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County Road 87/Omaha Rd, Roanoke, AL 36274

  • $80,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 1700 Sq Ft
  • 1 Ac.
When you purchase this very stately 1900 century Antebellum Home that sits on an acre lot, you will own a piece of history. This one of kind find has approximately 1700 sq. ft. of living space. The home’s main floor has a very spacious foyer, hallway, kitchen, dining and living room, bathroom and a bedroom/office space. A beautiful staircase takes you to the second floor where you will find two large bedrooms. This home has beautiful hardwood floors and charming wood finishes that you don’t get in today’s built homes. You can sit on the veranda and enjoy the landscape with its trees and shrub that adds beauty to this acre. Words and pictures do not do this home justice. It is one you will have to see. Your creative home improvement ideas could make this home a showplace. Call Reliance Realty 334.863.2161, Pam Johnson 334.863.0883 or Ouida Delashaw 334.356.3611 to make an appointment to see this beauty.
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Pamela Johnson, Reliance Realty,
(334) 863-2161

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28 Comments on Roanoke, AL

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11723 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Older than 1900, probably younger than antebellum. 😀

  2. GloriaH says: 86 comments

    I think when the listing said 1900 century, they were meaning 1800’s. It has a lot of the qualities of antebellum homes here in MO.

  3. Laine Berry says: 5 comments

    Am I the only one that is really bothered by realtors who don’t understand that ante bellum means BEFORE the war, and the war in reference is the Civil War? True ante bellum homes are 1859 or earlier build date. Not a big deal, just a personal pet peeve. True ante bellum homes have certain architectural details that we don’t see often in post bellum homes.

    • Joe says: 733 comments

      You are not the only one by far. Most of us have made the same remark when we first became OHD groupies only to realize that those who have been following this site for more than six months have seen it happen again and again. I mean ALL of the time. We now just tune it out because the only ones listening are those who already know. A Realtors job is to sell a house. They often don’t care a thing about houses, just wanting to earn a commission, no education, beyond passing government test, required.

      • GoddessOdd says: 335 comments

        I absolutely agree. I once asked a realtor what they meant when the said that a house was “antebellum” and he said “I mean it’s old”. When I pointed out that antebellum refers to homes built before the Civil War, he was quite surprised. I get the same reaction when I explain the difference between “less” and “fewer” to high schoolers. 🙂

    • FlaOHDJunkie says: 146 comments

      Maybe the bellum they are referring to is WW I, anyway I like this house

  4. says: 183 comments

    Interesting and very steep stairway.

  5. Denise A says: 28 comments

    The staircase seems very steep, unless it was just a weird angle from the camera.

  6. Jen says: 73 comments

    I love the outside. The porch is wonderful and having an acre of land is nice. I wanted to see more of the inside than just the staircase and half pictures. Hard to believe a realtor did this ad and pictures, This realtor certainly didn’t have their heart in the history or selling of this home.

  7. Dumbsheep says: 18 comments

    A local real estate agent listed an American Foursquare as a Victorian. I politely corrected her. Real estate agents should be required to take a course in architectural history.

  8. Gail M says: 156 comments

    So many photos of the staircase, and what a lot of steps! It’s as if the listing is telling us we would not longer need a gym membership if we bought this house.

  9. Tommy Q says: 466 comments

    I have considered selling my wonderful house here in Fort Bragg CA because of the steps upstairs. They are even steeper than these but not by much. I also lived with the same issue in Tokyo and it isn’t something to be taken lightly as you age. Nice house though.

    I believe that Auntie Bell M. used to live there…

  10. says: 21 comments

    Tommy, Fort Bragg is on my radar for a house if in town? I have dear friends in Elk. Please provide contact info before you list if you decide to sell? I’m in Sonoma County.. Thank you!

  11. GoddessOdd says: 335 comments

    I absolutely agree. I once asked a realtor what they meant when the said that a house was “antebellum” and he said “I mean it’s old”. When I pointed out that antebellum refers to homes built before the Civil War, he was quite surprised. I get the same reaction when I explain the difference between “less” and “fewer” to high schoolers. 🙂

    • GoriaH says: 86 comments

      I had to google that one. Never thought about the difference in the two words.

      • GoddessOdd says: 335 comments

        very big difference between less and fewer 🙂 If you live in the South where there are Publix grocery stores, you’ll join me in applauding them for correctly making their express lanes read “10 items or fewer”. (if you can count them, use fewer… fewer calories, but less fat, fewer dollars but less money)

        • Ryan says: 562 comments

          I imagine there are fewer prescriptivists in the north, but that’s just a guess. One store I was in recently (I think maybe it was Hannaford) avoided the issue by displaying a sign over the express lane that read “12 Items or so”. I liked that, because who wants to count the items in their cart?

  12. GoddessOdd says: 335 comments

    I love everything about this place, but one look at the stairs made my knees plead for mercy. I suppose it would be out of the question to change the staircase? This place has my heart, price is right, house is right, setting is right, but those stairs! Does anyone know what those things are that are stacked at the top of the staircase?

  13. Ryan says: 562 comments

    Yea, another lovely Alabama bargain. I would probably want to paint it at least lighten the woodwork. Otherwise it doesn’t look to need much. Nice high ceilings. I find the staircase odd but not necessarily for the steepness. What’s odd to me is the way the newel post is in the right place but the handrail swoops out to the side and ends up being too far over onto the stairs themselves. Each baluster is located like three inches in from the edge of the step, making the whole stairway look narrow. I wonder if they got the newel post and handrail already assembled and just made it work in that space as best they could. In any case, it’s a pretty, spacious house and a nice property at a great price.

  14. Bigrog says: 182 comments

    Stairs are steep. You would need to install a chair lift.

  15. YveA says: 1 comments

    Well it is a circa 1900 house and it is antebellum or Victorian not just old. I live in this area and it is just full of old stately Victorian homes and some Pre civil war as well. Not destroyed by the civil war. This home is just lovely. I can’t wait to go see it in person. The area is on the edge of the georgia – Alabama line in Randolph county. The city of roanoke Alabama is a quint friendly town. near many lakes. This small town is well know was well know for it fabric mills and its custom made dolls. It is my pleasure to live here around these kind, warm and friendly people I now call my home in roanoke Alabama

  16. says: 1 comments

    Drove past there today because I was interested in it and wanted to see what the 1 acre of land / backyard was like but all the land was the grass along the busy roads it sits on – big bummer. The pictures were tricky in making it look more secluded then it was.

  17. MarthAllena says: 87 comments

    I’m wondering if maybe the stairs are just an optical illusion. The ceilings are high and the balustrade set in making the stairway look narrow and extra long. The rise and tread look normal. If they were steep the risers would be longer or the tread shorter. But then again, it’s hard to tell by photograph and maybe they are steep.

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