visible.

    • I agree in this case. I think the side porch actually helps balance against the right side. Good lord, that deck is horrifying. Also, I think a little espaliered holly or crabapple would be nice beneath the short window on the right.

    • Pretty cool Kelly, if you had added that flower box on the right side window as well as the shutters it would look so much better than when you started. Maybe you should have a curb appeal makeover service. I’d use you. It took me months of agony to pick the exterior color of my home.

      • I started to add more, just didn’t have time. I’m better at imagining than actually doing in real life. Lol

  6. Historical accuracy is not the point here. Youngstown is attempting to salvage homes, commercial buildings, neighborhoods… basically the city. Unfortunately en pointe restoration takes a back seat to making homes livable and affordable.

  7. I agree the upper deck is just……ugh. Must go. The back deck is fine but the railing needs to go, although I think a brick or stone patio would be much better. I think the sun room would fit in better without that atrocious deck , although for some reason the windows throw me off a bit. But overall a wonderful home and if I were looking in Youngstown I’d give it a go.


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